Best World Cup Betting Sites

Soccer Betting Sites For The World Cup

Best World Cup Betting Sites

The FIFA World Cup in America promises to be an exciting tournament. Every four years, soccer fans across the globe get fired up for one of the biggest and best tournaments of all sports. Yes indeed, we’re talking about the World Cup. The brightest stars take the pitch, all hoping to bring home the trophy.

We take a look at some of the exciting markets already popping up from the best online bookmakers. It’s all to play for as the team’s odds are constantly shifting with international friendlies taking place leading up to the World Cup 2026.

In the tourney’s history, we’ve seen teams like Germany and Brazil win the title numerous times, while others have come in from out of nowhere to surprise. Who will be the last team standing for the next Cup? What will be the best World Cup sites for you to consider?

We take a look at that and much more in this piece. 

Best World Cup Betting Sites

When the World Cup does arrive every four years for you to enjoy, there will be too many odds and bets available for you to keep track of. That’s what makes the tournament even more exciting. The bets are flowing throughout the entire competition. With it being played once every four years, too, it adds to the entertainment. Fans wait so long for the championship to return. 


Things only pick up once the group stages are complete and the real powerhouses emerge as the main contenders. 

With things so tight, our recommended sportsbook here at Sports Betting Sites will always be ready to provide you with the latest odds. This, of course, includes Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie.

Bovada is Solid for the World Cup

Soccer fans have grown accustomed to checking out Bovada because of its fresh updates on its site, but also for its special bonuses. This includes welcome bonuses, which is something new users love to see. It not only entices you to sign up, but is a great way to throw down some extra free cash on your favorite teams once the World Cup arrives.

For World Cup bets, you’ll have countless odds to look over from start to finish. That includes soccer odds, prop bets and futures bets. If you have an idea far before the tournament begins of who will win, you can put down a futures bet through Bovada with confidence.

With Bovada’s organization and ability to get you odds in a quick fashion, we’d recommend going with them. They’ve been trusted for years and are always reliable when it comes to odds and picks.

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BetOnline has World Cup Specials

BetOnline also does a great job of updating odds in a timely fashion.

This is crucial for the World Cup, especially with different player updates and teams seeing their stock rise both before and during the tournament.

BetOnline has great welcome bonuses and special promotions throughout the season. It gets even better if you use cryptocurrency.

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MyBookie is the place for soccer parlays

This site is a magnet for Bitcoin bettors. With five welcome bonuses, it’s no wonder they flock here.

At MyBooke you can bet on soccer all-year-round because they offer wagers for soccer around the world. These only pick up more during the World Cup.

MyBookie offers good news articles specifically about soccer betting. These are great resources for how to make the best soccer bets with all those welcome bonus dollars!

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World Cup Betting Picks 

The big game is always played in June and pushes into the early part of July. 2026 is an exception due to the extreme heat in the host country of Qatar. In the group stages, you’re going to have non-stop soccer action. It’s really incredible to watch all of the amazing plays go down right as they happen. For your betting picks, the list goes on and on for what you can place wagers on. 

Moving forward, there will be a monster change to the format of the World Cup. Starting in 2026, the tournament will feature 48 teams instead of 32. FIFA has proposed a plan to potentially make that jump from 32 to 48 for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but it remains to be seen if that proposal will be approved. So, when the field does hit 48 teams, that just means you’re going to have 16 additional entrants, meaning even more bets for you to make once the tournament starts and in the middle of it. 

For different picks, it will always be key to pay attention to injury updates, plus the particular matchups. If Germany is facing a much-weaker side like Peru for example, chances are the European giants will be the odds-on favorites to take down the South American squad. 

World Cup Betting Preview

Entering the World Cup, past winners and teams who cruise through qualifying are going to have much stronger odds of winning than teams who barely were able to sneak their way into the tournament. In recent years, teams like Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands and France have typically been given the best odds.

However, that doesn’t mean major surprises don’t come. Remember in the 2018 World Cup when Germany lost to Mexico 1-0 in its first game of the competition, and then didn’t even make it out of its group to the Round of 16? No one at all saw that coming, which goes to show that upsets sure do happen. 

Looking forward to the next World Cup, if you think a team like Brazil will take down the field and win it all, that’s a futures bet you can make. 

Brazil has a strong history of great play in the World Cup. You could place single-game bets on them as well. Heck, you could even place a bet on how many goals you think their top scorer will finish with throughout the entire World Cup. 

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What Can you Bet on During the World Cup? 

Regardless of which one of our partners from SportsBettingSites you use, so many different odds will pop up for the World Cup. It’s what makes things even more fun. At any point during the tournament or before things get started, you’ll be able to make a bet. But, what exactly can you bet on? 

