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Zebet Sportsbook Review

ZEbet is a simple sportsbook. Are you bored of sportsbooks trying to do too much? Operations that focus too much on poker rooms and casinos and the selection of sports lines rather than the quality of them? Well, then, ZEbet could very well be the place for you. They’re a no-nonsense sportsbook that, contrary to most of their competitors, doesn’t try to branch out beyond their sports-betting roots.

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Our Hot Take

ZEbet has found a simple way to be charming. Yes, we maintain that having a casino and poker room is important. It’s also wild that, in today’s industry, they don’t have esports lines for you to bet on. 

ZEbet is also not available in the USA or Canada.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Zebet Key Facts

  • HQ

    ZEbet is operated by Zetote System Ltd. Their offices are located at Carolina Court, 3rd floor, Giuseppe Cali Street, TA’ XBIEX, XBK 1425 in Malta.




    Not public information


    ZEbet seamlessly services everyone who is not located in the United States or Canada. Any citizens from the latter two places will need a VPN service …


    Football, badminton, baseball, basketball, biathlon, bowling, boxing, chess, cricket, cycling, darts, greyhound racing, kickboxing, skiing, soccer, go…


    ZEbet does not have a casino.


    They do. It is called the ZEclub. Members earn points for every bet that they place, and those points can later be turned into real money if you compi…

Account creation

One Step, and You’re Done

We love one-step registrations at online sportsbooks—so long as they can set up the page on mobile without a clunky layout. ZEbet succeeds in doing just this. It doesn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to fill out this one-page form, and they don’t require you to verify your account via email or anything.

Welcome Bonuses

It’s a Big One at Zebet

New ZEbet customers can receive up to €150 in free money after signing up. Certain stipulations apply, namely your ability to remain an active user for two months. But you receive €20 just for signing up, and you only need to stick with the sportsbook for between 30 and 60 days to gain access to the full welcome promotion.


ZEbet Goes Straight to the Point

ZEbet wastes no time during their deposit process. When you visit that section, they’ll automatically open the form of payment you’re most likely to use based on data from the territory from which you’re visiting. At that point, all you need to do is input the necessary information, and you should have approval within seconds.

Bitcoin: Not Directly

Depositing via Bitcoin is a non-starter at ZEbet. With that said, there are ways around this limitation. You can make a deposit to a third-party e-wallet using Bitcoin—such as Neosurf or Skrill—and then use that account to fund your bankroll at ZEbet.

Credit Cards: They Work!

Similar to many other sportsbooks, ZEbet takes both Visa and Mastercard. If you’re the holder of another card that isn’t accepted, such as Discover or American Express, a bank transfer seems to be your next best option.

Withdraw Winnings

One Major Flaw

Requesting a payout consumes very little of your time at ZEbet. It is a matter of heading to the withdrawal section and then choosing your preferred payout method. The entire process shouldn’t take you even two minutes.

The issue? After perusing various customer complaints on third-party sites, there seems to be an issue with processing time. Users have reporting going up to three weeks before receiving their payout. This is something worth asking customer service about before setting up your account—or at least before making any substantial financial commitments to ZEbet.

Placing a Bet

So Very Simple

Since ZEbet is strictly a sportsbook, it makes sense that their betting process is hassle-free. They have all the events organized by sport, and your betslip is extremely easy to read whether you’re placing a one-off wager or building a parlay.

Politics Betting

ZEbet Offers US Election Only

ZEbet does not have a bunch of political markets. They only carry outright odds on the U.S. presidential election, and that’s it. No props, no alternative elections, no international politics.


Not Here

Not surprisingly, given that ZEbet doesn’t commit a section to poker or a casino, they don’t offer esports betting. This is something they’ll need to remedy in the future. Esports are becoming too big for sportsbooks to keep them on the sidelines.

Virtual Sports Betting

That’s a No at ZEbet

Virtual sports betting essentially entails real-time simulations of video games. Horse racing, soccer, tennis and motorsports are among the most popular forms. Unfortunately, though, ZEbet doesn’t have any virtual sports-betting options at this time.


Finite Options

Anyone looking to bet on the NFL at ZEbet will have to get used to a limited menu of options. They don’t offer anything beyond the single game lines, division odds, conference championship lines and Super Bowl futures.


