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Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline

Turkey Day football is as old of a tradition as the National Football League itself. Every year people gather to watch traditional rivalries duke it out. This year will be a little different as our Thanksgiving dinners will be smaller than in years past. That is even more reason to pay attention and make smart bets on Thanksgiving football in 2020.

Ever since 1920 with the founding of the NFL, there have been prime-time Thanksgiving games. This cycle has repeated, but along the way, they have added new traditions as well.  Let’s look at the hottest picks and bonuses for Turkey Day football and how the tradition has transformed over the last 100 years. 

 NFL Turkey Day Bonuses

There is no need to be shy about picking out bonuses. We always hear people thinking it is immoral to take in the free money. Go for it! It is yours! 

In fact, MyBookie is offering a special promotion just for Thanksgiving football. 

Here you can bet up to $250 risk-free. That is a huge bet! And we have all the details on how to claim this big free bet. 

  1. Bet Texans @ Lions Full Game Spread for their November 26th, 12:30 pm EST matchup 
  2. Your first cash bet will qualify. Make sure to place a straight wager only.
  3. After the game, winners keep their winnings, of course. And losing bets, up to $250, will be credited back within the hour. Super fast! 

And there’s really no catch here. Any refunded bets have a very low 1x rollover requirement. This is a hot product. Don’t let it slip through your fingers! 

Of course, the welcome bonuses that are always available will continue to be open to new users, up to the Super Bowl, and in other NFL bets. 

Browse the best bonuses to find the right one for you. Generous welcome bonuses are a key aspect of our review process, so any site we recommend will definitely take good care of you! 

Transforming Thanksgiving Traditions

While every year we have big surprises for Thanksgiving football, there are some constants. Ever since 1934 the Detroit Lions have hosted one of the prime-time games we get to watch on these momentous Thursdays. 

The Dallas Cowboys have hosted the other prime-time game since 1966. However, they have missed this twice, once in 1975 and the other in 1977. The Cowboys are absolutely institutionalized, but the Lions were the originals.

And recently, in 2006 to be exact, they have added a third prime-time game. This particular match has no set host. This makes it a bit harder to predict.

Picks for 2020 Turkey Day Football

The first matchup places the Houston Texans in Detroit against the Lions. Both teams here seem to be coming in with their own handicaps. The Texans recently lost their star wide-receiver to the Arizona Cardinals. It is not clear how or if they will be able to reform their offense after losing DeAndre Hopkins. It was indeed crushing.

However, the Lions are also in something of a flux. Their roster is more complete at the moment. So in this first matchup, go with the Lions.

The second matchup features the Washington Football team at Dallas playing against the Cowboys. This classic matchup takes on a new meaning with the recent renaming of the Washington team. 

Washington has been a big surprise this year. Overcoming the limits of such a young team, they have remained competitive. However, that is likely not to be enough to overcome the Cowboys’ high power offense. Dak Prescott and Ezekial Elliot are likely to carry the Cowboys to victory. If you’re betting spread, call it a nail-biter. 

And finally, we have the Baltimore Ravens playing at Pittsburgh.  With the playoffs on the line, this is likely to be the game with the highest stakes. They went head to head as recently as November 2, 2020, and the Steelers came out on top. It was a close one though: 28-24. 

Plus, the Steelers were the away team. With the legendary force of Pennsylvania football fans to back them up, they should have this one in the bag. Bet on the Steelers and expect the margins to be even higher this time around.

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