Gambling’s Bright Future in the DC Metro Area

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline

The DC metro area is a huge concentration of population that spans several jurisdictions. DC itself is not a state and has limited autonomy. Its suburbs span southern Maryland and Northern Virginia. 

Together, this complex is moving forward with legalizing and regulating gambling. But the details will change across state lines as they do everywhere in the US. Let’s take a closer look at the makeup of the DC metropolitan area and your options for gambling if you live or are visiting there.

Why this area?

The DC metropolitan area is home to a whopping 6.3 million people. That makes it one the sixth largest in the United States. And also, one of the most diverse.

People from all over the world come to DC to work with the government, or in embassies. If they do not live and work there, they come for work or to visit some of the best museums in the world. Residents and visitors alike are looking for entertainment.

Gambling’s Bright Future in the DC Metro Area
A NASA T-38 training jet is seen as it flies over Washington, DC, Thursday, April 5, 2012. Photo Credit: (NASA/Robert Markowitz)

And this geographic diversity makes for great sports betting. While betting among like-minded fans can be exhilarating, betting among rivals offers a whole new attraction. DC has its own major sports teams, but few places will have so many sports fans from around the country.

This makes betting in DC a unique experience. One that many bettors and politicians are eager to enjoy. 

Alternatives to Casinos

Sometimes waiting for all these bills to go through legislation can feel like an eternity. But you do not have to wait for these bills to make it through, if they even do. 

You can go right to our list of websites for Virginia or Maryland, depending on which part of the DC metro area you live in or are visiting. 

That’s right! You do not have to wait for in-person gambling to be legalized. That is because as long as the sports betting site is located in a legal area, where the bettor lives is not regulated by the same laws. 

In other words, online sports betting is legal in the DC metropolitan area. Just use one of the sites we have checked for legality, reliability, bonuses, and more. 

Plus, even when, and if, it is finally legal in your area, online betting sites are much more convenient. Plus, you can shop around to find the best odds, and the best bonuses. You will save on transportation, refreshments, and by being a smarter bettor. 

What’s happening and when? 

Many states around the country have moved to legalize different types of gambling. Ever since the Supreme Court broke up Nevada’s monopoly on gambling, states such as New Jersey have been opening up the gates. 

Maryland was not far behind. In 2008 they legalized casinos, and in 2012, they legalized table games. Voters approved both of these measures through referendum. 

This makes the vote on Question 2 this November seem like a sure thing. People are focusing more on the presidential election, but the few polls that we have seen show a 55-60% approval rating. 

This means that Maryland will likely legalize in-person sports betting in 2020. Both the Republican governor and Democrat lawmakers have endorsed the measure.

The main question is where these sportsbooks will be. The six casinos currently in Maryland will all have the ability to include sportsbooks. The real doubt is if there will be more? 

Another question is how the race tracks will fit in. You can bet on horses in Maryland on or offtrack at the moment. Will lawmakers limit sportsbooks to these areas?

Many argue that such limitations are an unnecessary burden. And that if we lower these burdens, it will be easier for common people to open them up and benefit from these new opportunities. 

However, if they are exclusive to casinos, only the wealthiest will be able to profit. Plus it will limit access for bettors. 

With Virginia having recently, in April, legalized sports betting, the DC metro area is set for a total betting overhaul.

Whatever happens, you can count on any of the sportsbooks that we recommend here at Sports Betting Sites. 

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