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22Bet Sportsbook Review

Our 22Bet review leaves nothing untouched.Our experts inspect every little corner in the 22Bet sportsbook and casino and we tell it how it is.

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Why I Like the 22Bet Sportsbook

The 22Bet sportsbook is a really fun site. They have lots of welcome bonuses and quirky promotions. They even give you a present on your birthday.

22Bet really stands out, however, for its tremendous markets. Not only do they go deep, with tons of odds within each sport, covering small and large events. But they also go wide, covering smaller sports, and even allowing you to bet on the weather. 

22Bets stays up to date on new technologies. They have an app and a mobile website. You can use either one. Also, they accept Bitcoin.

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22Bet Key Facts

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    Belarus, Cyprus, France, Latvia, United Kingdom, United Stated


    Slots, live casino, 100% welcome bonus


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Entertainment, eSports, Football, Futsal, Golf, Ice Hockey, Horse racing, Motorsports, Numbers …



How to sign up?

Quick & Secure Account Creation at 22Bet

It’s very fast making an account here at 22Bet. The process is streamlined and intuitive.

They also provide a unique mix of convenience and security measures. You will not need to provide much information. No address, no phone number. Just a name and an email. 

However, you will be asked to verify the email. So, make sure you can get into your email account ASAP, and definitely within 72 hours before the activation link expires. 

At the end of the process, they will assign you an account number. Make sure to take note of it. It will be in the confirmation and activation emails.

Welcome Bonuses

Double Up!

We like that 22Bet sportsbook has a welcome bonus. We love that it’s a 100% match. 

That’s right, you can double your initial deposit at both the sportsbook and the casino here at 22Bet. Of course, the rollover requirements change between the casino and sportsbook, as is standard across the industry. 

These welcome bonuses are in addition to the plethora of fun promotions 22Bet offers. Let’s look at the details for the welcome bonuses.

Bonus NameMatchMax bonusBonus code
Sports Welcome100%$450-


Sportsbook and Casino at 22Bet

22Bets offers lots of fun promotions in addition to its generous welcome bonuses. They span the sportsbook and the casino. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Friday Reload

Friday is a great day to refill your account at 22Bet. They offer a 100% match up to 150 CAD to be sued in the sportsbook.

If you want, you can refuse the bonus to get past the 3x wager requirements by clicking the “I do not want bonuses” box when you deposit. 

Happy Birthday from 22Bet

Make sure to complete your profile! Because if 22Bet knows it’s your birthday, they’ll give you a present. Bettors here get 500 points to use in the 22Bet shop. There you can use it to buy free spins or sports bets.

22Bet Payments

Deposit With These Easy Steps

Depositing at 22Bet is easy, and they accept so many deposit methods. Also, when you start this process, they will offer you the welcome bonuses. It’s nice that they make it so easy to cash in on those. 


22Bet is one of the few online sports betting sites available in Canada that also accepts Bitcoin. They also make it very easy to do so. 

Depositing Bitcoin here takes less than 15 minutes. Also, 22Bet will not charge you any additional fees. This is a fast and cheap deposit method.

Here’s how to do it:


Withdraw Winnings

Cryptos Accepted

Bitcoin Withdrawals at 22Bet

Bitcoin is one of many cryptocurrencies accepted here for payouts. They accept not only the big ones, such as Litecoin and Ethereum but 25 cryptocurrencies in total.

They come with no additional fees, and you will get your funds in your crypto-wallet in roughly 15 minutes.

Credit Card Withdrawals

22Bet does accept credit cards payouts. If you have a Visa or a Mastercard, you can use them to process your withdrawals.

They are also free, but will take longer. They can take up to a week to process.

Placing a Bet

22Bet has Well-Organized Markets

Placing a bet at the 22Bet sportsbook couldn't be easier.  Right from the homepage, you can browse their live odds. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this process will be even more streamlined.

If you are looking for something else, the rest of the odds are just a click away. After selecting an odd, the bet slip will open at the bottom of the screen. You can continue to navigate, or you can bet right there.

22Bet has such extensive markets, you will have a lot of odds to pick from.


Also, NBA 2K20

In addition to NBA bets, you can bet on basketball in Israel and China. This is a complete basketball sportsbook.

22Bet has lots of NBA 2K20 wagering options. You can bet on friendly cups and other big matches from across the globe. Europe, North America, and East Asia are well represented.

US Open

Global Tennis Bets at 22Bet

You can bet on all the biggest tennis matches here, not just the US Open. Check out series from Portugal, Germany, Eastern Europe, and more.

In classic 22Bet style, you can also find lots of tennis eSports betting options.


Detailed Football Bets

Fans of American football will have plenty to gamble on here. You can place NFL bets by the quarter, the end of the match, handicaps, and totals. Check out the NCAAF bets as well. You've got plenty to explore.


Digital and Global Baseball at 22Bet

In addition to plenty of MLB bets, you can also check out baseball in Nicaragua and other countries.

Fans of digital baseball will also have lots to do here. Under the category MLB Show, you can bet on eBaseball.

Politics Betting

Politics Betting: From All Over the World

The 22Bet sportsbook offers perhaps the best political markets. The bets are sorted by country, and over 20 nations have their own category. 

