Formula One Futures: Lewis and Verstappen Lead Way

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Chris Wassel
Formula One Futures: Lewis and Verstappen Lead Way

As August turns into September, the Formula One Battle heats up. After a four-week hiatus, the drivers get back to it with three races in September, four in October, and two each in November and December. Will the Abu Dhabi race on December 12th be the ultimate decider of events?

The top five drivers are listed below in our Formula One Futures for the Fall part of the season.

Formula 1 Futures -- The ChampionshipBovadaGTBetsBetUSMyBookie
Lewis Hamilton-150-150-150-150
Max Verstappen+100+100+100+100
Valtteri Bottas+20000+20000+20000+20000
Sergio Perez+20000+20000+20000+20000
Lando Norris+60000+60000+60000+60000

Has Any Odds Shift Changed Our Formula One Picks?

This has been an unusual season among the drivers to say the least. A snapshot of Formula One futures for the women’s draw between mid-July and the end of August has seen another shift between the top two drivers. Now, it is a two-driver race pretty much for the rest of the campaign.

There is the old veteran in Lewis Hamilton. Think of all the World Championship he has won (seven in all). Out of those seven championships, Hamilton has turned a mid-season deficit into a positive cruising on to top the standings. Could he do it again?

Usually, one main protagonist or antagonist (depending on one’s philosophy) emerges. This season it has been Max Verstappen, who at one point, looked to be the dominant driver with five straight wins at one point. This left Hamilton and his team struggling for answers.

A win and a near-win in the last two races have changed things again as Hamilton ranges from a -130 to -175 favorite on most sites — centering around a -150 on sites like Bovada. All it takes with Hamilton and Verstappen is another accident or two and the numbers start to wobble a little.

There is a bit of concern with Formula One Futures because of this. The reason is that odds again seem to be focused less on the tracks ahead and more on who can stay on the track. Yes, the holeshot for Turn 1 in these events has become the most competitive seconds in sports.

There is this to consider.

Sometimes a flashback is needed to look into the future. People and experts alike forget how much more intense the racing was even in the late 1990s.

This is where the debate for Formula One Picks begins. Fans love chaos and bettors do too. However, both have seen that lacking because of the lack of other candidates. It has been a two-man race almost predestined from the season start.

Into the Formula One Futures: Okay Max Verstappen…

It is easy to see why Hamilton is again the favorite. No driver has dominated the sport as the British driver has since Michael Schumacher. However, it is abundantly clear that Max Verstappen is the “barbarian at the gates” or the young gun. After all, Hamilton was that once himself.

Back then, the British driver was winning some races and even was close to winning a championship. Nothing came this fast and this young like it has for Verstappen. Consider that the Red Bull Racing driver turns 24 at the end of September. He is already this fast and this good. If anything, he suffers from bouts of youthful exuberance that sometimes costs him.

Again, there has been one turning point people should note. Why is Max Verstappen still around even in the Futures? There is this. Part of it is because of that very youth. He drives the Red Bull with such ferocity and a bit more discipline than the average young driver. He and Lewis Hamilton have been back and forth this season with the points lead and no one would be surprised to see another couple of shifts between now and December.

As much as one would like to lean towards Verstappen, it may not be time yet. But, it’s close!

Hence, our Formula One Pick below is while one can get it.

Lewis HamiltonTo win the 2021 Formula One Championship
Bet Now

Remember that Max Verstappen Exuberance?

Ahead of the race at Spa at the end of August, Verstappen narrowly gained the top position in practice. A simple pole then win might turn some heads. This would add a further kick into the Formula One Futures.

According to Reuters, Verstappen spun out and a likely engine penalty should result because it ended practice early. There have been a few spins including a tire blowout this season. Honestly, both Verstappen and Hamilton have had their share of unforced errors this year. It is odd that the media seems to focus more on the Belgian-Dutch driver but that is how it is.

The older, cagey veteran in Formula One often gets more of a pass. That is the truth.

Will the Formula One Futures actually shift again? The belief is that it likely will. It is just as likely that it will shift back too. The belief is that Hamilton has more of an advantage on the Fall courses. Time will tell.

Does Anyone Else Have Value?

The odds not shifting make it a struggle to find value based on form. At this point, it may be better to look at individual races and maybe even the Constructor’s Championship. The two top drivers have separated themselves by too many points to expect a major drop.

Part of our rationale there is the idea that a good hedge bet may be to take Red Bull over McLaren with the current odds at even. After that, it is a case of picking spots at venues. Again, for the Futures…

Our Bet for Formula One Futures…

Take Lewis Hamilton to narrowly edge out Max Verstappen at the season’s end for his eighth title.

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