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Updated April 9, 2024

Although limited mostly to the amateur scene globally, greyhound racing is arguably just as popular as their horse counterparts in several major countries like Spain, the UK, and the United States. Despite the controversies associated with the sport, greyhound betting is still a significant part of sports betting for several countries. We look at the best online sportsbooks for greyhound betting on this page.

We take a look at that and much more in this piece. 

Best Greyhound Betting Sites

William Hill: the UK’s finest

As one of the oldest and most trusted books in the UK, William Hill is as reputable as they come. The customer service is prompt and professional. William Hill is one of the best-maintained sites. Even newer players will have an easy time with either depositing or navigating the site, both on their computers or mobile devices

The cherry on top for William Hill is their whopping $500 bonus for Canadian players. Enter promo code “CAN500” to set yourself up while it lasts!

Greyhound betting is a big sport in the UK so it makes sense to go with an equally big sportsbook in William Hill. It is easy to use, efficient, and offers generous signup offers. Although players from British Columbia and Quebec are barred from this book, the rest of Canada can sign on.


Bet365: infinite betting markets

Live betting and mobile betting has never been easier with Bet365 as well. The streamlined interface makes signing on, betting, and cashing out a fast and smooth process. Just like the greyhounds on the track.

The customer service is also rated as one of the best. Bet365’s team is more than happy to help you and are understanding, especially for new players who know little about the process. They will guide you, no problem.

Bet365 is a household name for a reason. Its only “downside” is how overwhelming it can be for new players to begin due to how much information is present. Otherwise, it has everything you want in a book: an embarrassment of riches with betting markets, slick mobile platforms, and great customer service.


Greyhound betting facts

Greyhound betting is not too different from its horse racing counterpart. Sure, there are differences in rules and overall betting strategies, but the principles remain the same: analyze the contestants, the track, and have a betting budget.

You can bet on greyhound racing from the best online sportsbooks. We recommend books that have a strong connection to British markets as they tend to have extensive betting markets for greyhound betting.

Odds are usually available whenever although they are most abundant during events. Be sure to keep in touch with greyhound events while keeping tabs on your favorite books. Sign up for more than one book and enable notifications to be on top of everything.

How to bet on Greyhound racing

Betting on greyhound racing is done all year, or whenever betting odds are available. Usually, betting odds are most available when there are events.

Betting during events is the most popular type of bet: pre-match bets or in this case, pre-race bets. These are when you get the chance to wager on who you think will win the race before the race begins.

These odds are usually released weeks ahead of the race or sometimes months depending on how big this event is. The bigger the event, the earlier odds will be released, barring any setbacks or changes.

Depending on how you are betting, the best time to bet on greyhound betting odds changes. When you are siding with popular favorites, try to bet them right as they get released as the public will likely bet them to the point the returns will be paltry.

But if you are betting on longshots, you can wait as long as you want as they usually don’t get so much action. Monitor the betting lines, however, to see how where the action is going.

Now, when you want to bet on greyhound odds way ahead of time, like several weeks or days before, this is Futures betting. This is usually limited to broad outcomes like which contestant will win the race. The odds here tend to not have a lower return since they are released the earliest.

Best betting strategies for Greyhound racing

Betting strategies for greyhound racing are similar to betting strategies for horse racing. But first, familiarize yourself with the betting principles.

The first is assessing your knowledge level of greyhound racing. How well do you know the sport and the events that you will be betting on? From here, you can now look at how much research you’ll need to get into.

Once you’ve assessed all of this, you need to look through the betting odds. Which of the betting odds or markets do you feel confident enough to wager on? Sometimes some odds will jump at you. But when you have this “aha!” moment, take a deep breath and double back on your research.

Last but not least, manage your bankroll. Establish a unit-betting system, betting only percentages of your bankroll instead of arbitrary amounts. Once that is all settled, you can look back at the odds again and strategically make your bets.

Go forth and win

Types of bets for Greyhound racing

Our take-aways

Greyhound has lots of odds

Greyhound betting has plenty of odds and markets; assess these odds based on your skill level to determine which you should wager on

Find racebooks with bonuses

There are plenty of top sportsbooks for greyhound betting but only some offer bonuses; read our sportsbook reviews and peruse each one to see of any bonuses and contests

Go for the total package

The top online sportsbooks for Greyhound betting will usually offer extensive betting markets, the best betting odds, and a combination of great user interface, customer service, and signup offers. Can’t pick one? Sign up for as many as you want.

Are these greyhound racebooks legit?

Yes! We always check and double check any betting site that we recommend.

Is offtrack or online greyhound betting better?

Online greyhound betting comes with the convenience of betting from home. You save time and money.

Can you bet on virtual greyhound races?

Absolutely. Greyhound racing is one of the most common virtual sports.

Which bonus should I use for greyhound betting?

This will vary by online betting site. Find one of our recommended site that also has a racebook-specific bonus.

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