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PartyBets Sportsbook Review

No matter what type of gambler you are, the folks over at Party Bets have something for you. Our Party Bets Review checks every aspect of this online sportsbook and explains the ins and outs of navigating their site, setting up an account, making deposits, securing payouts and dealing with their customer service so you don’t have to.

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Our Hot Take

Party Bets has proven to be one of the more modern sportsbooks, especially when it comes to casino gaming, poker and virtual sports. We also LOVE that their betting slip is so interactive and user-friendly.

But being unavailable in the US and Canada makes this sportsbook off-limits for many.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

PartyBets Key Facts

  • HQ

    The headquarters for Party Bets’ parent company is located on the Isle of Man, a sovereign British territory that sits in the Irish Sea between Irel…


    Party Bets was founded in 2001.


    Not public information


    Party Bets is available in the following countries: Alderney, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Eire, France, Germany, Greece, Gibraltar, Italy, Malta, Roma…


    Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Boxing, Formula 1, eSports, Volleyball, Darts, Table Tennis, Ski Jumping, Handball, Ente…


    Blackjack, poker, roulette, video slots, dice games, virtual table games, specialty video games, various table games


    Yes. It is called the Diamond Club. They also have an upper-echelon VIP program called Diamond Club elite.

Account creation

Simple and Thorough

Signing up for Party Bets’ was fast and easy—and surprisingly thorough. 

Aside from my basic information that every online sportsbook asks for, it allowed me to input my preferred form of currency to simplify the first-time deposit process.

Welcome Bonuses

Mediocre Welcome Bonus

As Party Bets continues to lean on its Party Poker room and accompanying app, their Welcome Bonus is dedicated to their poker program “SPINS”.

SPINS is essentially a quick-fire poker hand that randomly generates a prize pool relative to your buy-in. So, technically, you could turn a $5 bet into $1 million if the randomly generated prize pool is on your side.

When you sign up for Party Bets, you’ll receive a bonus of up to $30 in SPINS tickets. Depositing the minimum of $10 will get you a $10 bonus, while depositing $20 will get you the max of $30.

This is definitely intriguing if you’re into card games. However, it would be nice if they had a promotional welcome bonus to accompany their Party Sports sportsbook.


Put Some Skin in the Game

Party Bets does have an extensive list of deposit options, including uncommon forms of payment other sportsbooks don’t offer, such as Apple Pay. When on the deposit page, you’ll be asked to select your preferred payment method in addition to your country.

Better still, Party Bets also has a landing page that breaks down every possible form of payment and the most frequently asked questions about it. This tool is truly unique.

Bitcoin: Not here

Bitcoin is not currently accepted at Party Bets. They do take other commonly accepted electronic payments, such as bank transfers and PayPal, but Bitcoin is not among them.

Don’t let this discourage you. As we already said. They have a ton of alternative options, like Apple Pay, Luxonpay and Astropay, from which you can choose.

Credit Cards: Limited Options

Despite such an extensive list of electronic payments, Party Bets doesn’t actually accept many credit cards. 

Some minor credit cards make the cut—such as Diner’s Club plastic—but Visa is currently the only major credit card company listed under their accepted form of payments.

Withdraw Winnings

Painless Profits!

Withdrawing money at Party Bets is easier than easy. Once you log in, click on the “withdrawal” section, choose the form of withdrawal you’d like and poof! You’re done.

Most forms of withdrawal are completed in about 24 hours. No withdrawal will take more than three to five business days. You’ll also receive a confirmation email once you process your selection.

Placing a Bet

You’re Going to Love This

Placing bets at Party Bets’ sportsbook, Party Sports, is beyond effortless.

The user interface is extremely sleek. You can easily select which sports you’re interested in, spot the lines and send your preferred wager to the bet slip, where it will calculate your winnings based on your investment for you.

Politics Betting

Let’s Get Granular

Party Bets’ political betting section is pretty similar to what you would see elsewhere.

United States politics is the primary sector, though you do have the ability to bet on some international politics in France and Germany. Most of the lines are straight forward. They task you with answering questions such as “Who will win the next presidential election?” or “Which party will win the electoral college in State X?”

Some of the options do get more specific. For instance you can bet on what percentage of the popular vote a candidate will get. This level of specificity ensures you’ll never run out of options.


Everything...and More

Good luck finding a better selection of eSports than what Party Bets includes at Party Sports. 

Every single tournament under the sun is fair game, and they come complete with Eastern Conference start times, including a countdown to the beginning once you get inside the final hour.

At this writing, Party Bets has dozens upon dozens of eSports competitions eligible for betting.

Virtual Sports Betting

An Incredible Experience

Virtual sports betting consists of placing wagers on electronic competitions that are simulated right before your eyes. Though many sportsbooks don’t have an extensive selection of these events, Party Bets is an exception.

Soccer, tennis, Greyhound racing, horse racing, motorsports, bike racing and horse-and-buggy racing are all at your fingertips. Best of all, you’re going to love the graphics. They’re at the level of contemporary video games.


Pleasantly Extensive

There is nothing unusual to report in Party Bets’ NFL section. 

