Boxing’s Big 2020 Closing Month

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline

Boxing is known for going ahead despite challenges. During the beginning of the pandemic when everything was so much more unknown, they were determined to push ahead with scheduled fights. 

So of course they are ending the year with some of the biggest names. Who could think of anything better for getting into the holiday spirit than a whirlwind trip through the North Atlantics baddest bruisers? 

Let’s take a look at the upcoming fights and highlight great Boxing betting sites where you can place these bets. 

Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev Preview

The first big boxing event of the month is on Saturday, December 12th. This is going to be a huge fight. Anthony Joshua is the defending champion here. With WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles, he is no joke. On the line are the heavyweight world titles. 

The challenger, Kubrat Pulev, is a Bulgarian boxer who has twice earned the European Heavyweight championship title. Currently ranked as the ninth boxer in the world, this Bulgarian is proud of his land. He has refused to represent other countries, such as Germany.

Place your bets on Joshua here. The jump from ninth-best boxer to best is too larger for Pulev to overcome.  The really interesting bets will be in the over/unders. This match will go on for a while, as Pulev will be able to hold his own. 

Callum Smith vs Canelo Alvarez Preview

The second big boxing event to finally close out this crazy year will be on Saturday, December 19th. This event will take place in the United States in a yet-to-be-confirmed venue. 

Canelo Alvarez is considered to be one of the best boxers in the world. He will be going against the British Callum Smith, who is also nothing to sneeze at. In fact, Smith, hailing from Liverpool, has gone undefeated since winning his world title in 2018. He has won a striking 27 matches in a row. Can Canelo stop his streak? 

Canelo has been the world champion several times across a range of midweight titles. BoXRec lists him as the world’s best boxer pound-for-pound. This was only published in November 2020, so this is a fresh take indeed. 

Expect this match to be much closer than the December 12th matchup. Go with Canelo for the win and expect the fight to have several rounds for your over/unders. 

How to Make the Most of These Final Matches

In order to make the most out of these big fights, make sure to sign up at the best fight betting sites. Here you will find great boxing odds for moneylines, over/unders, and props. 

Of course, by being here and reading this news, you have taken an important step towards making the best bet. Doing your research is absolutely vital to making the best bets for boxing in December 2020. 

Boxing Coronavirus Measures

Boxing professionals, like Dana White, the head of the UFC commission, have been adamant in defending the game’s coronavirus protocols. These protocols include strict mask use, limiting interviews, and social distancing. 

Fighters and staff also go through strict testing procedures. They have antibody and PCR tests regularly to ensure everyone is as safe a possible. It is important that they follow these procedures strictly to make sure our favorite fighters and the people who work in the fights are healthy and ready. 

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