New York Yankees Emerge as Rightful MLB World Series Favorite After 2022 All-Star Break

Updated July 21, 2022
Updated July 21, 2022By Dan Favale
Should the New York Yankees be favored to win the 2022 World Series Over the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Every year around this time, the best betting sites for Major League Baseball like to re-evaluate their World Series betting odds coming out of the All-Star break. And while there aren’t always noticeable changes made to the top World Series picks, somewhat substantial shifts always occur. This year, however, we have a major shakeup at the top: The New York Yankees have replaced the Los Angeles Dodgers as 2022 World Series favorites.

This tweak hasn’t been made at just one of the best online sportsbooks for World Series betting. It is a sweeping change that has taken effect at pretty much every popular gambling sites. See for yourself below:

World Series PickBovadaBetOnlineGTBets
New York Yankes+300+250+250
Los Angeles Dodgers+350+250+300
Houston Astros+450+450+500
New York Mets+700+550+600
Atlanta Braves+900+800+750
Toronto Blue Jays+2000+1500+1500
Milwaukee Brewers+2500+1500+2000
San Diego Padres+3000+2500+2500
Tampa Bay Rays+3500+3500+3500
Seattle Mariners+3500+4000+3500
St. Louis Cardinals+4000+5000+4500
Philadelphia Phillies+4000+5000+4500
Chicago White Sox+4500+5000+5000
Minesota Twins+5000+5000+5000
Boston Red Sox+5000+5000+6000
San Francisco Giants+6000+5000+7000
Cleveland Guardians+10000+80000+10000
Baltimore Orioles+30000+25000+30000
Miami Marlins+40000+50000+50000
Los Angeles Angels+50000+50000+50000
Texas Rangers+100000+100000+100000
Oakland Athletics+500000+100000+500000
Cincinnati Reds+500000+500000+500000
Kansas City Royals+500000+500000+500000
Chicago Cubs+500000+500000+500000
Detroit Tigers+500000+500000+500000
Pittsburgh Pirates+500000+500000+500000
Colorado Rockies+500000+500000+500000
Arizona Diamondbacks+500000+500000+500000
Washington Nationals+500000+500000+500000

As you can see, Bovada, BetOnline and GT Bets all have the Yankees favored over the Dodgers as we emerge from the 2022 MLB All-Star break. Granted, this doesn’t mean the new hierarchy will last forever. All World Series betting odds are subject to move up and down right through the 2022 MLB playoffs, so make sure you’re double-checking these baseball lines until you actually place your wager.

Still, edging out the Dodgers at all is a big-time victory for the Yankees. But is New York actually the best bet to win the 2022 World Series? That’s what we’re tasked with finding out.

As always, if you’re looking for a place to bet on the 2022 World Series, don’t worry about scouring the internet until the end of time. Our extensive catalog of online betting reviews is here to help.

New York Yankees Have Earned Best World Series Betting Odds

Some are perplexed by the Yankees’ move up to World Series favorites. Yes, they have one of the best records in baseball, but they are so far a very ho-hum 8-7 through the month of the July.


The vitals on the Yankees are absolutely absurd. Every single one of their starting pitchers has an ERA below 4.00, and they have a half-dozen players who have belted at least 10 home runs. New York also employs five players with an on-base-plus-slugging-percentage (OBPS) north of 78—which is borderline unprecedented.

Superstar right fielder Aaron Judge, not surprisingly, leads the AL MVP betting ballot. And he deserves it. But the Yankees are so much more than him. They have a deep batting order and pitching staff and are not to be doubted on either side of the plate.

New York YankeesTo win 2022 World Series
Bet Now

Explaining Why Did LA Dodgers Fall Behind New York Yankees Among Oddsmakers

You won’t catch us complaining if you decide to bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series instead of the New York Yankees. L.A. still has a chance to rattle off the best record in baseball, and their starting pitcher carousel is second to none—including that of the Yankees.

This seems to suggest there’s no good explanation for the Dodgers to drop down to second in the World Series pecking order. But there’s a good reason.

Los Angeles doesn’t have the depth to its bats that New York currently enjoys. Make no mistake, they’re teeming with star power. But they have an array of injuries and inconsistent hitters in the middle of their lineup.

Of course, any doubt in them should be minimal. It will also be eradicated if the Dodgers, as some expect, wind up trading for megastar Juan Soto from the Washington Nationals.

Keep the San Diego Padres on Your World Series Radar

We have been saying it all season, and we will continue to say it now: Don’t write the San Diego Padres out of World Series contention.

Without question, San Diego’s offense needs to improve. They have the star power to hit well above the league average from behind the plate, but they currently rank 16th in that category.

Though this is no doubt troubling, it’s far from the end of the world. With names like Manny Machado, an NL MVP candidate, and Fernando Tatis Jr., this group has the talent to improve on offense. If anything, we’re impressed that the Padres pitching has been able to carry them comfortably into playoff territory. Their World Series appeal may only grow from here.

Do the Seattle Mariners Belong in the World Series Discussion?

Barely anyone had the Seattle Mariners flirting with postseason contention, including us here at SBS. Oh, how wrong we were.

Winning the AL West division is out of the question. The Texas Rangers have a nine-game lead, and the Mariners’ bats have struggled to get on base with any semblance of consistency.

That said, it’s no accident Seattle has climbed out of 100-to-1 World Series odds territory. Their players on the mound have been on a tear virtually all year. Only four pitching staffs own a better collective ERA, and that’s with Seattle giving up way too many home runs.

If Seattle’s bats in the middle of the order can give them anything on a somewhat regular basis, the immediate trajectory of this team changes a great deal.

Official 2022 World Series Prediction: New York Yankees Can Go All the Way

At this point, the New York Yankees have to be the World Series pick.

Entertaining the Dodgers is far from egregious. But New York’s offense is just too overwhelming. They have power hitters and base eaters from spots No. 1 through No. 9. It’s simply ridiculous.

Proof of concept is in the returns. Not only might the Yankees win 120 games this season, but their plus-199 run differential leads MLB by a 30-run margin. Believe us when we say we’re thrilled that we can still pick them to win at +300.

New York YankeesTo win the 2022 World Series
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