What is Sports Arbitrage?

Sports betting arbitrage is a sports betting trend gaining popularity over the last several years. Sports betting arbitrage takes advantage of the market due to sportsbooks having different opinions of odds and pointspreads for events worldwide. In sports arbitrage trading a bettor places wagers on all particulars outcomes through different sportsbook. Because of the difference in odds or spread, the bettor stands to make a profit no matter the outcome of the game. [+]

To succeed at sportsbook betting arbitrage one must have access to many online sportsbooks and odds at all time to calculate possible arbs throughout the day.

Online Sports Betting Arbitrage

Sports bettors have been participating in sport arbitrage betting well before the advent of the internet and online sports betting.  Sports bettors look for arbitrage events, or arbs, at multiple sportsbooks to place wagers on for a guaranteed win.  Prior to online betting, and still used in for brick and mortar sportsbooks, a sports bettor would have a system of runners to avoid detection and to have access to multiple sportsbooks at the single moment needed to place the bet.  These runners are in constant contact with the sports bettor and place bets on his behalf at the appropriate sportsbooks to ensure a profitable win on any outcome of a sporting event.

But now that the internet is littered with online sportsbooks, such a complex system is no longer needed.  All a sports arbitrage bettor requires is a computer, online access and accounts at several online sportsbooks.  Online arbitrage bettors can review each sportsbooks’ odds and pointspreads online and input the odds into a calculator to determine if there is a possible arb or not.

A sports arbitrage bettor needs to have a certain amount of bankroll to succeed in arbitrage trading.  A typical arbitrage will yield a 2%-4% profit.  During some special events, larger arbs like 10% to 20% are possible.

Betting Arbitrage Calculators

One of the most coveted tools for a sports arbitrage bettor is an arbitrage calculator.  An arbitrage calculator allows you to quickly input the odds from different sportsbook and you risking amount to determine if an arbitrage event is occurring.  Though you could do these calculations yourself using longhand arithmetic, an arbitrage calculator provides the simplest way to calculate the odds in the quickest time.  One drawback is that most arbitrage calculators cost money.  Though you can find free arbitrage calculators, they often have limitations.