Formula One Futures: Hamilton and Mercedes Uphill Battle?

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Chris Wassel
Formula One Constructors Futures
Formula One Futures race could be a tough battle for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

As a bye week hits the circuit, the Formula One Battle rages but in the Constructor’s Championship as well. The drivers have one more race in September, four in October, and two each in November and December. Will the Abu Dhabi race on December 12th be the ultimate decider of events or will this all be clinched sooner?

The top four constructors are listed below in our Formula One Futures for the Fall part of the season.

F1 Odds -- The Constructors ChampionshipBovadaGTBetsBetOnlineBetUS
Red Bull+140+130+120+130

Formula 1 Futures: The Constructor’s Championship

This has been one unusual and crazy season, to say the least. A look at the Formula One futures for the constructor’s championship has seen another shift between the top two manufacturers. Now, it is a two-driver and manufacturer race for the rest of the season.

Here is what the standings look like before the Russian Grand Prix which takes place on September 26th:

There is the old veteran in Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. The World Champion is just five points off the driver’s lead behind Max Verstappen. Overall though. Mercedes holds an 18-point edge going into this Fall swing. With how every race has been so contentious, the battle favors both Hamilton and Mercedes strangely enough.

Max Verstappen has been a bit of an antagonist all season against Mercedes. Last week, Verstappen and Hamilton collided yet again which had to frustrate Lewis Hamilton to no end. Mercedes maintained its constructor’s lead.

As another race ticked off the schedule, the good news for Verstappen is he is that close to his first World Championship. He thinks that anyway. It does seem the final races favor Lewis Hamilton as track setup and package install him as a slight early favorite at around -130 to -140 or so.

There is a bit of concern and flux with Formula One Futures because of this. The reason is that these two drivers seem more content to knock each other off the track than actually race. It’s a novel concept. Verstappen was given a grid penalty for this latest collision.

There is this to consider. Further discipline is a possibility but this seems to be what will happen going forward. Some think this will make the Russian Grand Prix a cakewalk for Hamilton. It could do that or there may be more chaos.

This is where the debate for Formula One Futures begins. Fans crave the drama and bettors do too. It has been a two-man race almost predestined from the season start.

Formula One Futures: Oh Max Verstappen Not Again

It is easy to see why Verstappen could be the favorite. No driver has turned his youthful exuberance combined with a fast car since the days of Michael Schumacher. There have been four and five-race stretches, especially in the summer, where Verstappen has looked like the runaway winner of this 2021 season when it comes to the drivers.

It is hard to believe that the Red Bull Racing driver turns only 24 at the end of September. He is already this fast and this good. If anything, he has become too eager as this race for the title has gone on.

Again, with nine races to go, early projections suggest Hamilton be favored in approximately five of them, with three to Verstappen, and one undecided. There is numerous debate that this could be closer to a 4-4-1 split which would favor Verstappen and even Red Bull in their race for the constructor’s championship.

As much as one would like to lean towards Verstappen and Red Bull, it may be a case of wait for the double until next year.

Hence, with Formula One Futures changing so much, here is a pick below while one can get it.

MercedesTo win the 2021 Formula One Constructors Series Championship
Bet Now

Is There A Max Verstappen Pattern?

Even though Max Verstappen still holds a five-point lead in the driver’s championship (226.5 to Hamilton’s 221.5), there may be a nagging pattern establishing itself. This would add another wrinkle into the Formula One Futures.

According to our rough math, Verstappen has had at least five or six “unforced incidents” this season whether they be in training, practice, or a race. A few have undeniably been his fault as the Red Bull driver almost has gotten a sense of “happy driver’s foot” when it comes to Hamilton being near him.

Hamilton gets more of a pass. That is the truth.

Will the Formula One Futures actually shift in the driver’s and constructor’s races? The belief is that the driver’s could. It is just as likely that it will shift back too. The belief is that Hamilton has more of an advantage on the Fall courses. Time will tell.

Does Anyone Else Have Value for the Constructor’s Title?

The odds not shifting make it a struggle to find value based on form. At this point, it may be better to look at individual race as opposed to the Constructor’s Championship. The two top manufacturers have separated themselves by so much that Ferrari and McLaren have whopping 50000 to 1 odds.

Part of our rationale there is the idea that a good hedge bet may be to take the risk and try a Hamilton and Mercedes parlay of sorts. At press time. the British driver comes in at virtually even (+110) to win an eighth driver’s championship.

Our Bets for Formula One Futures…

Take Lewis Hamilton to narrowly edge out Max Verstappen at the season’s end for his eighth title and Mercedes for the Constructor’s Championship.

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