The bets also go beyond asking who will be the leader of the country. You can also bet on when there will be elections, or if some country will leave the European Union. 

The options are especially extensive in the US political section. You can bet on big election outcomes, and also on quirky things like if the President will mention certain Netflix series this year.


22Bet has Huge eSport Markets

22Bet is known for its extensive betting options. eSports are no exception here. Throughout the year and throughout the day, you can be on lots of eSports. This includes live eSports betting.

You can sort the eSports by game, and also by league. This is a paradise for eSports bettors who really have passion. 

They cover all the biggest leagues, and then some! Here you can bet on:

Virtual Sports Betting

22Bet Offers a Huge Suite

The 22Bet sportsbook does include virtual sports betting. This is where you bet on sports simulations rather than on actual events.

Once again, 22Bet goes above and beyond in its virtual sports markets. They source games from five providers. Within each, you can choose from a number of sports with different animations and user interfaces. 

If you are into virtual sports betting, or like to use it during the offseason, 22Bet will definitely keep you satisfied.

More Betting Options

Fun and Creative Bets at 22Bet

The 22Bet sportsbook is a funhouse. In addition to tons of sport and politics markets, you can also bet on a number of quirky wagers.

Among other options, you can bet on: 

The sportsbook is not the only thing here at 22Bet. Let’s take a closer look at their casino.

Live Betting

Live Betting Greets You at 22Bet

Live betting is the first thing you will see on the 22Bet homepage. Once you land, just scroll down to browse the live odds. 

Right there, you can also choose from the different sports that currently have live odds available. Once again, 22Bet gets a slam dunk on the collection of markets. Live betting is plentiful and accessible here.

22Bet Live Betting Screeniphone

Live Betting Screenshot

Parlay Betting

Parlays are Accumulators at 22Bet

22Bet offers a few types of parlays. All of your available options will appear on your bet slip.

Your parlays options here are accumulators, anti-accumulator, chain bets, and lucky. This is great! And they are different options than most other sites. Combine this with their huge collection of odds, and your betting options at the 22Bet sportsbook are gigantic.

Here's how to place a parlay:


22Bet’s Live and Video Casinos

The 22Bet casino has a lot going for it. You can browse the video slots to find a favorite theme. Or you can go to the live casino to play some table games. 

Just in their live casino, you have a lot of options:

Also, at the video casino, you can play a lot of slots. They are sourced from over 50 providers. Needless to say, it is quite the collection.

You can also play game show-style games. Click on TV Games to find them. If you click on 22Games, you can find board games, more slots, and lotteries.


At the 22Bet Casino

22Bet is interesting. They have such large betting markets that you can actually bet on poker matches. Rather than playing, you bet on others, like you would a hockey game.

You can play poker in the casino or bet on other people's poker in the sportsbook.

Customer Service

Customer Service Works via Email

The main way to get ahold of customer support here is via email. They have a few email addresses where you can send your inquiry. Sending it to the right department will ensure the fastest and most accurate answer.

In addition you can access live chat. The chat bubble floats in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Or on your phone, open the right-hand menu and click on Support. 

22Bet also offers FAQs that are very useful for guiding you through how to use the site. They are only available on the desktop version. 

If you have a question while on your mobile phone, you can read our 22Bet review, send an email, or wait until you get home to read their FAQs.

22Bet Sportsbookiphone

Live Chat Screenshot


Limited Auxiliary Materials

22Bet does not offer much betting help. Apart from the FAQs which will help you navigate their site, we could not find any auxiliary material.

Some sites have betting guides, or news sections to help you stay up to date. While it can be nice to have all this in one site, it’s also not a big deal if you read up on sports betting news elsewhere.


Frequent from 22Bet

22Bet sends a moderate amount of emails. You will verify your account via email when you create it. They will then send you a confirmation email. These emails should be kept as they have your account number. 

After that, they send a few emails about bonuses and promotions. You can opt out of these emails, but if you receive them, you will be eligible for more promotions. For example, their birthday promotion is only available if you are signed up for their newsletter

Live Streaming

Not available at 22Bet

22Bets does not offer live streaming directly on the site. This is a luxury not many sportsbooks have installed. However, 22Bet does have live betting, so you can combine that with the TV or another live streaming site.


Betting with a VPN is Easy at 22Bet

22Bet, like most online betting sites, is restricted by location. You cannot access it from wherever you are, only where it is available. 

So, if you are on vacation, and you want to access your account, you may need a VPN. Virtual Private Networks redirect your internet, so it seems like you are connecting from elsewhere. 

The free version of ProtonVPN works well. Just download the app, and sign in. This will redirect your connection so you can access your 22Bet sportsbook account as you normally would.


22Bet is a Robust Sportsbook

This is a top sportsbook. After an exhaustive review of the 22Bet sportsbook, we are confident in recommending it. 

While no one will be disappointed here, we recommend 22Bet especially for Bitcoin bettors, or those who want to have a full buffet of betting options. 

22Bet will almost definitely have what you’re looking for, and they’ll cover it well.

22Bet Sportsbook Review

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