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BetVictor Sportsbook Review

No one who signs up with BetVictor should end up leaving disappointed. They are exactly what they promise to be. Their props selection can be a little restrictive across the sportsbook, but that’s the only area in which they fall even remotely.

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Our Hot Take

Unfortunately this sportsbook is rather limited. It is not available in North America. However, very few sportsbook experiences were as seamless as the one we’ve had at BetVictor. Everything about them is fast: signing up, making deposits and withdrawals, placing bets, etc

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

BetVictor Key Facts

  • HQ





    Not public information


    Notable territories with restrictions are Canada and the United States.


    Football, badminton, baseball, basketball, biathlon, bowling, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, greyhound racing, handball, hurling, kickboxin…


    Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Jacks or Better, Video Slots, Video Poker, Site-exclusive games such as Reel King Mega, Valley of the Gods and Wild Pre…


    BetVictor has a rewards program for which you are automatically enrolled after registering with the site. You earn points based on how much you bet an…

Account creation

The Perfect Process

The sign-up process at BetVictor is a great mix of extensive and quick. It’s four steps, but when you’re done, you’ve input all the necessary information, including security settings and whether you’re interested in receiving promotional emails. 

By doing it this way, BetVictor makes it so you shouldn’t need to be bothered for too much information again, outside of making deposits. And whereas other site designs make four- and five-step registrations seem overtaxing, BetVictor’s process and layout moves along quite nicely

Welcome Bonuses

Freebies All Over!

With the exception of the biggest online gambling sites, straight-up sportsbook bonuses are becoming less of a stable. BetVictor, fortunately, still offers one. 

First up is the general sportsbook bonus. Once you bet €5 or more on a single wager, you’ll be credited if you bet €30 to use at the sportsbook or on virtual sports betting. On top of that, if you bet €5 on a single horse-racing wager, you’ll automatically receive an extra €30 to be used on future horse-racing bets. This is all in addition to the nice casino bonuses they have, which we’ll get to in a minute.


You’ll Be Betting in No Time

Deposits take very little time and effort at BetVictor. Their deposit option will be at the top of the page after you log in, and finishing the process is only a matter of selecting your preferred payment method and inputting the necessary information.

Bitcoin: Not at BetVictor

Bitcoin is becoming a rare accepted form of payment at online sportsbooks. BetVictor is no different. But don’t fret if you have Bitcoin to burn. You can deposit money into an e-wallet, such as NETELLER or PayPal, and then fund your BetVictor account with that.

Credit Cards: Two Major Options

Visa and Mastercard are both accepted forms of payment at BetVictor. Owners of other credit cards shouldn’t waste time complaining. This is the industry standard selection. If you don’t have a Visa or Mastercard credit line, we recommend a bank transfer, which is the same as using a card, only it comes out of your account right away.

Withdraw Winnings

Easy As ABC

Withdrawals at BetVictor are a matter of selecting your preferred payout method, confirming it, and then waiting for your money to arrive. The reception of funds, mind you, shouldn’t take very long. BetVictor lists all the expected processing times next to their withdrawal options, and they will send you a confirmation email with the projected time of arrival.

Placing a Bet

Stress-Free Process

When you go to BetVictor’s sportsbook sections, they’ll have all the available lines, both single event and future, separated by sport. Simply select your sport, find the event you wish to bet on, choose your wager type and you’re done.

Politics Betting

Make Money Off Government

BetVictor has lines on who will be the next United States president, as well as the next Prime Minister. While their political market is narrow in raw range, it makes up for that confinement with ultra-specific props by breaking odds down party and, in the USA’s case, states.


BetVictor Has It All

League of Legends, NBA 2K, Dota, Starcraft, King of Glory—you name the esport, and BetVictor has odds on it. They separate their odds by games and tournament, and they also have an upcoming events page that includes live esports lines and odds for competitions that will begin within the next 24 hours.

Virtual Sports Betting

Get Paid for Watching Video Games

For anyone who doesn’t already know, virtual sports betting entails wagering on video games that get simulated in real time. BetVictor offers the chance to gamble on simulations in horse racing, greyhound racing, soccer and basketball.


No Props Here

Single game lines and World Series futures are all BetVictor carries in their MLB market. As of now, they don’t even have division winners or AL/NL championship odds listed.


