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US Betting Sites

You can trust these American sports betting site reviews, because our team has systematically gone through more than a hundred online sportsbooks. Scroll down to find our verified reviews. 

This is a list of our top US online sports betting sites reviews. You can also look for sites by region, sport, or deposit method. Find the best site for you!

How to recognise a great US Betting site?

  • Website design
  • Robust markets for a variety of Sports
  • Big bonuses
  • Is it legal?
  • Is it safe?

Best American Betting Sites

Bovada shows the way in the US

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Bovada Sportsbook Review


The Bovada Sportsbook really stands out for its selection of sports and political odds.

Bovada offers solid welcome bonuses. At 50%, it is at the standard level.

Bovada is a top betting site in the US for how nice it is to use their well-designed and extensive sportsbook. They also provide great betting guides across a number of convenient articles.

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BetOnline is best for live betting in the US

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BetOnline Sportsbook Review


BetOnline has a good amount of lines. Their archive is an especially great resource for studious bettors.

Their welcome bonus is standard, but you can grow it by depositing with Cryptocurrencies.

If you are a numbers-bettor, this site is great for you. Their archive and live stats updates make this a great place to know your stuff.

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Intertops and America’s best customer service

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Intertops Sportsbook Review


In addition to a full collection of sports odds, Intertops offers nice stake-back promotions.

At a 100% match, the Intertops welcome bonus is among the largest for sports bettors.

Intertops is a solid sportsbook for its big bonuses. This is a long-standing trusted top sportsbook, and we recommend it highly.

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MyBookie won’t let you down

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MyBookie Sportsbook Review


MyBookie’s welcome bonuses can be claimed more than once. They give bigger amounts for Bitcoin!

MyBookie offers standard odds. Their news section is a good resource for sports betting-related insights.

MyBookie has good auxiliary assets. Their welcome bonuses will help extend your entertainment budget for months.

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bitcoinbitcoincashcheckecheckslitecoinmastercardvisavisavanillawiretransfer loves US players

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Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review


The welcome bonus fis not the most generous in the industry. However, with their reduced juice promotion you can place more bets.

They have solid odds. They focus mainly on sports, so these selections are pretty good.

In spite of the older design, this website allows you to make a lot of different types of sports wagers.

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Great NFL welcome bonus at BetDSI

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BetDSI Sportsbook Review


BetDSI has big welcome bonuses. At 100%, or 150% with Bitcoin, you’ll be betting for a long while after you sign up here.

BetDSI offers plenty of odds. However, if prop bets are your favorite, you will find a better selection at other US sports betting sites.

With huge welcome bonuses, this is a top betting site. This is even more true if you are betting with Bitcoin.

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GT Bets is a friend of the mobile bettor

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GT Bets Sportsbook Review


GTbets offers a 100% welcome bonus, but it can only be worth a maximum of $250. They offer promotions just for NFL gamblers as well!

GT Bets offers plenty of betting markets. These include especially good markets for eSports.

On top of a big selection of odds and generous bonuses, GT Bets has a very navigable site. This is a top online betting site in the United States.

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BetNow customer support is always open

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BetNow Sportsbook Review


At 50%, the welcome bonus here is standard, but nothing to get too excited about.

In addition to the typical parlays and moneylines, BetNow also offers weekly special King of the Hill or golf tournament bets.

BetNow offers solid welcome bonuses and fun sports betting promotions. Their customer service is easy and helpful.

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5Dimes offers three types of parlays

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5Dimes Sportsbook Review


At a 50% match up to a maximum of $520, 5Dimes’ welcome bonuses are just about average.

Their odds markets are expanded by offering three types of parlays. Their reduced juice promotions pen up even more options.

Despite their old design, 5Dimes is a great sportsbook, due to their solid welcome bonuses and fun specials.

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WagerWeb doubles your first deposit

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WagerWeb Sportsbook Review


WagerWeb has generous welcome bonuses for sports betting. At 100%, you’ll double your first deposit.

They have it all: lines, spreads, futures, parlays, and live betting. The starting bet is $2 minimum, so you have lots of opportunities to bet on your favorite teams.

WagerWeb has a great mobile version. They have extensive odds and generous bonuses, making them a great option. As long as you are patient in case you want customer service!

