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Paddy Power Sportsbook Review

Seasoned bettors who have used other sportsbooks will love PaddyPower. They are a user-friendly operation from top to bottom, simplifying everyday processes like first-time deposits and placing bets so that you can get on with your day. They are not a bad choice for bettors outside of North America

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Our Hot Take

They have you covered from A to Z. Everything from making deposits and withdrawals, to placing bets and live streaming events, to sussing out further information and finding promotional programs is an absolute breeze.

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Bet €10 and get €30 Free Bets

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Paddy Power Key Facts

  • HQ

    PaddyPower is an Irish sportsbooks that resides in Dublin. Their official address is Unit 1-4, Belfield Office Park, Power Tower, Beech Hill Rd, Belfi…




    Not public information


    Although PaddyPower is inaccessible to citizens in the United States and Canada, they are available in most other countries.


    Football, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, gaelic games, greyhound racing, soccer, golf, handball, hockey, M…


    Blackjack, Roulette, Video Slots, Video Poker and specialty games, such as Book of Kings, Blue Wizard and Pharaoh’s Daughter


    They do! It’s called “Paddy’s Rewards Club,” and by joining, you’re automatically eligible for free-betting promos, special discounts, surpr…

Account creation

One Step, and You’re Done

PaddyPower doesn’t mess around with their account creation process. They ask you to input all your necessary information and choose a username and password on the same screen. 

While multistep processes have their place, we enjoy PaddyPower’s setup. The page, as you can see, isn’t too clunky despite being a one-stop shop for new customers.

Welcome Bonuses

Lots of Sportsbooks Promos

New users at PaddyPower won’t enjoy a first-time deposit bonus, but they will be eligible for a host of other promotions, including extra points and free bets if they sign up for Paddy’s Rewards Club.


Be Ready to Bet in Seconds

Immediately after you sign up for your account, PaddyPower takes you to the deposit page. Again: They don’t mess around.

This isn’t a feature many other sportsbooks share. Most just bring you back to the home page or an account confirmation or verification page, and then you’ll have to select “deposit” from the top right hand corner later. That’s not a big deal by any stretch, but particularly on mobile, where it can be harder to navigate sites, we appreciate PaddyPower bringing you directly to the transaction page.

Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency Not Accepted

Bitcoin users will need to shop around for other sportsbooks if they’re not open to alternative forms of payment. PaddyPower used to accept the cryptocurrency, but has since moved away from it. 

In addition to credit cards, they take PayPal, Pay Scale, NETELLER, Skrill, MuchBetter and, of course, bank transfers.

Credit Cards: Two Major Options

Anyone looking to make a deposit using a credit card will have two choices: Mastercard or Visa. American Express and Discover customers might lament their absence from the list, but this is the standard selection for online sportsbooks.

Withdraw Winnings

Super Easy

Withdrawals at PaddyPower are a four-step process. You need to open your full balance information, which will be located at the top of your screen. After that, you’ll hit the “withdraw” button next to your main wallet. Then, you’ll select your withdrawal method. Finally, you’ll be asked to confirm that all your selections are correct.

Placing a Bet

Get the Party Started Instantly

Putting your bets through takes no time at all. PaddyPower clearly lays out all the available events and lines on their sportsbooks homepage, and it’s incredibly easy to toggle between different sports.

Every time you select a wager type, it will be added to your betslip. When you’re all done, simply click on the “betslip” icon, and from there, you can see how much your potential payout will be relative to the amount of your bet. Once you decide on a number, just hit “place bet” and you’re done.

Politics Betting

Options from Around the Globe

PaddyPower will allow you to bet on UK politics, the United States’ presidential election and a variety of Irish elections. Being based in Dublin, Ireland, it should come as no surprise that their props section is deepest for the Irish elections.


Among the Best in the Biz

The user interface on PaddyPower’s esports section is more than enviable. They have every tournament line you can fathom, but they also distinguish themselves with a “popular” bets tab that shows which events people have been betting on most.

Just be sure to remember that all the listed start times are for Dublin. Plan around your timezone accordingly.

Virtual Sports Betting

Simulations On-Demand

Virtual sports betting is basically gambling on video games that get simulated in real time. PaddyPower’s list of options in this department includes horse racing, greyhound racing, soccer and various motorsports.


Strong List of Outrights

PaddyPower is among the best in the business at putting out single-game lines, but they really separate themselves with their extensive futures options. Beyond conference championship winners, Super Bowl predictions and win totals, they also offer odds on the NFL’s year-end awards.


