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BetOdds Sportsbook Review

The online sports betting space is crowded, perhaps overcrowded. BetOdds is an example. Launched in 2014, BetOdds is struggling to build its brand.

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Our Hot Take

BetOdds is such a new sportsbook that it has yet to earn our trust. We were not happy with the details of their welcome bonus either.

50% bonus up to $1,000


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50% bonus up to $1000


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125% up to $2,500


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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

BetOdds Key Facts

  • HQ

    Costa Rica




    Not available


    United States


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Virtual Sports


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Roulette, Slots



Account creation

Quick And Easy Sign-Up

The registration process at BetOdds isn’t out of the norm. Just enter details about yourself that you’re accustomed to already giving out — name, address, email, password, etc. After this, you’ll need to verify your account with a four-digit code that BetOdds will send to you via email. This same email will also contain your unique account number that you’ll use to log-in going forward.

Welcome Bonuses

$1000 Reward Possible

New signees will earn a 60-percent free play match from BetOdds on their first deposit into the sportsbook. The bonus can be topped out at $1000 — meaning you’ll need to deposit at least $1667 to get the max reward. However, be sure to read the fine print. First, credit card deposits are not eligible for this bonus. And second, the bonus earnings come attached with a 12X playthrough requirement. 


Full Breadth Of Options

Bettors should have no problems depositing money into BetOdds. That’s because the platform offers all the essential methods such as bank transfer, bank card, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and money orders. Between them all, there’s about a dozen different ways to fund your playing account. 

Bitcoin: Essential Cryptos Supported

When it comes to cryptocurrency, BetOdds sticks to the essentials. It only supports the most widely-used digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Etherum, and Litecoin. So long as you deposit at least $50, the transaction will be free of cost, no matter which crypto you choose. 

Credit Cards: Only Two Carriers Supported

BetOdds will only accept Mastercard or VISA in this department, and that applies to both credit and debit cards. Deposit limits are $50 for the minimum, while $1000 is the max. BetOdds doesn’t charge any fees whatsoever on bank card transfers.  

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Withdraw Winnings

Shorter Supply Of Options

While we lauded BetOdds for its dozen or so methods for funding your account, we’re less thrilled with its payout options. It only supports four — Bitcoin, Money Order, Person-to-Person, and Skrill. Both Bitcoin and Skrill are completely free of cost, while the other two methods will vary in fees.   

Bitcoin: Only Crypto Accepted

This one's a bit of a head scratcher. Bitcoin is the lone crypto that can be used for withdrawing at BetOdds. Not Bitcoin Cash. Not Ethereum. Not Dash. And not Litecoin. All of this despite the latter four digital currencies being perfectly fine when depositing. At least Bitcoin payouts are free

Credit Cards: Not Available

Bettors are out of luck in this department. While BetOdds accepts Mastercard and VISA when depositing, it doesn’t support either for cashing out. That’s not an uncommon practice in the industry, but still a hassle regardless. 

Placing a Bet

Forward-Looking Interface

Online bookies don’t always get the best wrap when it comes to interface design. However, BetOdds bucks that trend with a modern-day-looking interface. Beyond just cosmetics, it also functions the way it’s supposed to. Sports and bet types are neatly broken up in the main menu so you can easily find action. Tap on any listed odd to add it to your bet slip. It’s here where you can enter how much to risk and confirm the wager.   

Politics Betting

A Few US Election Futures

Gambling on politics is a mostly niche practice, typically done only once every four years for the US Presidential Election. For casual bettors that fall under that umbrella, then BetOdds should suffice. The betting options on here are pretty short outside of futures on which candidate will win the presidency, but then again, that’s what gets all the betting action anyway. 


Growing Presence On The Platform

BetOdds has a separate section for eSports betting, which should tell you plenty about its investment into the rising trend. The game selection offered is above average compared to many competitors. Big-time titles like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Warcraft, among others, make up the bulk of the menu.  

Virtual Sports Betting

Kill Time Until Real Sports Start

If you’re dying for some betting action but there’s no sports currently on, then feast your eyes on virtual sports. A byproduct of these 100-percent simulated games is they can be bet on seemingly any hour of the day. At BetOdds, you can bet on virtual games of greyhound racing, motor racing, soccer, and more. It’s a great way to pass time before the real sports start.  


Shoot To Score

We like what we see out of BetOdds’ hoop wagers. It’s obviously dominated by the NBA, but the betting menu features a few other international pro leagues, too. The NBA selection should satisfy most bettors. Of course, you’ll find all the usual wagers like spreads and point totals, but BetOdds really brings it when it comes to prop and futures betting, as well. 

