Seminole Tribe maintains vice grip on Florida gambling

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Chris Boline
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The history of gaming in Florida goes back to the late 1970s when the Seminole tribes started running bingo games. For many years, the Seminole tribes have had a stronghold over the gaming environment in Florida even with new bills looking to cut into their revenues. In other gaming news in Florida, NFL wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended for an entire year for placing online wagers in the state during a break from the Falcons. 

As always, SBS has you covered the latest gaming news in the state of Florida and what kind of new updates are coming along. 

Seminole Tribes say “thanks” for killing off gaming bills

In a recent spotlight from Florida Politics, a viral YouTube video has been making the rounds from the Seminole Tribe of Florida. In the 30-second ad, the Tribe says “Thank You” to Florida voters for helping to not pass some new gaming initiatives in the state. Even though there is some renewed enthusiasm from backers of a gambling initiative designed to take money away from the Seminoles, the Tribes have already raised their victory flag it would appear. The subject of the advertisement is geared around the failed campaigns by the Las Vegas Sands and FanDuel/DraftKings to open up more avenues for sports betting in Florida. 

In the former campaign, the Las Vegas Sands Co. was unable to get Florida voters’ approval for a North Florida casino. In the latter proposal, FanDuel and DraftKings had backed a new bill that would open up internet sports betting in the Sunshine State. Both of these proposals had tried to gather enough verified voter signatures by the February 1st deadline, but failed to do so. 

Ridley suspended an entire year from NFL for gambling in FL

According to multiple sources online from ESPN’s Adam Schefter to the Washington Post, NFL wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended for one year from the league for gambling on NFL games while he was in Florida. A star player for the Atlanta Falcons, Ridley had placed a series of wagers, including an eight-team parlay bet, last November while he was away from his team on a “mental health” break. In a resounding move, the NFL sought to punish Ridley swiftly and succinctly for violating a sacred rule in sports: gambling on your own sport and your own team. 

While the total amount of his wagers might pale in comparison to say, Mattress Mack, Ridley stil paid a hefty price for placing these digital bets. The wide receiver said on Twitter that he had placed three parlays for a total of $1,500. With Ridley set to miss all of next season due to his suspension, he will miss out on $11 million from his contract. Ridley will be able to apply for reinstation in February of 2023. 

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