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Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Chris Boline
BetNow January 2022 Updates with SBS

Intro and overview of BetNow

In operation since 2015, BetNow is an international company duly licensed and registered in Curacao and offers sports betting live betting, and casino games. With mentions of their odds on ESPN, Fox Sports, and CBS, BetNow is a betting outlet that is OSGA certified and known around the world. In the past, BetNow was one of the first online betting sites to offer deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency, like bitcoin. The site offers betting lines on every major North American sport as well as international sports like tennis, soccer, golf, and more. 

With all that is going on at BetNow, we break down some of the newest bonuses and competitions on the site and how you can take part in it. 

Current signup bonuses with BetNow

As of January 2022, BetNow currently offers a couple of robust signup bonus programs like their 100% Welcome Bonus program. To claim this 100% bonus, new customers must select BN100 when they process your initial deposit. For this particular program, a $20 minimum deposit is required and the maximum bonus one can receive is $500. For the 100% bonus tier, there is a 15x multiplier rollover on sportsbook, Facebook, and casino games. There are also 50% and 25% bonuses to these tiers and the same deposit rules apply but the rollover bonuses are smaller. 

BetNow also features a cash bonus “Refer a Friend” program for new registrants. For existing consumers, you would need to have your referral simply add your username or email to the registration page to qualify for this promotion. For one to receive this bonus, you must have a balance equal to or greater than the amount of the bonus. The bonus has a 3x rollover if there is activity on the sportsbook and the max cash bonus is $200. 

For more information on current signup bonuses, BetNow offers all that information on the main page of their website where you can navigate directly to the bonuses page to see all the rules and ways to win. 

New BetNow Promotions and Contests

BetNow features a handful of different online sports wagering and betting contests for consumers to sink their teeth into. One of those competitions is the BetNow Weekly NBA Contest. In this case, there will be $10,000 given away each week until the end of the NBA regular season. All BN customers will receive one FREE online entry into this contest and the rules are simple. Customers must select straight-up winners from 14 NBA games with the tiebreaker. For each winning pick, a player will be awarded one point, final results from the competition will be posted by Wednesday every week. 

Similar to the NBA Weekly contest, BetNow also offers a $1,000,000 Bracket Madness competition. With March Madness on the horizon, the website will be offering a FREE bracket entry form for all existing sportsbook players. The $1,000,000 prize pool will be broken up for all winners until 30th which would receive $12,000. The grand prize first winner will take home a whopping $350,000 if they are able to fill out the bracket with the most correct information. There is a one entry per household rule and the winner will be determined by who accurately picks all the winning teams including the tiebreaker. 

BetNow in the News and Other Information

With 2022 rolling along, BetNow has made a consistent effort to be easy-to-use with reliable depositing. Most major credit cards are accepted at BetNow as well.  

Some final thoughts on using BetNow

When you are finally ready to place your bets using BetNow, make sure to also check out our BetNow review here. It is incredibly helpful to have options to make sure all of your betting strategies are aligned correctly.

One thing to make note of when it comes to using any of these platforms is making use of all the bonus resources at your disposal. When you are trying to figure out which options and bonuses might be the best for you, these websites make it easy to understand what the ideal path to wagering looks like for you. Then when you are ready to place your bets, make sure to sign up at multiple sites so you have your pick of the litter when it comes to finding the best options and the highest bang for your buck. Finally, if you are more inclined to utilize higher-end bets, check out our page on VIP betting, which should satiate your gaming appetite. 

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