They offer single game moneylines, spreads and over/unders, in addition futures such as Super Bowl and Conference championship winners. Prior to the season, you will also be able to bet on win totals.

Party Bets’ props section doesn’t want for a little depth. They don’t offer props for every game, and their list is pretty standard. Beyond the typical coin toss and over/under on yards gained wagers, it would be nice to see more macro weekly lines. (I.E. Which quarterback will lead the NFL in passing yards in Week 11?)


Top Notch

The baseball betting section is top notch. It has single-game lines, championship futures and a pretty good list of player props—plus all the usual win-total bets.

On top of all this, though, Party Bets allows you to place wager outside MLB. You have the options of betting on games in Korea, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and many other places.


Standard Fare

Single game lines, win totals, conference title odds and league championship odds can all be found in the NBA section. You also have the option to bet on other basketball leagues around the world.

Still, Party Bets’ NBA subset is pretty standard overall. It could stand to have more single-game prop options. 

US Open

Needs More Props

Every golf event will have accompanying odds at Party Bets. If you’re looking to wager on the outright winner well in advance of a tournament, this is the place for you.

That said, it lacks prop options for individual golfers. Other sportsbooks will, for example, allow you to bet the over/under on the number of birdies a particular golfer will have. You won’t find this option here. 

More Betting Options

Party Bets Has ALL the Sports

Party Bets’ list of sportsbook options doesn’t stop here. Not by a long shot.

In addition to everything listed above, you can also bet on tennis, soccer, hockey, boxing, Formula 1, other motorsports, darts, volleyball, table tennis, skiing and handball. 


Free bets at the casino


All the standard games are available in Party Bets’ casino, along with some unique options:


Party Bets’ casino bonuses are focused on free game plays.

One example: They run a Game of the Week program, where you receive $5 in free bets should you place at least one wager in that game. 


Including daily promos


Party Bets’ poker room, Party Poker, is quickly becoming the website’s main attraction. They have a desktop app you can download, and the list of different poker games they offer is extensive:

They also host a vast array of tournaments on a daily basis—including winner-take-all jamborees.


Daily promos dominate the poker room. However, they also have a loyalty program that earns you cash back bonuses as you rack up points.

Here’s how it works: Once you enroll in “PartyPoker Cashback” you’ll receive a certain number of points based on the types of hand you win. You can start redeeming your points for actual money once you get to 25. The percentage of money you get back will increase according to the number of points you earn each week.

Live Betting

It’s Happening. Right Now

Live betting is a cinch over at Party Bets.

All you have to do is click the “Live” icon at the top left of the sportsbook screen, and it will take you to a full list of events, broken down by sport, that are happening now. 

Once you choose which event you want to bet on, it will then take you to a screen that shows you every available wager for the competition in question. These odds are updated in real time without you having to refresh your page.

Parlay Betting

Increase Your Winnings

Turning your sportsbook bet into a parlay is easy enough. Simply add all the bets your hoping to make to your bet slip and then select the “Multi” tab on your betting slip.

Like a straight bet, the slip will calculate your total winnings based on how much you’re gambling. 

Remember: As always, with parlay bets, you need to hit on every one of your picks, others your wager will go down as a loss.

Additional Betting Help

Get More Help from Party Bets

Party Bets other resources include:

The FAQ section, as we already noted, goes extremely in-depth—especially on payment forms. Party Bets’ blog is assembled more like an FYI page. You’ll see articles on internal tournaments and promotions, in addition to updates on pros who won major tournaments in their respective sports.


Needs Some Work

Unlike many other sportsbooks, Party Bets doesn’t run a ton of sign-up or deposit bonuses. Every promotions tab instead directs you to available bonuses attached to their poker room.

You’ll need to head elsewhere if you’re looking for, say, a 50 percent bonus on your first cash deposit.

Customer Service

Not Bad, But Not Great

Party Bets’ customer service is a mixed bag. You have the option of speaking with an online representative during sign-up, which is super helpful. But their live chat capabilities essentially end there.

Everything else is done by an automated “Frequently Asked Questions” prompt. You select the topic you want to cover, select another more specific call to action and then they provide you with a prewritten answer. 

While this can all be helpful, it would be nice to have an email or online representative option front and center. It would also behoove Party Bets to reopen their phone line services, which have recently closed down.


Barely Functional

Party Bets’ confirmation email process is either incredibly slow or outright broken. We waited 24 hours after creating our account for a confirmation email that never came. We even tried registering with another email address. And still, nothing came through.

Live Streaming

Not here

You’ll have to go somewhere else if you’re in the market for live streaming events. On the bright side, though, they do have visual trackers in the live betting section that will simulate plays in certain sports—such as a rally in tennis, individual players in football and so on.


Party Bets is Not for Everyone

As far as sportsbooks go, Party Bets is fairly limited when it comes to live events. They have everything you need, but not enough tools to get the job done. Their email and customer service system needs to be overhauled, and for all the payment methods they offer, they don’t have Bitcoin or enough major credit cards.

PartyBets Sportsbook Review

All of this in mind, Party Bets is a great place for anyone heavily into casino gaming and poker. Their promotions are extensive, and they, unlike other places, even have a desktop version of poker for you to use. Find a better site.

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