A Spitting Image of MLB

Same story, different sport. BetVictor’s NBA selection mirrors the MLB market and, thus, pales in comparison to what’s offered for the NFL. You’ll have the opportunities to bet on win totals before the regular season gets underway, but after that, you’re looking almost exclusively at single-game lines and NBA championship odds.

US Open

Outrights, and That’s It

Try not to be too disappointed that BetVictor doesn’t have a long list of props in their golf market. Most sportsbooks don’t, to be honest. Like BetVictor, they stick with outright winners for each tournament.

In further defense of BetVictor, they do have lines listed for tournaments that are months away. That’s a semi-rarity.


Creme De La Props

BetVictor’s NFL market is of course stocked with the basics: single game lines, win totals, division champions, conference champions and Super Bowl odds. But they make a concerted effort to branch out in the props department as well. You can bet on whether teams will make the playoffs, and they have statistical over/under lines for individual players.

More Betting Options

Sports Everywhere

Other sports BetVictor allows you to wager on include badminton, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, greyhound racing, handball, soccer, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, other motorsports, pool, rugby, snooker, tennis, table tennis and volleyball.


Slots, Video Poker & More

BetVictor’s casino gaming options include:


Using the Casino Bonus


You can play live Texas Hold ‘Em poker over at BetVictor. And if you’re new to this game, they have a page that clearly maps out all the rules, which includes a complete ranking of winning hands.


BetVictor isn’t presently running poker-specific wagers, but per our research, it does appear that all their casino bonuses fold over into the poker room, too.

Live Betting

Short and Sweet

You won’t waste any time in BetVictor’s live-betting section. They separate all available lines by sport, and the odds update in real time. If you take a while before revisiting your bet slip, BetVictor will let you know whether the lines have changed since you selected them. You’ll be able to confirm your continued interest in placing said wager before you’re on the hook for it.

Parlay Betting

More Options Than Normal

To build a parlay at BetVictor, all you have to do is select the wager types and then scroll down to the “multiple bets” section of your bet slip. It is here that you find the payout on a straight parlay and various alternative parlays (if/then bets) should you choose to go that route.

Additional Betting Help

More Help Than You Need

Here are BetVictor’s main alternative resources:

The blog over at BetVictor is far more useful than that from many competitors. It actually offers you betting advice and tips, in addition to news updates. They don’t go in-depth on every sport, but they have entire blog sections dedicated to soccer, golf, tennis, horse racing and boxing.


Pour One Out for Awesome Promos

BetVictor gets it right. A lot of other sportsbooks are getting in the habit of only offering casino and poker room bonuses. Not BetVictor. They have a welcome bonus specifically for their sportsbook and virtual sports sections—and that’s on top of a gnarly casino bonus.

Customer Service

You’ll Never Be Lost

Holy moly, does BetVictor give you a ton of customer service options from which to choose. They don’t just have the normal means of communications, but they also encourage you to reach out via direct message on social media. 

Of course, if you can, live-chat help is still, and will forever be, the best way to go.


Customized Contact

You won’t be getting any unwanted emails from BetVictor. They ask you to confirm your account via email, but after that, they strictly contact you based on the promotional programs you sign up for when you register your account.

Push Notifications

Lightning Quick

BetVictor touts a highly rated mobile app that’s compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The betting functions on there, specifically in the casino and sportsbook, are faster than they are for the desktop and mobile versions of the site. BetVictor also gives you the option of customizing pushing notifications with news, final scores and wager outcomes.

Live Streaming

Plenty of Live Sports

People with a BetVictor account automatically have access to their live-streaming options. Their selection varies by sport—not to mention the time of day—but they offer a nice variety of streams in horse racing, soccer and tennis.



We had no issues registering with BetVictor from an unsupported territory using a VPN service. The process was just as quick and easy as it would be from anywhere else.


BetVictor Is About as Good as It Gets

There might be online sportsbooks that are better than BetVictor. Rest assured, though, there aren’t many. BetVictor has established themselves a full-service operation that promises optionality and strong customer service.

BetVictor Sportsbook Review

Registration, deposits and withdrawals are walks in the park. They have a variety of ways you can contact them for support and questions. Their betting selection is, at the very least, right in line with all the strongest online sportsbooks. And most impressively, they offer a fantastic selection of bonuses and promotions, along with a blog that gives useful insight to even the most seasoned bettor. So yes, BetVictor is about as good as it gets in the world of online sportsbooks.

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