US Open

Grand Slammers

The US Open is one of the most bet-on tennis tournaments of the whole calendar year. To keep pace with this demand from bettors, BetOdds really ramps up its wagering selection. The same goes for other Grand Slam tourneys like the French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon. 


King Of The (Sportsbook) Jungle

BetOdds is definitely a bookie that caters to American sports fans more than anything else. Thus, no one should be surprised that the NFL reigns supreme in the BetOdds catalogue. Diehard fans of the NFL will find everything they need on BetOdds including pregame lines, in-play, plenty of props, and futures. College football doesn’t get the same level of support on BetOdds, but it’s not lacking by any means, either. 


Bases Are Covered

Abundant — that’s the best way to describe BetOdds’ MLB menu. That’s no surprise given the league’s 162-game schedule, but still refreshing to see BetOdds doesn’t cheap out with its selection here. 

More Betting Options

Facebook Rebate Program

Not to be overlooked is BetOdds’ racebook. It’s decked out with horse races from all over the world. Furthermore, BetOdds offers a once-a-week rebate of eight percent on all races. 


Massive Collection To Keep You Occupied

There’s no shortage of BetOdds games inside its casino counterpart. Seriously, it’s stock-piled to the max. Atop the menu, bettors can narrow their selection down based on game type — KENO, slots (more of these than anything else), table games, video poker, plus more — or the software provider. A game collection this deep should keep players occupied for a long, long time. 


No Full-Service Poker Room

The only way to get your poker fix on BetOdds is via the simulated machines. Actual games against other human players or alongside a live dealer are non-existent on the platform. 

Live Betting

A Trend That’s Not Going Away

The advent of mobile devices has spearheaded in-play wagering to new popularities. As technology only gets better, that popularity isn’t dying down anytime soon. BetOdds realizes this, evident by its live wager section that can be accessed from the main menu. The platform has an array of live wagers available every day that spans all sports. 

Parlay Betting

Can’t Split Up Money

A few online sportsbooks give bettors the option to split money apart in a parlay (e.g. leg one is worth $50 and the last leg is risked at $25) instead of one lump sum total on the entire wager. BetOdds is not one of those bookies, however. Nonetheless, placing a parlay on BetOdds is easy enough. Just add multiple betting lines to your ticket and flip the “type of wager” to parlay. 

Additional Betting Help

None Here

Sports wagering is hard. Fun, but hard. Newbie and experienced players can probably agree about that sentiment. That’s why it’s an added bonus when sportsbooks offer a blog to help bettors make their next pick. Unfortunately, BetOdds doesn’t have such a feature. Any wagering advice will have to come from elsewhere. 


Hefty Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Referral bonuses are nothing new in online sports betting. Yet few are as lucrative as the one offered up by BetOdds, which will match your referral’s first-ever deposit by 50 percent. The deal can top out at $500 in free play for yourself — so long as your referral inserts $1000. That amount is on the high side among the industry and better yet, there’s no limit on the times it can be redeemed.  

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Promotions Screenshot

Customer Service

Attentive Care Clicks Away

Like many other online sportsbooks, BetOdds has multiple avenues to help out its users. That includes email (support@betodds.ag), phone number (BetOdds actually has three separate lines), or the convenient live chat. The latter can be pulled up by clicking the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Response times surprised us when live chatting and for good reasons, too. The BetOdds team were quick to reply back in spite of it being non-traditional hours. 

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Costumer Service Screenshot


Messages Few And Far Between

Some bettors love being bombarded with marketing emails from sportsbooks. Others absolutely hate the practice. BetOdds falls somewhere in the middle. Emails from them aren’t frequent. And on that rare occasion you do see them in your inbox, there’s usually a nice bonus inside the email and what’s to complain about that?  

Live Streaming

Will Need To Watch Elsewhere

Don’t cut your cable TV subscription quite yet because that’s still your best bet to watch live sports games. BetOdds, like many other competing sportsbooks, don’t have a live streaming feature despite the high demand from bettors.  


Cover Your Tracks

Many times, virtual private networks (VPN) and online sports betting go together like peanut butter and jelly. Typically, the combo is necessary when you’re trying to access a betting site that may be restricted in your home country. For what it’s worth, BetOdds isn’t super restricted around the world. But in the event you do need a VPN to access BetOdds, it’s completely doable. 

HideMyAss: Disguises IP Addresses With Ease

A popular VPN among bettors far and wide is HMA. The service has about 300 locations around the globe where players can mask their IP address from. Better yet, all these host locations can be trusted to keep you secure and uphold the connection for a friction-less experience. Browsing BetOdds behind the VPN felt no different than a normal VPN-less session and that’s the way things should be when using these services.


Slowly Improving Bookie

As we said from the get-go, BetOdds is still a relative newcomer in the industry. Thus, you should expect road bumps ahead.

BetOdds Sportsbook Review

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