Super Bowl LV Betting Picks: Chiefs @ Buccaneers

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline

We now know for certain the two teams who will face off for Super Bowl 2021. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will go head to head on February Monday, February 8th, 2021.  

For the first time ever, one of the two potential champions will enjoy home-field advantage. Will this be enough for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to overcome the perceived disadvantage they have against the Chiefs? 

Super Bowl Moneyline Picks

The bookies have a clear favorite when it comes to the moneyline picks in Super Bowl LV.  The Chiefs were always considered the favorite to win the Super Bowl, even since the beginning of the season. So it is no surprise that we are seeing that prediction reflected in the odds.

Now that the Bucs were able to pull off an upset against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, their odds have only improved. Right now at Bovada, the Chiefs are the favorites at -170, and the Bucs are the underdogs at +150. 

Our SBS pick is to go with the favorite here. If it were the Packers, it would be a harder choice. We do not expect the limited seating, and the nationalized crowd to give much home-field advantage to the Bucs. Go with the safer option here. 

Choosing the Over/Under

Of course the over/unders are always tighter matches. The bookies adjust the number to make the odds nearly even, making these bets always a little bit different across sportsbooks. At Bovada, it is set at 56.

Just to clarify, this means you are betting if the total number of points will be over or under 56. Just adding up their previous scores leads us to believe that under is more likely to be the winning bet. 

The SBS pick is under (-105) rather than the slight favorite (-115). 

Super Bowl Props

Apart from betting on the final score of the game, you can also bet on a number of Super Bowl props. Proposition bets are lots of fun and tend to be a bit quirky. For example, you can bet on if the coin toss to determine possession will be heads or tails. 

At BetUS the coin toss prop is listed at heads (-110) and tails (-110). There is obviously no clear favorite here. The SBS pick is to go with whichever one you want, but to go for it. It’s a fun bet that should be part of your portfolio. 

It is good to have some props in your portfolio. They are a lot of fun and can be a good spot to make some money because people tend to pay them less attention. 

In addition to the coin toss, other Super Bowl proposition bets include:

Final Super Bowl Picks

Our final SBS Super Bowl picks: 

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