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YouWin Sportsbook Review

YouWin is not among the online sportsbooks trying to serve everyone. They make that very clear with the limited number of sports-betting options they carry. This doesn’t render them a bad option, but it does mean you need the full lowdown on what they offer before signing up. With a near-flawless design, they will reel you in with their aesthetics and keep you with their extensive casino gaming and esports betting options. In the interest of streamlining your experience, we’ve reviewed every aspect of Guts’ betting procedure, from start to finish.

Editor’s rating

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Not Available for American Players

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Our Hot Take

The live-streaming options at YouWin are better than average. You’ll be hard-pressed to get a ton of basketball and American football contests, but you’ll have zero issue tuning into soccer and tennis matches, as well as various motorsports and horse racing.

But being unavailable in the US and Canada makes this sportsbook off-limits for many.

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Not Available for American Players

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

YouWin Key Facts

  • HQ

    The headquarters for YouWin are located at Level 1271, Tower Road Sliema SLM 1600 Malta.


    YouWin has been online since 2005.


    Information not publicly available


    YouWin is available in most territories but restricted in the USA, Italy, UK, Denmark, Belgium and Greece. Bettors from these countries will need to u…


    Football, baseball, basketball, darts, soccer, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, other motorsports, snooker, table tennis and tennis.


    Blackjack, Roulette, Video Slots, Video Poker, Site exclusive games such as Dragon Tiger, Football Studio and Ultra Burn.


    Though YouWin does provide a link to a VIP program on their homepage, it simply takes you to a list of their promotions. So, it does not appear that t…

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Account creation

Relatively Simple

Creating an account at YouWin is an easy three-step process. They begin by asking you for your name, followed by your contact information and, finally, for a username and password. 

If you sign up on your desktop, this is all broken down into one step, with all the necessary information prompts located on the same page. It’s actually pretty easy to do it that way, too.

Before you can finish the sign-up process, you’ll have to confirm your account via email. Other sportsbooks will at least let you explore lines or make a deposit without an account verification. You won’t be able to do that at YouWin. The good news is you’ll receive the confirmation email almost instantly, no matter when you register.

Welcome Bonuses

Nice Variety

YouWin has a great selection of welcome bonuses from first-time users, ranging from sportsbook options to casino promotions. That being said, their most intriguing bonus is specific to customers from Canada, who can receive a free bet up to $100 after placing their first wager on the site.


Too Stressful

Though YouWin does a spectacular job laying out their accepted payment methods on the deposit page, they give you just 30 seconds to enter all your information before refreshing the page. That’s not enough time if you’re trying to figure out how much you want to put into your account. And while it may be a security feature, the clock on your deposits feels kind of pointless

Bitcoin: Yes!

Unlike most other sportsbooks, Youwin accepts direct Bitcoin transactions to bankroll your account. Again, though, you’ll need to have all the necessary information on your person, since you only have 30 seconds to complete the transactions.

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard Only

Like most other sportsbooks, YouWin only accepts Mastercard and Visa as a valid credit or debit card option. If you don’t have one of those carriers, we suggest using a bank transfer, as it’s basically the same as a debit card option.

Withdraw Winnings

Getting Your Money is a Breeze

Withdrawals at YouWin are done in a matter of just a few clicks. Selecting the withdrawal option after you log in will bring you to a list of approved payout methods. Upon choosing one of them, you’re essentially done.

Placing a Bet

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Placing a wager at YouBet doesn’t take all that long. They’re not the greatest at sorting their betting lines, but you can still navigate the homepage by sport in search of the competition they’re looking for. 

As you’re selecting the odds you want to bet on, make note of your betting slip, which will be located in the middle of the page on the right. You can click on the icon at any time to review what wagers you’re submitting, and how much of a return you stand to make.

Politics Betting

Sorry, Not Here

As you could probably tell from the opening of this review, YouWin doesn’t have a ton of sports to bet on relative to other sites. Political and entertainment markets are among the exclusions here. YouWin does not currently have any odds on any elections, be it from the United States, United Kingdom or anywhere else.


Not Here, Either

Now, this is weird. Esports is a huge market nowadays. YouWin would do well to start offering odds on at least the major tournaments and games (Dota, FIFA, NBA 2K, etc.). Alas, at this time, they have no eSports on their docket.

Virtual Sports Betting

Available in HD!