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Our Reviews

All American Reviews

We periodically put all our US sportsbooks through our systematic, exhaustive, and objective analysis. We evaluate, score, and compare every site on usability, customer support, bonuses, and more. We are proud to only recommend the best US betting sites.

The best site for every purpose

It doesn’t matter if you like baseball, football, esports or politics, you can be sure that one of our top US betting sites will have exciting markets to bet on today!

We really do it

We know how to bet already, but we still test how it works at each sportsbook. We create a real account and take screenshots of the process so nothing comes as a surprise to you! Read more below.

How do we build our reviews?

Our review process is thorough and our experts are the best in the business. This is how we do it.

What’s important when signing up?

The first thing we do is sign up. We don’t want any test accounts. We create our own accounts and use these sites as any customer would. 

The signing up process at the betting site should strike a balance between convenience and security. It should be fast and streamlined, and also include a bit of security to keep our gambling wallets and identities safe. 

The sign-up process at Bovada is an exemplar. It is very fast and easy, but includes two extra security features. You will have to confirm your phone number, and you will create a PIN. In order to talk with customer service or make changes to your account, you will need this PIN.

Bovada then sends a great welcome email laying out all the details for the site. It is a great way to be welcomed to the site. They are a great mix of comfort and security. 

Bovada Landing pageiphone US Betting Sites
iphone US Betting Sites
iphone US Betting Sites

Sign Up Screen 1/3

Click 'Bet Now' anywhere on this page


Fill in your personal details


Create a security code – required for withdrawals

We claim bonuses

The bonus is one of the biggest draws. It is a key piece in determining which are the best US betting sites. 

We look deeper than the headlining dollar amount. We also look at percentage match, rollover requirements, and how easy it is to claim. Some sites require codes, while others have all your options in a convenient drop-down menu. 

The welcome bonuses are only part of the promotions each online sportsbooks offers. We look at the total package. These include rebates, and even birthday specials. 

The welcome bonus at Intertops is a perfect example of what we are looking for. You can choose a huge welcome bonus with a 200% match. Or you can choose a smaller, though still respectable, 50% match with low rollover requirements.

Some people want a high match, and others want low rollover for faster payouts. There is no one right answer. Which is why Intertops offers a top welcome bonus: You get to choose!

Payments are a cornerstone of our reviews

Money. Apart from the fun we have in the meantime, it’s why we sign up at sports betting sites. Our US sportsbook review process looks at this from two angles. 1) How fast and easy can you get your payout, and 2) How convenient are there deposit methods.

Payouts should be fast, cheap, and accessible. This is key to running a safe sports betting site. The best US sports betting sites will also accept a number of deposit methods, including a number of cryptocurrencies. 

This should be as easy as possible! 

Intertops combines ease and security in their payment system. Our Bitcoin deposits take less than fifteen minutes, for example. 

It is also one of the few sites that conducts its transactions through an encrypted connection. This extra layer of security did not require any additional effort on my part, but made my transactions extra secure and anonymous.

Intertops secure bitcoin payments...

Stay safe by depositing with Bitcoin at Intertops

Placing Bets: Options, Ease, and Excitement

This is the meat of the whole online sportsbook. We go through each of our reviewed US sports betting sites, and we place bets across a number of sports. We place parlays. We bet live. And we review the markets, including props. 

We break this step into three departments.

  1. How easy is it to bet? 

The betting userface is everything. We love for parlays and straight bets to be easily accessible. Having fewer restrictions on which bets can be folded together, for example, is an important part of an intuitive betting experience. 

  1. How extensive are the markets?

As sports betting fans we look for breadth and depth. We want to be able to bet on the NFL and marble racing. The more sports the better. We also look for a variety of bet types. Our best US sports betting sites will have a number of parlays and lots of props.

  1. Is live betting convenient and exciting? 

For an exciting live betting experience, we want odds that update all the time. We also like to see game information. Seeing how they correlate is what sports betting is all about. 

We care about customer service

Customer service

We also take customer service seriously. We contacted customer service via live chat, email, and phone calls. We also review the FAQs and community forums at each and every US sports betting site for our reviews.