A Spitting Image of the NFL

MLB bettors will face the same limitations imposed in the NFL section. They’re looking at single game lines, division odds, NL/AL championship lines and World Series futures. Props such as individual awards and performance-based over/under odds are not available.


The Most Limited of All

ZEbet’s NBA selection is even more limited than the choices found in the NFL and MLB sections. You don’t have the chance to bet on division winners, which leaves you only with conference championship lines and NBA Finals predictions, on top of the usual single game odds.

US Open

Outrights Only

Based on the selection across other sports, we weren’t expecting much out of ZEbet’s golf section. And wouldn’t you know it, we were right. They have outright-winner odds for all the big tournaments and nothing more.

More Betting Options

Plenty of Alternative Sports

ZEbet may not be particularly special when it comes to betting types, but they do have a score of sports to wager on. Their alternative markets include badminton, biathlon, bowling, boxing, chess, cricket, cycling, darts, greyhound racing, kickboxing, skiing, soccer, handball, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, other motorsports, pool, rugby, sailing, snooker, tennis, table tennis and volleyball.


No Casino Here

Casino gaming is not a service provided by ZEbet at this time. No casino. No poker.

Without a casino, ZEbet obviously has no casino bonus. Be sure to check out all the different promotions they’re running at their sportsbooks.

Live Betting

Real-Time Fun

ZEbet maintains their great user experience in the live-betting section. The different sports and events are once again clearly labeled, and during our time at the website, we are happy to report that all the odds were updating in real time.

In the event that you don’t immediately go to your betslip, you will be alerted should the odds on your initial bet change. This way, you can always ensure you’re not using outdated or misrepresented information to place your wager.

Parlay Betting

Higher-Stakes Betting Made Easy

Combining multiple bets into one wager takes one click at ZEbet. You’ll see a tab labeled “multiple” at the top of your betslip. Clicking that immediately shows you everything you need to know, mainly your combined odds and how much money you stand to win.

Parlays are a great way to drive up your potential return. However, you must remember that without successfully hitting on all your single wagers, your parlay bet will go down as a loss.

Additional Betting Help

Cookie Cutter Help from ZEbet

Here are ZEbet’s main alternative resources:

The company really needs to add an official blog to the fold at some point. Articles that offer betting advice would be great, but they at the very least must have news updates across all their major markets.


High Value, But Too Complicated

It’s awesome that ZEbet gives new customers a chance to earn €150 in free money. However, the fact that you need to remain a customer and clear a bunch of betting thresholds over the course of two months to earn the full bonus kind of takes away from the offering.

Customer Service

ZEbet Could Do Better

ZEbet has you navigate a list of frequently asked questions before getting to the meat and potatoes of their custom service operation. Once there, your only options are to fill out a form, call customer support or start a live chat.

If we’re being honest, the phone number and live-chat options are the most important to have. In ZEbet’s case, though, they could benefit from providing their hours of operation so users know when they won’t have access to the help they need.


Limited Contact

Other than an email asking you to confirm your account, you won’t receive many updates from ZEbet unless you sign-up for promotional updates. When signing up, you’ll be automatically enrolled in those emails unless you check the box that says you don’t wish to receive them.

Live Streaming


No live streaming is available at ZEbet. You’ll need to use a third-party site if you’re itching to stream some soccer, tennis or another sport. Just so we’re clear, we don’t view this as a deal-breaker. ZEbet’s live-betting section updates all of their odds and scores in real-time, so you’ll always be in the know.



We encountered zero issues while registering for a ZEbet with a VPN service. Your experience should be the same, no matter what territory or country you’re in.


For the Sports Bettors Only

ZEbet won’t be for you if you’re into gambling on anything other than single-game lines and big-picture outrights. They don’t have a casino or poker room, and their props section is barren to nonexistent. 

None of this is necessarily a bad thing. The sign-up process is smooth enough, and you have the chance to earn a pretty large sportsbook bonus. Certain online bookies prefer catering to a very specific demographic. ZEbet successfully does that while still providing a vast number of different sports on which you can gamble.

Zebet Sportsbook Review

Unfortunately, ZEbet is unavailable to bettors in the USA and Canada. Find other sites.

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