NFL Betting Contests Offer Season-Long Opportunities To Win

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Noelle Matthews
NFL Betting Contests Offer Season-Long Opportunities To Win
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Betting on the NFL is big business. No sport is as wagered upon in the USA as the fall weekend spectacular that is the NFL. It’s entirely understandable. With each team playing just one game per week, betting on the NFL doesn’t require the same level of commitment as a 162-game baseball season, or an 82-game NBA campaign.

Wagering options on the NFL include the standard moneyline, point spread and total wagers, as well as exotics such as parlays and props. Future book wagers on season-long team and player outcomes such as which team will win the Super Bowl are another variable that can be explored.

Many of these online NFL betting sites also offer a variety of season-long betting contests on the NFL. Some of the betting contests are merely year-long versions of the types of wagers that can be made individually on each NFL game. Others are similar to the different types of football pools operated by people in offices and social groups for decades. The difference, in this case, is that significant prize money is available to those who are expert handicappers.

Survivor Pools

As the name suggests, NFL survivor pools are all-or-nothing outcomes each week. It’s win or go home until there’s just one player left standing to claim the grand prize.

The $200,000 NFL Survivor Contest operated by BetOnline begins with Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season and continues through Week 18, the final week of NFL regular-season play. It does not include any NFL postseason games.

Each entry costs $30 and players may enter as many as 25 times. Subsequent entries are available at reduced rates. Entry into the competition closes on September 13, 2021. Contestants must hold a valid BetOnline account in order to enter. Entry fees are deducted directly from the player’s BetOnline account.

For each entry, a player must select an NFL team to win during that week’s schedule of games. If the team wins outright – point spreads are not relevant – that player advances to the next week of games. A loss or tie eliminates the player from the contest. The process is repeated each week. No team can be chosen more than once.

This continues until there is one player left unbeaten to claim the $200,000 prize. If multiple players go all 18 weeks without suffering a loss, they will split the $200,000 prize.

BetUS also offers an NFL Survivor Pool with similar rules. However, BetUS provides five separate tiers, with buy-ins ranging from as little as $10 up to $500. The total prize money available in the five pools is $64,669.50.

MyBookie also provides players with a $100,000 NFL Survivor Contest requiring just a $10 entry fee.

MyBookie Squares Contest

Purchasing numbered squares on a board is another traditional NFL pools competition. MyBookie offers players a Squares competition. If the score of the game at the end of the quarter, half or at the end of the game matches the number in their square, that player is a winner.

If a square for a Tennessee Titans-Detroit Lions game listed Tennessee 4 Detroit 0 and the Titans lead 14-0 after one quarter, that’s a winner. The numbers line up with the last digit in the team’s score.

MyBookie offers 20 percent of the prize pool to each quarter winner. The final score winner earns a 40 percent share. All of the prize money is paid out regardless of whether every square is sold. Players use the money in their MyBookie sports betting account to pay for entry to the squares competition.

The BetUS squares contest sees players pick squares and then their digits are assigned via a random number generator once all the squares are purchased. Prizes for the four quarters are split as follows: 1st quarter – 12.5 percent, half-time – 25 percent, 3rd quarter – 12.5 percent, end of the game – 50 percent. Of this total, 10 percent will be deducted by the house.

BetOnline Half Million NFL Megacontest

BetOnline’s $500,000 NFL Megacontest is a handicapping event that runs the entire course of the 18-week NFL regular season. The entry fee is $100 and players may enter up to five times. Contestants must pick five games against the spread (ATS) every week of the NFL regular season. They earn one point for every correct pick and a half-point for a push.

At the end of the season, the player who accumulates the most points wins $200,000. The top 200 finishers all earn prize money, with places 151-200 each garnering $300.

MyBookie NFL SuperContest

Similar to the BetOnline Megacontest, the MyBookie SuperContest requires players to select five games against the spread each week of the NFL regular season.

The difference is that they offer two divisions. The $300,000 SuperContest requires a $100 entry fee and delivers a grand prize of $125,000. The $100,000 SuperContest presents $25,000 to the winner and requires only a $10 entry fee.

BetUS $25,000 NFL Pick’em

With the BetUS $25,000 NFL Pick’em competition, BetUS account holders must select a winner against the spread of every NFL game through the 18-week regular season.

At the end of each week, the winner receives a $1,000 free play at BetUS. Second place ($250 free play) and third place ($100 free play) also earn prizes.

At the end of the season, the grand prize winner is awarded a $2500 free play at BetUS. But the best part of this deal is that it’s free to enter.

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