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Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Nba Sbs

Every week BetNow is giving away $10,000 until the end of the NBA season.

This competition is open to all BetNow customers, and you will be able to enter for free…. always the better way to enter a competition!

Bonus$ 1000

Bonus also available in BTC

BetNow Weekly NBA Contest

 In accordance with BetNow’s terms and conditions – Each week, clients must select the straight up winners from 14 NBA games with the tiebreaker.

For every winning pick, you will be awarded 1 point. BetNow will publish the results by Wednesday every week.

Significant T+C’s

Significant terms and conditions (from BetNow website) are as follows…

With free entry and $10,000 up for grabs every week, entering is a no-brainer! 

The last line in the T+Cs is music to the ears of any sports gambler as well, No Rollover!

With the NBA being so popular, there will be no shortage of players taking part. So you will need to be at your sharpest to have a chance of winning the free loot.

This season’s NBA has already been spectacular. We’ve seen Steph Curry smashing records galore, and a remarkable 18 match winning streak from the Phoenix Suns.

For more details on Basketball betting offers, please visit our NBA Betting Sites page.

Here, you will find even more offers for betting on basketball.

NFL King of the Hill Contest

Also available from BetNow, although with not long left to run, is their NFL King of the Hill Contest.

In King of the Hill, the name of the game is to pick as many handicap winners as possible on the week’s NFL matches.

Don’t worry that you missed the start of the competition, as it’s a weekly event. Meaning you can sign up and start playing now.

Like with the BetNow Weekly NBA Contest, King of Hill also pays its weekly winners $10,000.

And more similarities between the two competitions is they are both free to enter! In order to play though, you do need to place two bets a week on the NFL.

So if you have been doing that all season so far with BetNow, you will still qualify.

You will need to register a nickname in the Contest section of the website. And that will be your known name on the contest leaderboard. 

King of the Hill is a handicap picks competition. So you will need to understand handicap betting if you want to be successful. Handicap betting isn’t difficult, and below we’ve set out an example.

Bonus$ 1000

Bonus also available in BTC

Easy to understand NFL handicap Betting example

If you’re not experienced with handicap betting at BetNow, the handicap spread is the line you see where a team has a plus (+) or a minus (-) in front of a number. 

So for example, you may see Kansas City Chiefs -6.5 v Miami Dolphins +6.5.

The 6.5’s are the handicap spreads. 

In this instance, if you bet on Kansas to win on the handicap, they would need to win by 7 points or more (as they started at -6.5) for you to win.

If you bet on Miami on the handicap, you will win if Miami wins the match, the match is a draw, or Miami loses by an amount less than 7 points (zero to six).

This is because Miami has a +6.5 points start on the handicap. So if the actual match result was Miami 20 Kansas 26, the bet result would be Miami 26.5 Kansas 26.

More NFL betting details and markets can be found on our NFL Betting Sites page, so make sure you take a look if you like betting on American football.  

The page is well worth a read, even if you are not interested in the BetNow competition.

If you are interested in the ten thousand dollars available every week, then hopefully you now know how to bet on the handicap on NFL matches. 

And with ten thousand bucks up for grabs every week with BetNow, NFL handicap betting is well worth learning!

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