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PowerPlay Sportsbook Review

We took a fine-tooth comb to the PowerPlay sportsbook. We looked into their bonuses, their markets, and custom service. So we can be confident about our PowerPlay review.

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$250 Sports Bonus + $1,000 Casino

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Why I Like PowerPlay

PowerPlay is a fun and dynamic site. You’ll see this energy right when you enter. The site design is handsome and easy to browse around. 

You’ll also feel this rush when you start to enjoy all their promotions. The PowerPlay sportsbook offers lots of promotions across their site. Whether you’re referring a friend or entering the casino on a Tuesday, Powerplay has something to offer.

Their great customer service options also give this site a boost.

Read all these details and more in our PowerPlay review.

PowerPlay Bonuses

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$250 Sports Bonus + $1,000 Casino

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Our Review

PowerPlay Key Facts

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    Aruba, Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa (U.S.), Andorra, Angola, Anguilla (UK), Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Artsak…


    Live dealer, Slots, Table games, Blackjack, Roulette, Vegas


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Entertainment, eSports, Football, Futsal, Golf, Ice Hockey, Horse racing, Motorsports, Numbers …

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How to sign up?

Quick and Easy Account Creation

The account creation process here at PowerPlay could not be easier. It is very quick and requires relatively little personal information and verification.

Some sites need an address or at least a postal code. Not here. You need an email, a phone number, name, and birthday. 

They will not require verification of any of this during the account creation process. You can get it up and running as fast as you can type your info.

PowerPlay Welcome Bonuses

Look to the Casino

Your welcome bonuses here at PowerPlay are mainly confined to the casino. Before we get to those, let’s go into the details of the one sportsbook promotion that resembles a welcome bonus.

In the PowerPlay sportsbook, they will match you up to $50 on each of your first two bets. These bets must be on odds over 3.0/+200. 

In the casino, you will find options closer to the traditional welcome bonus where they match your initial deposit. You can get a 100% match on your first three casino deposits. Check out the details:

Bonus NameMatchMax bonusBonus code
Casino Welcome100%$200-
Casino Second Deposit100%$500-
Casino Third Deposit100%$300-


PowerPlay Promotions Keep It Exciting

PowerPlay is a dynamic site. Part of this is having lots of little jackpots, or promotions, for you to take advantage of. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites


If you want to gamble with a friend on the site, you can refer them to PowerPlay. If you refer a friend, and they make a deposit within the first 48 hours of creating their account, you will get a 100% match. 

You can get up to $500 in this promotion. Your recommended friend can get up to $1000 in free spins.

Every $5 Free Bet

PowerPlay offers a $5 free bet every day. This becomes available at 10 AM.  If you have deposited within the last two weeks, you can access it via your bet slip

PowerPlay Payments

Deposit With These Easy Steps

Depositing here for our Powerplay review was easy. In order to complete your first deposit, you’ll have to enter your address. Once you do that, they’ll take you to the page where you can choose your deposit method.


Interac is a great option for Canadian bettors wanting to deposit at PowerPlay. It has the biggest conveniences you want in a deposit method. 

PowerPlay will not charge you any fees. It arrives either instantly or within 30 minutes. And it comes with only a $10 minimum deposit. 

Here’s how to make an Interac deposit at Power

Withdraw Winnings

With Bitcoin & Credit Cards

Bitcoin Withdrawals

Withdrawing in Bitcoins is a great option here at the PowerPlay sportsbook. The withdrawal time is just a few hours. You can withdraw any amount between $10 and $10,000.

The best part is that does not include any additional fees. Bitcoin withdrawals also come with the added benefit of increased anonymity.

Credit Card Withdrawals

The PowerPlay sportsbook is one of the few online sports betting sites that process credit card withdrawals. If you have a Visa or a Mastercard you can get your payout within a few hours.

Placing a Bet

Smooth Process

PowerPlay retains its characteristic as a dynamic site through its betting interface. It’s all very easy and you can start from the homepage.

You can scroll down and browse the odds, starting with the Live events. With the huge markets, you may want to choose a sport to limit your options. Just select the live event, sports league, or upcoming event that you most want to bet on.


Live Basketball Odds

Basketball betting is well covered here at PowerPlay. When you move to the basketball odds, the first thing you see will be the live odds. You can switch over to outrights, or to upcoming games.

US Open

Tennis Whenever You Want It

You can absolutely bet on the US Open at PowerPlay. In fact, you can bet on tennis year-round. Here they specialize in upcoming and live betting. Be ready to bet here close to the date.


Live and Futures Betting

Here you can bet on football all year round. When the season is in full swing, jump into the action with live betting. You will always be able to bet on the winner of the next Super Bowl here.


Global Baseball

Canadian bettors will have plenty of baseball to bet on here. If you are looking for MLB action or the latest games in Japan and Thailand, you will feel at home here at PowerPlay.

Politics Betting

The Biggest Competitions

The PowerPlay sportsbook does indeed offer politics betting. You can find it by expanding the list of sports. It is listed alphabetically after Motor Sports and before Pool.

