Sports Betting Set to Launch in Michigan

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline

Michigan will soon launch sports betting and casino games online. Well, actually, they will soon allow the casinos already in Michigan to have their own betting sites where the casinos can set up sports betting and casino games. 

This will have a profound impact on the gambling landscape for Michigan bettors. It comes on the heels of news of record-breaking numbers for gambling revenue across the country and other states consider making similar changes to their gambling regulations. 

What is Set to Change in Michigan

One year ago, Governor Gretchen Whitmer legalized internet gambling and sports betting. However, due to procedural requirements, the legislators on the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules had to waive their remaining time to review the new rules. In effect, this will open the gates to online gambling. 

Now casinos in Michigan can begin applying for licenses to open an online arm. The casinos and suppliers in Michigan will apply for licenses and then start to work on getting their betting sites up and running. This could take from months to years, depending on how fast they get their applications together, and if they are approved. 

Expect some foot-dragging here. Plus, as new sportsbooks that have yet to be vetted, we do not know what their quality will be. But local casinos tend not to have the resources to launch great online sportsbooks. 

However, bettors in Michigan do not have to wait for these local websites to get up and running. For many years, casinos from outside of Michigan have been catering to bettors in Michigan without any legal problems. You can trust the sites we recommend for Michigan bettors. They are safe and high-quality sportsbooks. 

Illinois is also Studying Sports Betting

Illinois legalized online sports betting within the last year, so now anyone who is at least 19 years of age can grab a phone, head online, and place a bet. These are big changes in betting, so lawmakers in Springfield, Illinois have launched a year-long study to look into revenue and how to limit any social damages that this may cause. 

This is a smart approach to gambling addiction. Rather than pushing gambling underground, a better understanding and making resources available will keep gambling safe for people in Illinois. In Illinois, these resources include a 24/7 hotline, for example. The 24/7 hotline is 1-800-GAMBLER or 1-800-426-2537.

For Illinois bettors looking to make online bets, be sure to pick one that has been vetted. Some sites can be pretty shady. You can trust all the Illinois betting sites we recommend. We have used them for years and investigated their records.  

Illinoisans wagered over $300 million in September. That is a bigs lice of revenue for state coffers.

Following the Success of Other States

Other states such as Colorado and Rhode Island, are bringing in record revenue with online gambling. 

Colorado recently announced record-breaking revenue in gaming for a single month. In October alone, the state brought in $17.4 million in betting taxes. You can bet other states are eyeing this slice of money, especially during lockdowns, and thinking about how to get their hands on it.

Another example is Rhode Island. This tiny state reached a total monthly revenue of $4.4 million in October. This is up more than 80% from September. These are the highest numbers since the launch of mobile betting in September 2019. 

The huge revenue coming into these other states explains why Michigan and other states have been opening up to gambling. These are big figures that can do a lot to smooth out a state’s budget. 

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