Golden State still NBA Championship favorites despite Green punching incident

Updated December 2, 2022
Updated December 2, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Golden State Still Nba Championship Favorites Despite Green Punching Incident

The Golden State Warriors are the NBA Finals defending champions, and also the favorites to win the championship again in the 2022/23 season, so the last thing they needed in the build up to the new season was a training incident between two of their players, with one reportedly punching the other.

Yes, the incident involving Draymond Green and Jordan Poole might not have greatly affected the betting to be the NBA champions next year. But that hasn’t stopped Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr from describing it as the “Biggest crisis” he has had since he became head coach at the franchise. 

And it also doesn’t mean it won’t have an effect on the Warriors and the betting further into the season. 

What happened between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole?

For anybody who may have been living on Mars for the past few days, it has emerged that Draymond Green punched his teammate Jordan Poole, in practice. Of course training incidents take place every week, but for some reason this feels different. 

But why is it different? Is it just because it’s the Warriors, and they are the champions? So people are making a big deal out of it. Or is it really a significant moment that could end up having a big impact on the upcoming NBA season?

For Steve Kerr to make his “Biggest crisis” comments suggest it’s slightly more than just a training incident. So should Golden State fans and backers be worried ahead of the new NBA season?

Well, one thing for certain is that it isn’t going to help. But it doesn’t seem to have affected their odds to win the 2023 NBA finals in a major way. As you can see below, the Warriors are still the favorites with the top NBA betting sites. So, as of yet, it hasn’t made too much of a difference. 

Betting to win the 2023 NBA Championship 

I say too much, but the Warriors were around the +450 to +500 mark, so there has been a slight change. But nothing major. Full odds from BetOnline are below. You can read more about this bookmaker in our BetOnline sportsbook review.

2023 NBA Championship Winner BettingBetOnline
Golden State Warriors+575
Boston Celtics+650
Milwaukee Bucks+700
LA Clippers+800
Phoenix Suns+1200
Brooklyn Nets+1200
LA Lakers+1200
Miami Heat+1600
Philadelphia 76ers+1500
Denver Nuggets+1800
Dallas Mavericks+1600
Memphis Grizzlies+2500
New Orleans Pelicans+3300
Toronto Raptors+3300
Minnesota Timberwolves+3500

If anything though, at +575, it makes the Warriors a more appealing bet. But even with or without the recent punching incident, it’s a fact that the Boston Celtics (+650) and Milwaukee Bucks (+700) have been starting to become more threatening. So, is it really that relevant in the bigger picture?

The answer to that is, yes, I believe it is definitely relevant, and it adds to the belief that the Warriors could be dethroned this season. It’s obvious that players hitting each other isn’t good for team morale, and who knows how the situation may end up in the long run.

Golden State WarriorsTo win 2023 NBA Championship Finals
Bet Now

The Warriors have kept a lid on things – so far!

The Warriors seem to have played it down well, and it could be the case that the players move on, and that is the end of it.

On the flip side, if there is a bigger underlying issue taking place here, it seems inevitable that it will rear its head again at some stage this season. Hence Kerr’s remarks. 

The players may not have been great friends, and they don’t have to be in the future. But they will be required to spend a lot of time together over the next few months, and that is when any lingering issues might blow up again.

The fact that the players were asked whether or not to suspend Green, also suggests they know he was in the wrong. So, could the players passing the buck (they left it to management to decide) on that decision look like they are backing Green, and therefore throwing Poole under the proverbial bus though? 

And whether it is or not, how does Poole feel about it? He is saying all the right things, but only he knows how it feels.

One thing for certain ahead of Golden State’s season opener against the Lakers on Tuesday, is that they are dealing with issues they don’t need to be. There is also going to be unrest in the camp, it’s impossible for there to not be. 

But is it enough to derail them? We will only find out on Tuesday, when the season gets underway. 

Golden State and Clippers the top two in Pacific Division Betting

Elsewhere, and in the betting to win the Pacific Division, the Warriors are still the favorites. But it’s tight at the top, and the sportsbooks are expecting a three way battle.

They are +200 with BetOnline, the same odds as the LA Clippers (+200), and just ahead of the Phoenix Suns (+215). There’s a big gap between the three sides and the LA Lakers (+750), and the Sacramento Kings (+15000).

If we look at the betting to win the Conference, it’s slightly more in favor of the State Warriors. They are +325 to top the Western Conference, with the LA Clippers at +375, and the Phoenix Suns at +550.

Golden State WarriorsTo win 2023 Western Conference
Bet Now

The first few weeks could be key here. If the Warriors start strongly with no sign of any issues, their odds may shorten again. Should they start poorly, expect an immediate drift. That could prove beneficial for backing them though. Because if there are lingering issues, I believe Steve Kerr will deal with them one way or another, and that could get Golden State back on track, after we’ve backed them at better odds. 

In their opening match against the Lakers, the Warriors are giving away a six points start on the handicap line. BetOnline makes the Warriors (-6) -115, with the Lakers (+6) at -105

The total points spread is set at 227.5. Over 227.5 is -105, under that amount is -115.

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