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Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Floyd Mayweather

Did you know that BetOnline is giving you the chance to win Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari 488 Spider?

Well, if you didn’t know, you need to!

In recognition of Mayweather’s 50-0 boxing record, BetOnline is offering all new customers that sign up between October 28th, 2021, and April 10th, 2022 the chance to win one of Mayweather’s cars from his legendary collection.

To win, all you need to do, yes – all, is match Mayweathers’s 50 ring wins with 50 winning bets of your own. 

This is a daunting task, but never-the-less isn’t impossible. 

The significant terms and conditions of the offer are:- 

Real-money wagers of $10 or more qualify and count toward your bet streak. 

Hit 50 winners in a row and Mayweather’s luxury motor is yours.

Known as the Mayweather Challenge, this offer is based on handicap bets.

Describing Mayweather, BetOnline’s promotional material says ‘He’s challenged BetOnline to find the next great handicapper that can match his record.’

So this offer is ideal for gamblers who are decent at betting on the handicap or the over/under total points markets.

If anyone manages to win this challenge, the great man himself will be presenting you with the keys to his Ferrari. Which – according to the promotional material – is worth more than $325,000.

For anybody not familiar with gambling against the spread, or on total points, let me explain in more detail.

Bonus$ 1000

BTC bonus up to $1,000

How To Beat The Spread

The spread is the number of points a team is given in a handicap bet. This is commonplace in NFL, NBA, and NHL.

Take the NFL as an example, and if a sportsbook thinks that Tampa Bay Buccaneers will beat Miami Dolphins with ease, and why wouldn’t they, they would give the Dolphins a start on the handicap (for the sake of the bet). 

The start could be 5.5 points, effectively 6. 

So for you to beat the spread and win the bet, you would have to decide whether:- 

For more help and advice on Gridiron betting, please check out our NFL Betting Sites page! 

Total Points Betting

Moving onto total points betting, and this is far simpler. Basketball can offer a great example of how this bet works.

Total points are done on an over or under basis. And you need to decide do you think it will be over the amount set by the sportsbooks, or under the amount.

The total amount of points is based on the total points scored by both sides. Team A points + Team B points. 

Example: The LA Lakers are playing the Phoenix Suns, and the sportsbooks are expecting a high-scoring game

They set the total points mark at 219.5. So you need to decide if you think both teams’ combined match points will be 220 or higher, or 219 points or lower.

So if the match finishes Lakers 100-105 Suns, then the total points would be 205 points, and well below the spread of 219.5. Meaning under wins.

If the match finishes Lakers 111-110 Suns, then a total of 221 points would have been scored, which would see overs win.

If you can nail 50 of those two sorts of bets in a row, then Mayweather’s Ferrari – worth well over a quarter of a million bucks – could be yours! 

Bonus$ 1000

BTC bonus up to $1,000

College Bowl Pick’em Contest from BetOnline

Another great competition currently available from BetOnline is their NCAA $50,000 College Bowl Pick’em promo.

You will need to move fast to enter this competition though, as the closing date for entries is Tuesday, December 28th, 2021 at 11:50 am (ET).

The competition opened for registrations back on Friday, November 26th, 2021, so is nearing its end for participants to register to play.

Once registered, the competition starts on Tuesday, December 28th, 2021 – and runs until Monday, January 10th, 2022.

The $50,000 is going to be paid out to the top 150 finishers in the College Bowl Pick’em Contest.

To enter, you have to buy entries. You can buy up to a total of two. The first is $20, with the second entry discounted at $10. 

The top prize is $10,000, so it’s a decent amount. All prizes are paid in cash, and there are no rollover requirements to be met!

I’ve included below the prizes given to the top 10, but don’t forget, the top 150 win something.

  1. $10,000
  2. $5,000
  3. $3,000
  4. $2,500
  5. $,2000
  6. $1.500
  7. $1,250
  8. $1,000
  9. $750
  10. $500

The game is based on making successful College Bowl handicap picks. 

So the more winning picks you make, the higher you finish up the table, and the more money you win.

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