How and Where to Bet During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Updated February 9, 2023By Chris Boline

The COVID-19 coronavirus is showing no signs of slowing down and the spreading infection is claiming sporting events around the world. Dont worry if you love betting because weve found some solutions for you. All you need to do is read this article and create a free Bovada account. Lets get going!

Which Sports Have Fallen Victim to Coronavirus?

The entire world is in disarray at the moment as every country struggles to contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Most professional sports leagues have been postponed, including the NBA and NFL.

Officials from those leagues are monitoring the situation and there are no concrete dates for when they resume or even if they start at all, in the case of the NFL.

Many of you love betting on the Premier League soccer but that is currently on hold too. Noise from Premier League officials is the season will resume, but the longer it stays paused, the less likely theyll complete it.

Horse racing is another victim, as a is the majority of live poker tournaments around the world. Sadly, the sporting world is in a bit of a mess and wed avoid betting on these markets until they resume because theres every chance your bets will become nill and void.

Bet On The US Presidential Race

One of the most popular betting markets on Bovada right now is the race for the 2020 Presidential election. This is still scheduled for November 3rd, but candidates have already started their election campaigns.

The market is currently neck-and-neck with the Democratic Party (-120) a narrow favorite over the Republican Party (-110). This suggests you could toss a coin to decided if President Trump will get another term in office.

Those odds could swing in favor of the Democrats depending on how the coronavirus saga is handled. Definitely keep an eye on the latest odds.

Theres little value in betting on the candidate for each party because theyre a foregone conclusion. Donald Trump is -2000 to be the Republican candidate with Mike Pence being the next closest at +1500.

Its a similar story when it comes to the Democratic candidate. Joe Biden is currently -2000 with Bernie Sanders next in line at +1500.

The overall odds to win are slightly in Trumps favor at -105 with Joe Biden coming in at evens. Wed side with Trump here because people want consistency in times of crisis and were definitely in a crisis.

US presidential election 2020

Virtual Sports and Live Dealer Casinos Are Great Fun

Bovada, where you can grab a $250 welcome bonus, offers to bet on virtual sports and these are great fun. You can find basketball, soccer, motor racing and more to bet on.

As the name suggests, these virtual sports are computer simulations of sporting events. You place your bets on the various outcomes before watching the games unfold before your eyes. The graphics are superb and you could be mistaken for watching an actual sporting event.

All sorts of bets are available, from the standard win, lose and draw moneylines and even parlays. Bet on virtual sports today if youre missing gambling on the NBA especially.

Online casinos are fighting for your business right now with several states starting to implement quarantine measures, forcing residents to stay at home. Bovada offers every new customer a casino bonus worth up to a cool $3,000.

camel race at bovada

The Bovada Casino is excellent and on that has withstood the test of time. Bovada has operated for more than two decades so its fair to say they know what they are doing.

Its casino has a massive library of slots and progressive jackpot slots, plus a plethora of table games including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, keno and much more. Whatever your favorite form of casino gambling is, you can bet your bottom dollar that Bovada provides it.

Best of all, these games can run on your favorite mobile device, meaning you can gambling on your cell phone.

bovada jackpot

An amazing feature of the Bovada casino is the Live Dealer section. These games are played online like the traditional casino, but they are dealt with by an actual real-life dealer via a video stream. You can interact with the dealer and your fellow players, just like you would if you were playing in a brick and mortar venue, except you have zero risks of catching this dreaded coronavirus.

Bet on eSports With Bovada

eSports is a massive business, one that is worth more than the global music and movie industries combined.

Elite video gamers from around the world regularly compete across a number of video games, including League of Legends, DOTA 2, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Rocket League, FIFA, and Hearthstone.

Some of the biggest and most popular eSports teams include Team Liquid (the number one), OG, Evil Geniuses, and Fnatic.

Theres a Counter-Strike tournament running from March 17 through March 24th, why not dip your toes into that betting market?

Apart from Bovada, see below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you. Dont forget to claim their bonuses. Most of them have e-sports, casino games and virtual sports.

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