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Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Betus Free To Enter Contests

It’s well-hidden on their website, but after a bit of digging around, you will find that BetUS actually has quite a lot of contests that you can take part in.

Some are free, while with others, you have to pay a few bucks to opt-in. But there is a wealth of choice when you look in the right place.

As you would expect, the BetUS contests focus on the core North American-based sports, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, and College Football.

In the American Football category, you have the following options:-

All of these games are free. 

The obvious one that jumps off the list is the BetUS $25,000 Pick em contestI can’t think why!

Yes, even at this late stage of the NFL season, there is still time to take part (it closes on January 9th, 2022). 

Bonus$ 2500

150% up to $5,000 (Promo Code SU150CRYPT)

How To Play BetUS $25,00 Pick em Contest

To start with, you will need to fill in the entry form on the BetUS website.

To play the weekly game, each week you need to pick the Points Spread for each Pro-Football game. You will also need to pick the Monday night match Points Total (for tie-break purposes).

Whoever makes the most correct picks, will finish the season on the top of the leaderboard and receive a $2,500 free play.

With well over half of the NFL season already gone, that’s going to be a tall order if you’re just entering now. But fear not, there is a weekly competition!

Yes, there are opportunities to win every week, ideal if you are just starting today. 

In the weekly wins, first place gets a $1,000 free play, there is a $250 free play for second, and a $100 free play if you manage the third position.

The downsides to this competition are that you need to have made a deposit into your BetUS account since June 1st, 2021. 

In reality, that shouldn’t be a problem, unless you have won that much that you never credit your account.

The $25,000 is also a headline figure, and the money is spread across the season. The top performer across the season only wins $1K.

Another disappointment is that all free play winnings need to be rolled over x10. 

If you are having these sorts of NFL bets every week though, filling out the entry form and having a chance to win free plays is a no-brainer.

It’s a free go at getting a free play just for filling a form out!

Bonus$ 2500

150% up to $5,000 (Promo Code SU150CRYPT)

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What Are The BetUS Basketball Contests?

Onto Basketball, and there are far fewer NBA Contests than you get for Gridiron.

The full list of free contests is as follows:-

To qualify to enter any of the three, you must have made (or make) a real money deposit into your BetUS account since August 1st, 2021.

BetUS Sharpshooter

Starting with the BetUS Sharpshooter Contest, and this is a picks-based competition. 

Each bet you make is counted as a pick. The person with the most winning picks each month will earn a $500 free play.

At the end of the Basketball season, the top three scorers will receive prizes of $1K for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third. All free plays.

Bets of $5 or great qualify towards this offer.

$25,000K Court King

The next contest to look into is the $25,000 Court King offering.

This contest is based on pro and college basketball matches, and rewards you got getting on a winning roll…. similar to the Phoenix Suns this season!

In Court King, prizes will be awarded for making fifteen (15) consecutive winning wagers, then twenty (20) consecutive winners, and finally twenty-five (25) winners in a row.

Moneyline bets, handicap spreads, and total points count towards your winning streak. The minimum wager that qualifies is $10.

If you get 15 consecutive wins you will receive a $500 free play. For 20 wins in a row (more than the Suns), you get a $2,500 free play, and if you hit the magic 25 number, you get a whopping $5,000 free play.

It’s obviously going to be hard to hit any of those totals, but if you are betting every week on basketball, you may as well opt-in, as you have nothing to lose.

Courtside Seats

The final of the three free basketball contests from BetUS is Courtside Seats.

This offer sees you choose your own team, and then get credits for betting on that team’s matches. 

If you bet a minimum of $25 on one of your team’s games every week, you will get a Free Bet to use on the Pro-Basketball Playoffs.

If you place 23 bets you’ll receive a $100 free bet. Place 24 bets to grab yourself a $250 free bet, and if you manage to bet on 25 weeks, you will receive a free bet of $500.

Unfortunately, you will have to have been playing this game from the start of the season, as you need to have been betting throughout the basketball season.

Bonus$ 2500

150% up to $5,000 (Promo Code SU150CRYPT)

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Here you will find all the top info required for betting on basketball.

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