Golden State Warriors Have Chance to Win Another NBA Finals in 2023

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dan Favale
Can Golden State Warriors win another title in 2023?
The Golden State Warriors open up as 2023 NBA title favorites.

The Golden State Warriors were only just 2022 NBA champions, but the best betting sites for the NBA have already released odds on the 2023 Finals. And who are we to pass up an opportunity to invest in them?

Before we get to our best early-bird bets to win the 2023 NBA Finals, here are the latest odds, courtesy of the fine folks over at BetOnline:

NBA Title PickBetOnline
Golden State Warriors+460
Boston Celtics+650
Brooklyn Nets+700
Milwaukee Bucks+750
L.A. Clippers+850
Phoenix Suns+950
Miami Heat+1500
Philadelphia 76ers+1600
Denver Nuggets+1700
Dallas Mavericks+1900
Memphis Grizzlies+2600
Los Angeles Lakers+4500
New Orleans Pelicans+4800
Utah Jazz+6000
Toronto Raptors+6500
Minnesota Timberwolves+8500
Chicago Bulls+12000
Atlanta Hawks+12000
Charlotte Hornets+13000
Cleveland Cavaliers+14000
Portland Trail Blazers+21000
New York Knicks+24000
San Antonio Spurs+40000
Washington Wizards+40000
Indiana Pacers+40000
Sacramento Kings+40000
Orlando Magic+50000
Oklahoma City Thunder+50000
Houston Rockets+50000
Detroit Pistons+50000

These odds on the 2023 NBA Finals are accurate as of Friday, June 17, 2022. That means there’s almost an entire year before another champion is crowned. And that, in turn, ensures these NBA betting odds will shift drastically in the months to come. They should even move a bunch in the next few weeks as teams go through the 2022 NBA draft and 2022 NBA free agency, not to mention complete the usual amount of offseason trades.

This is all to say: Make sure you’re refreshing these 2023 NBA Finals betting odds prior to settling on any picks. But don’t be afraid to place your wager early. That’s when the NBA betting odds are the most lucrative. If it turns out you’re way off, you have nearly a year to adjust the course.

In the event you’re in the market to find a home for all of your 2023 NBA betting, we’ve got you covered—and then some. Whether you need reviews of the top online betting sites for the USA or an overview of the mobile betting sites with the best sportsbook apps, we’re here to help.

Now, on to our best 2023 NBA Finals bets!

Should Golden State Warriors Be 2023 NBA Finals Favorites?

You won’t find us pushing back against the Golden State Warriors (+460) as 2023 NBA Finals favorites.

Sure, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson will all be a year older. There’s also no guarantee the Warriors keep soon-to-be free agents like Gary Payton II, Kevon Looney, and Otto Porter Jr. Complicated still, Golden State doesn’t have the cap flexibility to replace them if they do leave.

But we can’t imagine the Warriors will just fall off a cliff. They have been quietly straddling two lines: rebuilding and contending. Their best players may be aging, but they have high-end prospects like James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, and Moses Moody to test out on the court or use as high-end trade bait.

Golden State WarriorsTo Win 2023 NBA Finals
Bet Now

Are the Boston Celtics the Biggest Threat to a Golden State Warriors NBA Finals Repeat?

The Boston Celtics (+650) put up a valiant effort against the Golden State Warriors in the 2022 NBA Finals, but by the end of their Game 6 loss, it was clear they were far and away outmatched on offense. That’s something they’ll have to address over the offseason.

Ideally, the Celtics would acquire another ball-handler who can run the offense in crunch time without committing a ton of turnovers. Finding that player, however, will be tough. The Celtics aren’t flush with spending power in free agency, and they can’t really pull off a trade without including one of their top-six or -seven players due to salary-matching rules.

This isn’t meant as a doom-and-gloom obituary. Boston’s two best players, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are still in the front end of their primes. The Celtics don’t have to worry about an aging core as much as the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat, for instance—a boon to their 2023 NBA Finals odds in itself.

Boston CelticsTo Win the 2023 NBA Finals
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Better 2023 NBA Finals Bet: Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns or Milwaukee Bucks?

At one point or another, this season, the Miami Heat (+1500), Milwaukee Bucks (+750), and Phoenix Suns (+950) all felt like title favorites. And then none of them made the NBA Finals.

The Suns’ long-term concerns us the most. Chris Paul will be another year older, and all signs point to them parting ways with Deandre Ayton in restricted free agency. Without the cap flexibility to replace Ayton, we see the Suns prepping for a major step back unless they swing a major trade.

Like Phoenix, Miami seems to need a trade to juice up their championship stock. Duncan Robinson regressed this past year, Bam Adebayo still isn’t aggressive enough on offense, and Kyle Lowry looked old by the end of the playoffs. Fortunately for the Heat, while they don’t have cap space, they have a star prospect in Tyler Herro to dangle in trade talks.

Dollar-for-dollar, though, we like the Bucks more than Phoenix or Miami. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best player in the NBA, and there’s a good chance we’d have seen a Celtics-Warriors NBA Finals this year if Khris Middleton didn’t get injured earlier in the postseason.

Milwaukee BucksTo Win 2023 NBA Finals
Bet Now

2023 NBA Finals Prediction: The Golden State Warriors Are the Best Early Bet

We present this prediction with the caveat it stands to change depending on the offseason unfolds. But right now, if you’re surfing early-bird odds, the Golden State Warriors are the way to go.

Stephen Curry may be entering his age-35 season, but his game has aged gracefully thus far. It’s also a safe bet that one of Jonathan Kuminga or James Wiseman will pop next season. Better still, Klay Thompson won’t be returning from two injuries in the middle of the season.

Make no mistake, next year’s championship race will be a bloodbath especially if the L.A. Clippers (+850) and Denver Nuggets (+1700) stay healthy. But seldom do you get the chance to invest in a legitimate NBA title favorite at nearly 5-to-1 odds. The Warriors are offering that opportunity right now.

SBS 2023 NBA Finals Prediction: Golden State Warriors (+460)

Golden State WarriorsTo Win the 2023 NBA Finals
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