Delaware sportsbooks cash in on success of NFL

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Delaware Park

There may be no plans for online sports betting in Delaware, but it didn’t stop the state’s physical sportsbooks from raking it in when the NFL season started earlier this year.  

The Delaware Lottery reported that the state’s sports betting handles in September saw an increase of over 161% on August’s figures, and this was put down to the start of the NFL season. 

The figure for August’s handle was $5,233 million. In September, it rocketed to $13,703 million.

This has also seen a huge rise in profits. In August, the revenues were less than half a million ($0.454), while in September they were over £3 million ($3.203).

These figures are without online sports betting as well. So you can see why the topic of online sports betting is such a battleground in other states.

If this much money can be generated from three walk-up sportsbooks, how much could be generated from online operations?

Well, bizarrely, there seems to be reluctance from Delaware governors who deem it too expensive to set up.  

So let’s take a look at the Delaware sports betting rules in more detail.

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Who Regulates Betting In Delaware?

The state’s betting is regulated by the Delaware Lottery.

They oversee all things betting in Delaware. This includes the issuing of licenses, overseeing any rule changes, and making sure the state’s licensed sportsbooks are all playing by the rules.

The lottery keeps betting in the state on a tight reign. 

They have signed an exclusive agreement with one of the best betting sites in the UK, William Hill. The sportsbook provides the state’s licensed premises with betting services.

The agreement virtually gives the Delaware Lottery complete control over the state’s gambling regulations.  

Where Can I gamble in Delaware?

As you have already discovered, the Delaware Lottery has tight control over gambling in the state. And this extends to where and how you can gamble.

At the moment, there are three locations. They are:-

Delaware Park is a racecourse by trade, but it also has a small casino. 

The park’s sportsbook facility is next to the casino, where punters can even watch the races.  

The sportsbook at Harrington is in a large bar and eatery. 

Located next to the casino, you can also watch one of the numerous big screens and place your bets in comfort.

More of a casino complex, the Dover Downs places a strong emphasis on comforts and boasts luxurious facilities for its guests.

There is also a racetrack on the site, which offers its own Harness Racing program from November to March every year.

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These locations are all racetracks or casinos. Locally they are known as Racinos.

All three locations have betting facilities provided by William Hill

And to bet at any of these locations, you have to be there in person.

Can I Gamble Online In Delaware?

The answer to this question is yes, it is legal to gamble online and use betting apps in Delaware.

At the moment there are no online betting sites that come under the jurisdiction of the Delaware Lottery. All the betting sites accessed from within the state are from outside the state.

There are currently no plans to create an online licensed state sportsbook, and the three locations where gambling is permitted are also not allowed to offer online services. 

What all this means, in a nutshell, is that online betting is legal in Delaware, but there is no state-licensed sportsbook available to use!

If you wish to find an online sportsbook, then please check out our guide to finding the best sportsbook online for more information.

As stated above, the Delaware Lottery has a firm grip on state betting!

Yes, it is possible to play Daily Fantasy Sites in Delaware.

As far back as 2017 a Bill was passed and signed allowing players to actively take part in DFS competitions.

Although not officially gambling, Daily Fantasy Sites are almost the next best thing.

You compete against fellow players and win prizes, which can include money! 

Daily Fantasy Sites are incredibly popular. They are popping up everywhere now. And in a country where the gambling laws are fairly strict, they are a great alternative.  

The San Antonio Spurs and bet365 partnered to create their very own DFS earlier this year.

Is the Delaware Betting Model the way Forward?

For all of the states still seemingly continually arguing over whether to legalize gambling or not, they could do a lot worse than looking at Delaware.

The state has clear and liberal laws on betting, and in the Delaware Lottery, they have complete control over how they run their affairs in-house.

Yes, William Hill has landed on its feet by securing the agreement to exclusively provide the state with betting services. 

But someone had to do it.

There will always be dissenting voices, and no one can claim to have a betting system that pleases everyone.

But it has to be said that Delaware seems to be one of the better and fairer models. 

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