Lightning to Beat Canadiens in Friday Night Game

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Noelle Matthews
Lightning to Beat Canadiens in Friday Night Game

At 8pm EST, the puck will drop in game three of the 2021 Stanley Cup. So far, the Lightning seems unstoppable with a 2-0 series lead, giving them a great advantage as they look to close out the Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Finals.

This makes betting on the winner of the Stanley Cup a bit out of proportion. Right now, the odds are not very profitable. At Bovada, for example, the Lightning are pegged at (-2000). Not much to win here.

However, if you bet on the upcoming Friday night game, then you can start to see some real profit. This is why we recommend betting on the Lightning to continue to shut out the Canadiens. They are clearly the better team and have demoralized the Canadiens thoroughly.

Plus at (-130), you are still looking to make a decent profit with an average-sized risk.

Lightning to WinGame 3
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NHL Playoffs Odds

Check out the latest odds for the NHL Playoffs champs:

NHL Stanley Cup Winners Odds 2023BovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Colorado Avalanche+400+400+410
Toronto Maple Leafs+800+825+800
Tampa Bay Lightning+1000+900+900
Florida Panthers+1000+1000+1000
Vegas Golden Knights+1400+1400+1400

How to Read these Odds?

In the most common format, the odds have a somewhat confusing presentation, but with a little instruction, it becomes very easy in no time. The most common way of finding betting odds is called the American format.

Something that is surprising when you first start check out NHL playoffs markets is that the higher numbers mean they are less likely to be true. That is, according to the markets. This is so because the number represents your reward directly, which is always inverse to probability. 

Maybe an example will clarify: if you want to bet on the Las Vegas Golden Knights to win a match at (+350), you will earn $350 for every $100 that you risk. 

When calculating your payout for betting on the favorite, i.e. those with negative values, keep in mind that the odds value is how much you have to risk in order to win $100. 

If the numbers slip into the negative (-), then you are no longer betting on the underdog, but instead, you are wagering on the absolute favorite.  In this case, you will earn less money. A golden rule of betting is that profit and risk are inversely related.

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Finding your NHL Playoffs Betting Site

Now that you have a good idea of how to interpret the betting markets for the NHL Playoffs, it is time to pick your NHL betting site. 

Double Check the Deposit Options

While the sportsbooks we suggest for online NHL Playoffs wagering will all accept a wide range of deposit options, it is good to make sure your particular preferred payment option fits in well with your sportsbook.

If you will be using your Discover Card, there will be no problem getting in touch with the right sportsbook. Bitcoin bettors will have plenty of choices as well. In fact, sportsbooks even compete for these bettors by offering specific bonuses for bettors using cryptocurrencies. 

Choose at Least Two

The first thing is to not stop with just one sportsbook. We always urge this setup for many reasons. 

The first is so that you should compare NHL Playoffs betting lines across online sports gambling sites. This will help you buy the best line at the best price, giving you the highest reward for your risk. 

The following strategic reason that this betting advice allows is to have access to more bonuses and promotions. Whether it is the first deposit bonus or the seasonal promotions, we all want to have access to more of them.

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