Boston Celtics the new 2023 NBA Championship Favorites after Kevin Durant Rumors

Updated August 12, 2022
Updated August 12, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Boston Celtics The New 2023 Nba Championship Favorites

The Boston Celtics may have fallen short in the 2022 NBA Finals, but they are now out in front in the betting to win the NBA Championship title in 2023

The early frontrunners to winning the title in 2023 were the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors went into the offseason at +460 to win the NBA Championship again next year, with Boston second in the betting at +650. The Nets were next at +700.

In the last eight years, the Warriors have been the outstanding NBA team. And in that time they have six NBA titles to prove that. And with a playing roster that includes talent like Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, it’s no wonder. 

Indeed, for six times winning coach Steve Kerr, keeping them fit and fresh was his main concern. If they made it out onto the court in good shape, Kerr could consider his job done, as the talent then took care of matters.

Talent like this is why the Golden State Warriors were originally installed as the betting favorites to win the 2023 title. Another reason that saw them ahead of Boston in the betting was because of the way they eased through the gears in the final two matches of the series and were clearly the better team in the end.  

Latest 2023 NBA Championship Winner Betting

2023 NBA Championship Winner BettingBetUSBetOnline
Boston Celtics+375+400
Milwaukee Bucks+700+550
Golden State Warriors+600+700
LA Clippers+800+750
Phoenix Suns+1200+1000
Brooklyn Nets+1200+1400
LA Lakers+1200+1400
Miami Heat+1600+1600
Philadelphia 76ers+1500+1600
Denver Nuggets+1800+2000
Dallas Mavericks+1600+2500
Memphis Grizzlies+2500+2500
New Orleans Pelicans+3300+4000
Toronto Raptors+3300+4000
Minnesota Timberwolves+3500+2800

Fast forward a few weeks, and with the news that Kevin Durant is likely to be leaving Brooklyn and possibly heading for Massachusetts, the odds have completely flip-flopped. 

Durant is one of the best Basketball players in the world, and guys like that clearly make a difference. He is seen as the missing ingredient in the Boston side, and he could be the signing that makes the difference and leads them to their first championship win since 2008. 

Boston CelticsTo Win 2023 NBA Championship
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In the latest betting to win the title, the top US online betting sites have the Celtics at +400 to win the 2023 NBA final. The Warriors are down at +700. BetOnline puts the Milwaukee Bucks second in the betting at +550, and the LA Clippers at +750. For the record, the Brooklyn Nets are at +1200, having been +700 just a few short weeks ago. 

The Celtics weren’t exactly in a bad position before the news of Durant emerged. Yes, they were well beaten in the end by the Warriors, but they would have known where they came up short and had the offseason to address that. 

Kevin Durant Next Club Betting

BetUS has an NBA Specials market available on which franchise Kevin Durant will be at next season; the Boston Celtics are their -175 favorites. The Celtics are the favorites after news emerged that they are supposed to be Durant’s favored destination.

After Boston, the best NBA betting sites are quoting Phoenix Suns at +350, and Golden State at +450. The Toronto Raptors are next at +550, now that would be some story. 

The Raptors are a new and emerging squad. And although they have the finances, do they want to risk upsetting the balance and harmony that bringing in such a big name on big wages might have on other squad members?

Boston CelticsNext Kevin Durant Team Betting
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In all honesty, that’s a problem any NBA team signing Durant may have. But in some cases, it’s a risk-to-reward scenario, and the rewards will far outweigh the risks for the majority. Although, maybe not the Raptors at this stage. 

Is Signing Durant a Done Deal?

With a lot of Boston’s salary taken up by their main players, the likely scenario was that they were going to have to trade to strengthen in the areas they fell short in against the Warriors in June. 

But if they sign Durant, the chances are it will cost them the services of not just Jaylen Brown, but probably Marcus Smart as well. So would Boston be prepared to do such a deal?  They may have penciled in letting some of their lesser stars leave in a trade, but possibly not their biggest names. 

The Celtics may also look at the form of Durant last season and wonder what it’s all about. Yes, he will be a Hall of Famer one day, no doubt. But why did he underperform for the Nets last season? 

We’re led to believe he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with head coach Steve Nash and/or general manager Sean Marks. So was he sulking last season? If yes, does that not make a move for the undoubted talent a touch riskier? What if he does the same at his new franchise?

Golden State Warriors Shouldn’t Be Written Off

Whether or not the Celtics sign Kevin Durant, there is still a huge elephant standing in the room when it comes to them winning the NBA Championship. The Warriors’ star players might be a year older, but a lot of the squad are also a year wiser. 

The team isn’t going to fall apart overnight, so the Warriors are still going to pose a threat next season. Six titles in the last eight years are proof of that. Writing the Warriors off is without doubt a risky strategy!

Golden State WarriorsTo Win 2023 NBA Championship
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