NHL Standings Right Now

Here's where you will find the up to date NHL standings and they are a wealth of information to the hockey bettor. In today's four-division NHL with 31 teams and just 16 playoff spots up for grabs, it's a royal rumble for postseason position from the first puck drop. [+]

With both division and wildcard races ongoing, the lineup of who is in and who is on the outside looking in can and will change on a daily basis. Watch for teams about to embark on road swings, which can prove debilitating as the grind of travel steadily wears a squad down.


How To Win At NHL Betting

The simplest way to bet on the NHL is via the moneyline. Sportsbooks set a price on each team prior to the game based on a $100 bet. For example, if the New York Rangers are -120, it means they are the favorite and you'd need to bet $120 on them to win in order to collect $100.

By contrast, if the Pittsburgh Penguins are +140, then they are the underdogs in that game and you'd win $140 for every $100 wagered on Pittsburgh.

The puckline is another popular wager. Favorites are listed at -1.5, meaning they'd be required to win by two or more goals for you to cash a winning ticket. Underdogs go at +1.5, so if they lose by a goal or win outright, then you are also a winner if you bet on them.

Today's NHL is vastly different from the game when the league first formed. Double digit scores were the norm in the NHL's early years, when offense was stressed and goaltenders didn't resemble stunt doubles for the Michelin Man. 

In the current game, goals are as scarce as 100-point seasons by players and 20 goal scorers are worth their weight in gold. There are still a few teams who can put the puck in the net, but the days of betting the over are going to be rare.