It’s important to know someone is there for you to answer basic questions. This builds credibility and helps gain our trust. Plus, it’s important for navigating the idiosyncrasies of each US online sportsbook. 

The FAQs at Bovada really stand out for the instructional videos. This really makes it super clear. Text is useful, but having a video makes following along that much easier.

The live chat at 5Dimes is always really helpful. They stand out for delivering complete information in a friendly and professional way.

Casino, poker, bingo

Most US sports betting sites do not limit themselves to sports betting. Many sports bettors don’t limit themselves to sports betting either. Our US betting sites review process looks at the casinos, poker, and bingo as well.

And it’s all housed under the same roof. With the same login credentials from the sportsbook, you can enjoy the casino, poker, and other games.

We look for poker tournaments with big prizes, live dealers, and a variety of casino games. 

BetNow is especially great when it comes to their casino offerings. They take it seriously, and it shows! 

You can claim a 100% casino welcome bonus three times. If that wasn’t enough, they also have a 12% casino rebate program. So you can fully enjoy their live dealers and extensive casino games.

Live streaming

Live streaming is something that really takes an online sportsbook to the next level. This feature gives users the option to watch the game in the same window as the odds. The odds update live with the progress of the game.

Some sites have stats from the game that update live, alongside the odds. Others include full-blown live streaming.

BetDSI is one of the few US online sportsbooks that offer live streaming directly in their site. It is not available for all games, but it is a possibility. 

We review sportsbooks around the world

Our sportsbook review process takes a global perspective. We review sites from around the world. You can even sort our reviews by geographical region. Check out our reviews for online sports betting sites available in Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, or even for each US State. 

Mobile reviews

Our sportsbook reviews adhere to the Mobile First approach. This is how we produce the most rigorous and useful betting sites reviews.

We prioritize the mobile version for two reasons.

  1. Whether iPhone, or iPad, the mobile version tends to be newer
  2. People bet more on mobile devices

By testing on both the mobile and desktop, we make sure to cover all the bases. If it doesn’t on mobile, it doesn’t for our reviews. 

With the majority of players accessing the sites via their mobile Apple or Android devices, our reviews prioritize the mobile version. 

Why play online? Our review of the situation

Every year a larger percentage of sports bettors move online. The perks and ease of online betting have improved over the years since it first started in the 1990s. 

For us, the four main benefits of online betting are:


What beats being able to bet from wherever you want? No need to go to a sports betting site, which could be hundreds of miles away. 

We prioritize the mobile version of all the online sportsbooks, so you can play on-the-go if you like.  

By being able to bet online, you can save money on refreshments, and travel.  It is all-around more comfortable and enjoyable not to have to be in an offline sportsbook with other bettors yelling or distracting you. Convenience is a big pull for online sports betting.

Better odds

Online sports betting brings choice. If you open accounts in more than one online betting site, you can compare odds between sites. This would be much harder or impossible at offline bookies. 

You can enjoy the excitement of betting on your most important games without having to travel and without dealing with the chaos of an offline betting site.

This helps you get the best value for your dollar. Online sports betting gives your the opportunity to be a smarter bettor.

Variety of Bets

Online sports betting brings choice. It opens up the possibility of discovering new passions. 

Our online sportsbooks reviews take into account the variety of betting options. This includes online casinos, obscure sports, and even bets on weather. 

The Internet allows you to shop around. You can figure out which sports and games are m¡ost fun for you. 

Bonuses and perks

The competition of online betting sites also means they work harder for your attention. While at offline sports betting sites, you may only have a few choices in your region, with online sports betting sites, you can choose from many options.

This means they offer great bonuses. These bonuses are key parts of our US betting site review process because they are so key for a great betting experience. 

What makes these sites the best?

These sites have gone through our intense review process. We look at everything: bonuses, user interface, and more!

Is online betting illegal in the US?

Online betting is legal in the US. All of our recommended sites are available for US bettors.

Is online betting better in the US?

Typically, yes, online betting is more convenient and cheaper in the US. Offline betting involves lots of travel, expensive drinks, and limited markets.

How do I bet online in the US?

By signing up at any of the above sports betting sites, which we have verified and tested.

How do I sign up at a US betting site?

You often need only an email and a phone number. To receive a payout, you may also need proof of address and identification.

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