UEFA Euro Cup Picks – Belgium to Win it All

Updated February 9, 2023
Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline
Euro cup belgium to win

The UEFA European Football Championship, also known informally as the Euros, is heating up! As one of the biggest soccer competitions, people from well outside of Europe tune in to watch and to place their best Euro Cup bets. We are here with the latest odds and our free picks for who will win the Euros.

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Odds to Win the 2021 Euros

The odds to win the Euros have been out for a long time at the top soccer betting sites. This is great for those of us who have been following the line movement for some time now. This allows us to know when to place a bet, by being on the lookout for great values.

Here are the latest odds to win the Euros 2021:

Euros 2024 OddsBovadaBetUSBetOnline

How to Read These Odds

In the American format, the team with the lowest odds is the likeliest to win, at least according to the betting markets.  In this case, the favorite is therefore England. So why not simply bet on the favorite every time? That would seem like the best soccer bet in every case. 

However, the more likely the bet is to win, the less money you will receive as a payout for a winning bet slip. This means that if your margins are always small, a few slip ups will be able to wipe out your bankroll. Remember, favorites are the most likely to win, but no guarantee either! 

If the odds value is positive, that is exactly how much money you will receive for risking $100 and winning, of course. As you can see, the higher the value, the more money you would receive, and the less likely the bet is to win. 

Toto. 😍 #DEVILTIME #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/ebTuIrIFkh

— Belgian Red Devils (@BelRedDevils) June 4, 2021

Why We Choose Belgium 

Belgium has matured as a team since their bronze finished in the 2018 World Cup. They have changed coaches and have employed a new formation that is shoring up their weaker spots.

For a long time, their defense was their soft spot. Now with their new 3-4-3 formation, they have a solid strategy that lets in very few goals. Under Martines, they have taken an excellent team, and made it even better.

A bet with Bovada on Belgium to win the Euros 2021 comes with a great payout. If you risk $100 and come out on top, you will end up with $600 in profit. That is a great return on investment for a quick pick. We will know who comes out on top on July 11! 

BelgiumEuro Cup 2021 Winner
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Choosing your Soccer Betting Site

When signing up with our recommended online sports gambling sites, it is important to only use trusted sites. This is the best way to make sure you are depositing your money in a safe place, where you can get great bonuses, and where the odds will be fair. 

Also, we always recommend signing up with at least two online sports betting sites. This way, you can be sure to be grabbing the best odds no matter what.

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