You do not have to wade through a bunch of smaller line bets to get to the big juicy stuff here. They only cover the big questions from international politics. Bet on the US President, or the next British Prime Minister.


Great Lines, Spreads, and Parlays

PowerPlay keeps it simple with eSports too. They have markets for big CSGO leagues and tournaments. This is good for anyone looking to dabble in eSports now and then.

It is probably not the best eSports betting site if that is the main thing you’re looking for.

Virtual Sports Betting

With Live Footage

Virtual sports are computer match-ups. No actual people play. Instead, a powerful computer runs algorithms based on the statistics in each. This is how they decide the winner, the score, everything.

It can be tons of fun for number crunchers.

And PowerPlay makes it even more fun with footage from other games.this makes the action come to life!

Enjoy plenty of virtual sports at PowerPlay. They offer virtual soccer, hockey, motorsports, table tennis, greyhound racing, and horse racing.

More Betting Options

Fun Smaller Sports

Powerplay has a lot of fun stuff in its sportsbook. Things like table tennis and darts can be quirky ways to get into betting. 

PowerPlay also offers lots of things to do outside of its sportsbook.

Let’s take a closer look at its casino.

Live Betting

Front and Center

PowerPlay does live betting well. And they know it.

They update their odds very quickly, and will let you know before you finalize your bet if they have changed. 

They do it well and they make it a top priority for their players. Right from the homepage, you will see the live events across all sports. Just scroll down to browse, select odds, and place your bets. 

This is a savvy move. Because timing is so important in live betting, it’s important to have as fast access as possible.

Parlay Betting

Easy and Varied Parlays

Parlay betting here is super easy. I love having it being so smoothly folded into the straight betting process. It allows me to make decisions on the fly.

If I am selecting a number of straight bets, and suddenly I realize that it could be more exciting to fold them into a parlay, well, I have that option. 

It’s especially nice here because all the types of parlays available for your bet combinations will show up on your bet slip. You can fold any sports into your parlays.

Here’s how to make a parlay bet.


PowerPlay’s Casino is Extensive

The PowerPlay casino is extensive and lots of fun. Something really special about the PowerPlay casino is that they have not only live dealers for table games, but also live hosts for game shows! 

Tuesdays are great days here. You can get up to $100 worth of free spins. 

At the casino you can play


Mainly Video Poker

PowerPlay has lots of fun video poker options. These are very widely available. 

However, unlike the rest of PowerPlay, live dealers are not available in Montreal, British Columbia, or Manitoba. It would also be nice to see some of the big poker tournaments we find at other casinos. 

Nonetheless, PowerPlay offers good video poker and also a full casino.

Customer Service

Great FAQS, but No Live Chat

PowerPlay offers the full suite of customer service options. They are easily accessible and really useful. 

Choose from:

To access all of these options, go to the bottom of the home screen, and select Customer Support. This will take you automatically to the FAQS. You can browse them by subject or specific question. 

The live chat and phone center are available from 8 AM - 6 PM Monday- Friday and 11 AM - 5 PM on weekends. When they are not available, you can leave a message and they will email you a response. 

This is quite an impressive array of options. They respond within the day via email, and within a few minutes with live chat.

PowerPlay Reviewiphone

Costumer Service Screenshot


A Big Social Media Presence

In addition to their great FAQs and other avenues for customer support, you can also follow PowerPlay on their social media. 

Check out their

You can contact PowerPlay through these accounts if you want to clarify anything from the site. Also, you will find details on new promotions and upcoming sporting events that would be great betting opportunities.


Just the Right Amount

PowerPlay will keep emails to a minimum. You have nothing to worry about here in terms of being flooded with emails.

In fact, i didn't even receive a confirmation email. This is no problem for me. I was signed in and ready to go. I also know that I can get a hold of them anytime through one of their many customer service options.

Live Streaming

Not available

Unfortunately, PowerPlay does not live stream any games at the moment. This is a luxury built into very few sportsbooks.

You can always watch your live odds updating on PowerPlay, and the game on a different screen.


Betting with a VPN is Easy

Online betting sites are regulated differently, depending on which state, province or country you’re in. This means that the PowerPlay sportsbook or casino might not be available everywhere.

So if you are on vacation and want to access your account, you might need to use a VPN, or virtual private network. These redirect your connection to make it seem like you are connecting from somewhere else. 

The free version of ProtonVPN works well on desktop and mobile. Just download it and once you sign in, you can access your PowerPlay account as you normally would. We had no problems giving it a test during our Powerplay review.


PowerPlay Promotions Make up for Welcome Bonus

Although the PowerPlay sportsbook does not have a traditional welcome bonus, do not worry! This sportsbook knows what it is doing and how to make its players happy.

That’s why they offer such a wide variety of promotions. This can be so much more fun. Rather than one lump sum, you can continue to enjoy a steady stream of promotions while you gamble with them.

With all the avenues available to be able to contact the customer service, they will be more than happy to help you find the best promotions for you! And to make the most out of them. 

After our PowerPlay review process, it is clear that this is a top sports betting site, especially or those interested in parlays.

PowerPlay Sportsbook Review

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$250 Sports Bonus + $1,000 Casino

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