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Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Gtbets Promotion

Did you know there is a sportsbook out there that offers you a free 1/2 point on your favorite team in four different sporting events?

Well, there is, and it’s GTBets. You can see even more great deals you can get from this sportsbook in our GTBets Review.

Bonus$ 500

Bonus also available in BTC

Back to the offer now, and the promotion is simply called Favorite Teams, and it basically means you get better odds on your favorite teams with GTBets.

You can select four teams. One from the following:-

For those four teams, you will be given an extra half a point on the handicap spread.

So for example, you select the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as your favorite NFL team. 

When you go to place a wager on them, if they are starting from -3.5 on the handicap, for you, they will be starting from -3 instead! 

Every time the Buccaneers play this season, you will get this offer (if that’s the team you selected, obviously).

To nominate your Favorite Teams, you will need to log in to your account and follow the links to select your favorite teams.

The teams you select are then locked in for the season. And once selected, can’t be changed!

As far as we are aware here at the Best Sports Betting Sites, this is an offer unique to GTBets only.

GTBets Favorite Teams Terms and Conditions

Here are the T+C’s of the offer, taken from GTBets website. 

This really is a great value offer and one I like the look of. And it’s not just a good value offer, it’s also being offered on some of the top betting events.

Getting an extra half a point on the spread in one match a week in the NFL and the NBA gives the punter an excellent advantage.

If you choose the right team, you could be quids in.  

How To Choose Your Favorite Team

But how do you decide which team to follow? Well, you have a couple of options in my view.

If you support a team, you may wish to choose that team to use the offer on. 

As this is a betting site offering betting advice, I wouldn’t necessarily advise going for the team you support. 

Personally, I would look down the list of teams and pick out the ones I feel offer me the best value. I think that makes more sense than picking your favorite team.

We have a page dedicated to the best NFL betting sites. Have a read through it to learn about the handicap spread in more detail, and then look for a team that you think would benefit greatly from the extra 1/2 point on the handicap spread.

Then select that team, rather than the one you support. If you’re lucky, the best value team might be the one you support. In this case, it’s a win, win scenario.

Also, don’t forget this offer applies to the four sports, so you can choose four teams. Do your homework, and make sure you cash in on this offer!

So, what other offers does GTBets have for new and existing customers? Let’s have a look.

Bonus$ 500

Bonus also available in BTC

Horse Rebate from GTBets

Another regular offer available from GTBets is the Horse Rebate promotion.

Not as good as the Favorite Teams promotion – in my view, the Horse Rebate gives you 10% on any net losses on your week’s racing activity.

Although it’s effectively giving you a percentage of your losses back, the reason I’m not so keen is that you have to lose a lot to make it worth your while.

That said, if you like betting on the horses every week for a bit of fun, and are prepared to lose, then this is a good offer, as it gives you something back.

It does offer an incentive to wager with GTBets though. How many of us don’t like 10% off when we go to buy a new pair of sneakers or pants? We all do, don’t we!

Any valid rebates are credited back into your account by 3pm ET every Monday afternoon. 

Casino Rebate from GTBets

Keeping with the theme of 10% off, and the Casino Rebate offer from GTBets also gives you 10% of your weekly casino losses back.

Like with the Horse Rebate, you need to lose to make anything back from this promotion. 

But if you are using the casino every week, it’s always nice to be given some of your losses back if you’ve had a bad week.

Casino refunds are credited to your account every Tuesday by 4pm ET. The rebate also has no rollover attached! 

Bonus$ 500

Bonus also available in BTC

GTBets are one of the few sportsbooks we recommend on this website

They are well respected, trustworthy, and they wouldn’t get our recommendation if they didn’t reach a high standard. 

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