NBA Playoff Picks: 76ers Force Game 7

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline
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Friday at 4pm, the Hawks and 76ers face off in game six of their NBA Playoffs series.The Eastern Conference semi-finals are considered a dead toss-up, according to FiveThirtyEight. 

In this case it makes sense to bet on the 76ers, because their odds will give you a higher payout. When we consider a game to be a toss-up, but one wager would give you more money, the choice is simple.

Plus, 76ers have a 43-36-3 record when going against the spread. This would force a seventh game in the series, so you can bet the 76ers will be leaving their all on the court tomorrow. 

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NBA Odds to Win the Playoffs 2021

Here are the latest odds for the NBA Championship 2021: 

NBA Outright Winners Odds 2023BovadaGTBetsMyBookie
Golden State Warriors+450+450+450
Boston Celtics+625+600+600
Brooklyn Nets+700+700+800
Los Angeles Clippers+800+800+800
Milwaukee Bucks+850+850+900
Phoenix Suns+900+900+900

How to Read NBA Playoffs Odds?

In American format, the odds can be a little confusing when you first start betting, but with a little attention, it starts to come easily. 

Something that may seem counterintuitive at first is that the higher the value in our odds chart, the less likely it is that that particular wager will be the final result, according to the markets at least. That is because this number represents your potential reward, more than the probability. And reward is always inverse to probability in sports betting.  

For example, if you decide to bet on the LA Clippers to win on the basketball court at (+150), you will earn $150 for every $100 that you risk. But if those odds change a bit, so will your reward. So if the same bet has odds at (+200), you would earn $200 for a winning risk of $100.

If the numbers drop down so much that they are negative (-), then you are no longer betting on the underdog, but rather on the absolute favorite.  If this happens, you earn less money than you would for a winning bet slip betting on the underdog. Otherwise, we would be betting on the easy favorites every time! 

When calculating your reward for wagering with the favorite, i.e. those markets with negative values, keep in mind that the odds value is how much you have to risk in order to win $100. 

Finding your NBA Playoffs Betting Site

Now that you have a grasp on how to how odds for winning the NBA Playoffs work, it is time to pick your online basketball betting site. Keep in mind these criteria when making your choice. 

Are You a Mobile Bettor? 

For those who are more on the go and tend to access their betting sites through their mobile devices, you should also consider the layout of the websites. Of course, the user design is always important, but when logging in from your smartphone or tablet, it becomes essential.

Check out our guide to the best apps to see which one is best for your needs. 

Sign up with at Least Two NBA Sportsbooks

Always sign up with at least two sportsbooks. We make this suggestion for a few important reasons. 

The first reason is so that you can compare NBA Playoffs betting lines across a few different sportsbooks. This means that the lines you buy will be the best value, rather than accepting the only one that happens to be available to you. This is an important part of being a smart bettor. 

The second strategic advantage that this betting tip will give you is to have access to more bonuses and promotions. The welcome bonuses can be huge! Look for bonuses that match your initial deposit at least 50%. 

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