So Many Props

Give a round of applause for PaddyPower’s MLB markets. Single game lines, win totals, World Series predictions, division winners—they have it all.

What they also have is a robust list of big-picture props. From predicting year-end award winners to answering the question of which relief pitcher will have the most saves, you won’t want for options.


All the Basics

Where PaddyPower loads you up with options for MLB and NFL betting, they stick to the fundamentals for the NBA. 

Aside from single-game wagers, win-total lines and NBA Finals predictions, you won’t have much else to bet on. Their main source of props is their NBA draft odds, and even those are limited to predicting the No. 1 pick and nothing else.

US Open

Astoundingly Thorough

Try to find another sportsbook with a deep bag of golf betting options. You’ll most likely fail.

PaddyPower has outright winners odds for every tournament, just like everyone else. But their props sections once again laps the field. They are so thorough in building their selections, you can bet on things like “Which golfer will reach the green within two swings the most times?”

More Betting Options

So Many Alternatives

It isn’t just the major sports that have a great selection of potential wagers at PaddyPower. They have plenty of options for badminton, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, gaelic games, greyhound racing, soccer, handball, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, other motorsports, rugby, snooker, tennis, table tennis and volleyball.


Promos for Specific Games

PaddyPower’s casino gaming options include:


The casino at PaddyPower offers a few different bonuses for specific games, such as free bets in roulette. They also will gift you up to €10 the first time you use their slot machines. 


Poker Tournaments and Bonuses

PaddyPower’s cash tables, sit-and-go tournaments and winner-take-all competitions include the following games:


New customers are eligible to receive up to €50 in bonus money at the poker room when they make a single bet of €20 or more.

Live Betting

Beyond Simple

Live betting is set up just like future betting at PaddyPower. Go to their “In-Play” section that’s located on the home page, and they’ll lay out every active competition, separated by sports type, that’s at your disposal.

Parlay Betting

A Unique Spin

Other sportsbooks will have you parlay multi-bet slips by select a “parlay” or “multi” tab before submitting your wager. PaddyPower does things a little bit differently.

Your betslip will show the potential payout for both single and parlay (or double) wagers. This is a great way to illustrate just how much more money you stand to make by rolling with the latter option. Just remember, as always, parlay bets demand you correctly hit on all of your wagers, otherwise it will go down as a loss.

Additional Betting Help

All the Help You Need

Here are PaddyPower’s main alternative resources:

PaddyPower’s news blog gets an A-Plus from us. They refrain from offering too much official betting advice, but they keep you up to date on all the latest news and rumors for all of their main sports—and even fantasy sports.


More Options Would Be Nice

Don’t let the absence of a large first-time deposit bonus rub you the wrong way. As we’ve outlined, they offer a host of smaller bonuses, and incumbent customers have plenty of opportunities to earn free money (or spins) in their sportsbook, casino and poker room.

Customer Service

Information at Your Fingertips

Getting in contact with an actual person isn’t hard at Paddy Power. All you have to do is navigate through their list of frequently asked questions, and you’ll then be given an option to start a live chat, regardless what time it is in the day.

It would be nice, however, if PaddyPower had a highly visible customer service line you could call. They don’t advertise one on any of the main help pages.


For Account Verification and Promos Only

You don’t need to fear getting spam from PaddyPower. They only use your email to confirm your initial account creation and to send you any promotions that you sign up for.

Live Streaming

Available in Limited Supply

Users that have already created an account will be able to live stream events at PaddyPower. However, the list of streamable events varies from sport to sport and is usually pretty limited.



Visiting PaddyPower from an unsupported territory using a VPN resulted in now issues for us. Just know that you will need to input a virtual address during your account creation to successfully complete the process.


PaddyPower is a Place You’ll Love

Every aspect of the betting process at PaddyPower is foolproof. Creating an account and making a deposit takes no time at all. Betting lines are easy to navigate between whether you’re gambling on futures, game lines, live odds and even virtual sports.

The withdrawal process takes a little while but is extremely iterative. Deposits and withdrawals are both completed quickly. Users can live stream certain events and have a vast selection of news blogs at their behest. And above all, PaddyPower offers many chances to get freebies with their casino and sportsbook promos, as well as their highly touted Paddy’s Rewards Club program. 

Paddy Power Sportsbook Review

Simply put, in our book, PaddyPower is a five-star operation for those outside of North America.

Editor's rating

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