Ohio State and Alabama Head to National College Football Championship Game

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline

This college football season has been unlike any other in history. And we expect a championship game to bring excitement to match this year. We finally have our champions as Ohio State Buckeyes are set to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

NCAAF Championship Preview

The Buckeyes are on a special hot streak coming into the final. They recently took down their rivals, the second-ranked Clemson Tigers. This was a coup, as they had recently lost to them and were outranked. 

It is anyone’s guess as to if this hot streak will keep the fire under their butts or if they will succumb to overconfidence. Though this could be good news for the Buckeyes as they will be going up against Alabama, to whom they have lost three of their four encounters. Perhaps they are on a revenge-heavy run.

However, the Alabama Crimson Tide seems to be unstoppable at the moment. They took out number-four-ranked Notre Dame without a problem. If they can take out the fourth team 31-14, then it is likely they will be able to handle the number three team as well.  Most people are picking Alabama for this final game. Of course, if the Buckeyes win, those bettors will come away with even more money. 

What is the Spread for the Match? 

People are expecting this game to be high-scoring. They are offensive heavy teams. Sportsbooks will each set their own spread, but we are seeing them at 76. You would then of course bet if the total points will be more or less than 76. That means each team scoring many points more than an average game. 

Alabama is the favorite at -210 and the Buckeyes are the underdog currently priced at +270. 12jk12

Have Ohio State and Alabama Won Before?

These two programs have faced each other four times in total dating back to the 1978 Sugar Bowl. While history can be a guide to what will happen in the upcoming NCAAF championship game, in reality, we can never be sure until the fat lady sings of course. 

In their first meeting, the Crimson Tide absolutely drowned out Ohio State. At 35-6, the ninth-ranked Buckeyes never stood much of a chance. Of course, this game was several generations ago. Nonetheless, it will be on their minds as they take the field. 

Their second meetup was the Kickoff Classic of 1986. Here again, Alabama outranked Ohia State and was able to handle the game successfully. At 16-10, this game was much closer than their last one. At this point, Crimson is on top 2-0.

In 1995, their third meeting was the Citrus Bowl. Once again Alabama outranked Ohio State and the final score showed. However, at 24-17, this was far from a blowout.

Finally, the Buckeyes get their first and only win thus far in this series. In 2015, at the Sugar Bowl, although Alabama outranked Ohio State, they were able to pull out a high-scoring victory. At 42-35, the game was a storm of excitement. 

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