Virtual sports are essentially video games being simulated in real time. YouWin takes bets on soccer, basketball, tennis, horse racing and dog racing, and every virtual sport is simulated in high definition.



YouWin isn’t the place for those who wish to bet on off-beat NFL markets. They have all the basics—division winners, conference champions, Super Bowl odds—but don’t offer anything aside from that.


On Par with the NFL

The MLB market at YouWin consists of the same lines found in the NFL section: division winners, AL/NL championship odds and World Series predictions. They do not, at this time, have any special props on their docket.


Very Rough Stuff

YouWin’s NBA market is perhaps the most limited of all the major sports. They do not have props or division winners. Their lines are limited to the conference championship and NBA Finals—in addition, of course, to the single-game wagers.

US Open

Another Strikeout

Golf bettors will have to head elsewhere. YouWin currently doesn’t offer odds for any of the major tournaments.

More Betting Options

Niche-Heavy Gambling

Bettors don’t have a ton of alternative options, but there are some. They carry lines on darts, soccer, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, snooker, table tennis and tennis.


Daily Casino Bonus


Casino gaming options at YouWin include:


YouWin’s casino bonus is currently for both new and existing customers. By placing a wager, you’re automatically eligible to receive 25 percent of your bet back, up to $50 per day.


In the casino


Aside from their video poker options in the casino, YouWin does not have its own poker room with daily tournaments. If you’re looking to get your Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha fix, you can try the poker room at one of their affiliate sites, which are listed on YouWin’s own page.


With no poker room, your best option is to take advantage of the daily 25 percent back bonus the casino offers while playing video poker.

Live Betting

A Tad Confusing

We like that YouWin has a specific tab on their homepage for live-betting options. It makes navigating to in-play odds that much easier, and the layout is similar to their lines in the futures part of the sportsbook.

With all of that in mind, YouWin doesn’t immediately take you to the ongoing events. It instead brings you to an upcoming competitions page. You need to navigate over to the live options from there, which is just an unnecessary step. Once you get there, you’ll be able to sort live odds by sport, and the lines will be updated in real time.

Parlay Betting

Drum Up Your Payout

Turning your wagers into a parlay isn’t difficult at all. Just make sure you’re adding multiple bets to your slip. Then, once you’re done, just select the “multiples” option on the top of your betting recap. YouWin will then provide you with your combined odds, as well as your potential payout depending on how much you wager.

Remember, though: You need to correctly hit on every bet for parlays to be successful, otherwise, it will go down as a lost wager.

Additional Betting Help

Fairly Barren

Here are YouWin’s main alternative resources

This is pretty light work as far as alternative resources go. YouWin would be a lot more attractive to prospective bettors if they had a blog that offered advice or news updates.


Solid Variety, But Too Specific

YouWin deserves a pat on the back for offering a few different promotions, but the specificity of how to qualify is a little too narrow. Giving certain sportsbook bonuses to people only in Canada is on the bizarre side. The rollover on their casino bonus is also on the longer end. 

Customer Service

No Spam to Report

After confirming your account creation with an email, you won’t hear from YouWin unless you sign up for promotions at registration. They do a great job of keeping their contact with you limited to the absolute necessities.


No Spam to Report

After confirming your account creation with an email, you won’t hear from YouWin unless you sign up for promotions at registration. They do a great job of keeping their contact with you limited to the absolute necessities.

Live Streaming

Soccer, Soccer and More Soccer

The live-streaming service at YouWin is called YouWin TV, and they offer a ton of soccer events. For a more comprehensive look at what they provide, you can also check out their live-streaming calendar.


No Problems to Report

Accessing YouWin from an unsupported territory using a VPN worked without issue for us.


Not for Everyone

Everything about YouWin’s procedural features is right in line with the best online sportsbooks. With the exception of overly complicated deposit rules, they have made signing up, placing bets and withdrawing money extremely easy. But things get thornier when looking at the sportsbook.

YouWin Sportsbook Review

Not only does YouWin need to offer more sports to bet on, but the types of odds they’re delivering desperately need to expand. Sticking to single-game lines and big-picture outrights doesn’t cut it anymore. Props are a must, if not on the daily, then most certainly for the playoffs. For now, YouWin exists only to serve a very specific subset of bettors. That’s fine, but it ultimately means they’re not for everyone.

Editor's rating

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Not Available for American Players

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