Futures Bet

A futures bet is when you place a wager on something to happen down the road. For the World Cup, the most popular futures bet would be to pick the outright winner far in advance. So, if you think weeks before the tournament arrives that Spain will win, that’s a futures bet you can make. You can place this kind of a bet on any team you have in mind. 

Prop Bet

A prop bet is an unusual, out of the ordinary bet that differs from a typical futures or straight-up bet during a tournament. You might see odds for how many goals a star player finishes with, or for how long the halftime performance of a popular singer will be during halftime of the final. There are only a couple of examples of the different kinds of prop bets you might be able to find for the World Cup. 


An over/under for the World Cup is when you place a bet on a certain number of goals. Two examples of this would be the goals for a single match to be scored, or how many total goals a player will score during the entire competition. For the match example, say the over/under for a game between the Ivory Coast and Italy is set at three goals. 

If you take the over, the two teams would need to combine for four goals for you to win your bet. If they score three goals, it will be a push, while two goals and anything less means you’ll lose the bet. 

Betting Strategies for the World Cup

We can’t stress enough the importance of checking how a team did in qualifiers for your World Cup bets. If Brazil finished at the top of the South American group and is set to take on Australia in its first match of the competition, a team that snuck in on the last day of qualifying, that alone should tell you that going with the Aussies would be a major mistake. If a team is in the tourney for the first time in its country’s history too, chances are they won’t be able to go on a streak of upsets to compete for the title. 

Injuries are also something to focus on as well. If France is going to be without two of its best players in a rivalry game against England, that’s something you’re going to want to think about before putting money down on either team. 

How Does World Cup Betting Work? 

Betting during the World Cup is simple and straightforward for soccer fans out there. The top teams in the world will participate in the event, with 32/48 total squads entering the competition. The teams are divided into multiple groups, and the teams within that group battle it out first. In the group stage, or any round for that matter, you’ll always have odds for single matchups

Looking at the competition as a whole, picking one roster from the entire field to win it all can be tricky, which is why you’ll always have great odds/payout if you’re able to predict the winner far in advance. For the World Cup, you can lay your money down on a single match, futures bet, prop bet, over/under and more. 

World Cup Betting History 

If you’re good enough to win the World Cup, you’ll join one of the most illustrious clubs in all of sports. Every four years, one team reigns supreme, while there have been multiple countries who have captured the glory on multiple occasions. Brazil is No. 1 on the list of all countries with its five World Cup titles. 

Germany and Italy have each won it four times, while Uruguay, Argentina and France have won it two times. The winners, in order since 1982, are as follows: Italy, Argentina, West Germany, Brazil, France, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. 

Which are the top teams in World Cup football now?

France and Brazil boast the best squads on paper. They are consistently good and in terms of players on the field, there are few other nations that can contend. Germany is a team that is always worth looking out for, as they have a history in this competition and now with their new coach, look to be a different force.

England is another top team, with a number of excellent young players coming through. The World Cup in America will be an interesting one, with the Mediterranian countries also showing up now under new management. Italy and Spain are outsiders to win it, but certainly can compete with the lethal squads of England, Brazil and France.

Our take-aways

The favorites will typically go on to push for the World Cup

Everyone loves an upset. While shocking results will go down in the World Cup, the odds of a major underdog going on a huge run to win the World Cup is unlikely. Teams like Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Argentina and a few others are always going to be the serious squads to consider in winning it all. If you want to lay a futures bet down for the World Cup winner, keep that in mind. 

The World Cup is always fun to bet on

The World Cup never disappoints when it comes to entertainment. This is why betting on the tournament as a whole or specific games makes things even more entertaining. Imagine weeks before the World Cup starts, you pick France to win it all. In the final, they’re down 1-0 to Germany, but then tie things up in the 90th minute to force overtime. Things end up going to a penalty shootout, where France is able to come away with the win. Not only would France be crowned the World Cup winners, but you would have also won your bet in thrilling fashion. 

Always use our Sportsbooks partners

All of our sportsbooks partners here at Sports Betting Sites offer great odds and promotions. This is especially true during the World Cup. Don’t forget about the welcome bonuses either. So, if this is your first time betting or you’re a veteran placing bets, be sure to check out our partners early and often. You won’t be disappointed and will find reliable odds and numbers in only a few clicks.

World Cup Betting Sites FAQs

Is World Cup betting online legal?

Yes, it is! The sites we recommend provide easy and legal World Cup betting opportunities.

Are there World Cup betting promotions?

Yes, there are! The sportsbooks we recommend on this page will have plenty of bonuses that you can use during the FIFA World Cup betting season.

Where can I bet on the World Cup winner?

This is the most common World Cup bet, so you can find it at any of the sites we recommend here.

What are the best World Cup betting strategies and tips?

Make sure to follow the World Cup lines. Because these bets are available for so long, you can really see how they move over time.

What is the best World Cup online betting site?

The most popular one is Bovada, largely due to their World Cup betting markets.

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