Alabama State Lottery: Is it any closer in 2022?

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dean Etheridge
Alabama Senate where State Lottery is debated.

In 2021, Alabama came as close as it has in a long time to getting a state lottery.

Ultimately, the gambling bill failed. And even a late ‘State Lottery only’ proposal fell short, as lawmakers argued that there wasn’t enough time to debate the bill in its entirety at such short notice.

Below we analyze where last year’s bill went wrong, and look at the positives that could come from a state lottery in Alabama.

Does Alabama have a State Lottery in 2022? 

No, Alabama doesn’t have a state lottery.

As things stand at the start of 2022, Alabama is one of just five states in the USA not to have a lottery.

The full list of states is:-

Two of those states, Alaska and Hawaii, have a different way of life from mainstream USA. 

Of the other two states, Nevada and Utah, it’s fair to say Nevada has a different approach to betting (ie Las Vegas). 

And as for Utah, they are (along with Hawaii) arguably the strictest state when it comes to gambling.

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What happened to plans in 2021 for a state lottery in Alabama?

Well, there were attempts to pass a bill in 2021, which ultimately fizzled out.

Back in May, a plan for a state lottery, six casinos, and sports betting stalled in the House of Representatives.

The bill was endorsed by Governor Kay Ivy and was months in the planning. 

Ultimately, the bill never even made it to the floor to be discussed. It simply didn’t get enough votes on either side of the house (three-fifths is required).

In the same sitting last May, and after the original bill had stalled, did come a last-minute proposal from Republican leaders for an Alabama State Lottery.

This lottery bill was quickly withdrawn due to the fact it was submitted that late in the sitting, that no one has sufficient time to assess it, never mind approve it.

The fact that a lottery bill was submitted is a positive move in itself though. 

As we’ve seen in states across the USA, simple gambling bills seem to get hijacked with numerous other amendments bolted on, and as a result, get thrown out. 

This makes passing a lottery bill, well, a bit of a lottery. Apologies there!

If a bill just to pass a state lottery is put forward, it would be given serious consideration. 

If, as expected, casinos, sports betting, etc, get added to the bill, it makes it all the more difficult to achieve.  

How Could A State Lottery Benefit Alabama?

The aforementioned Governor Kay Ivey created a study group on gambling back in February 2020. In a report released by the study group in December 2020, it was claimed that the state could benefit to the tune of around $510 to $710 million if it legalized all forms of gambling. 

It was estimated that the lottery part of that figure would be around $300 million. A significant number.

The report prompted Ivy to support legalizing gambling in the state.

Under the previous proposed bill, the money raised from a lottery and legalized gambling were earmarked to support rural hospitals, mental health, college scholarships, and to improve the implementation of broadband.

The state is in dire need of funds, and this could be seen as a reason to create a lottery. 

But the states’ financial situation also acts as an argument against a lottery. Many argue that the priorities of the federal government should be on fixing the way the state raises and spends money, as opposed to debating lotteries. 

Are Plans in place for a Gambling Bill in 2022?

At the back end of 2021, Senator Greg Albritton said 

“This simply needs to get off our plate, off the table. We need to deal with this and waiting another year is not going to help us. That would just be revenue thrown aside or thrown away.”

The senator said he plans to propose a constitutional amendment that includes:-

Herein lies some of the problems though. Albritton’s plans aren’t clear or precise enough. There is too much ambiguity involved.

And as we’ve seen with the Hard Rock sports betting app in Florida, compacts between states and tribes can prove troublesome. 

Also making any changes to the constitution is unlikely in 2022 as there are primaries in May. This places major time restraints on lawmakers, as confirmed by Steve Clouse, chairman of the House general fund budget committee.

Clouse is quoted as saying, 

“I would be very surprised if it would pass in a regular session in an election year, by the time we get toward the end of March first of April people are going to be antsy to get out of there.”

And as such, suggesting that as things stand the prospects of a state lottery or legalized gambling in Alabama still look a long way off.

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