2022 MLB Futures: Did New York Yankees Already Win AL East Division?

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dan Favale
Will anyone catch the New York Yankees in the AL East?

Baseball futures are a scorching-hot property at the best MLB betting sites for 2022 at the moment, in large part because we’re nearing the halfway point of the season. And now that we have a great feel for what every team looks like this year, it only makes sense to aggressively tackle all of the 2022 MLB futures that we can.

Division-winner betting odds continue to catch our attention, so let’s dive into some of those, shall we? Specifically, we’re transfixed with the New York Yankees and whether they’re running away with the AL East. Can the Toronto Blue Jays catch them? What about the Tampa Bay Rays? And who should we bet on to win the AL Central and AL West divisions?

We’ve brought the answers to all these questions along with us. But first, here’s a look at the latest odds to win the AL East Division in 2022, courtesy of Bovada:

Division WinnerBovada
New York Yankees-460
Toronto Blue Jays+500
Tampa Bay Blue Rays+2000
Boston Red Sox+4000
Baltimore Orioles+25000

Because division-winner bets won’t pay out until the end of the season, make sure you’re double-checking these 2022 MLB betting odds before settling on any of your picks. If you need any help figuring out where to invest in MLB futures, we’ve got you covered with our reviews of the best online betting sites in the USA, as well as a thorough compilation of the best mobile betting sites and sportsbook apps.

The Yankees Already Won the AL East Division

Go ahead and lock in your 2022 MLB futures for the American League East. The New York Yankees have already won it as far as we’re concerned.

Not only have the Blue Jays (+500) and Tampa Bay Rays (+2000) fell into mini ruts recently, but the gap between them and the Yankees currently feels insurmountable. New York leads the second-place Toronto by 10 games. There may be plenty of baseball left to play, but that’s an absolutely massive gap to erase.

The Yankees would need to implode for any other team to have a chance. We don’t see that happening. New York is getting just enough out of their starting pitchers and bullpen, and the offense verges on divine. Only the Atlanta Braves have a higher on-base-plus-slugging percentage, and Aaron Judge is among the heaviest favorites to win MVP.

Invest in the Yankees to take home the AL East title with confidence.

SBS Prediction: New York Yankees (-460)

New York YankeesTo Win the AL East Division
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AL Central Will Come Down to Twins and White Sox

Here are the latest betting odds to win the 2022 AL Central Division:

Division WinnerBovada
Minnesota Twins+105
Chicago White Sox+185
Cleveland Guardians+310
Detroit Tigers+40000
Kansas City Royals+75000

Sorry, Cleveland Guardians (+480). We just don’t think you have enough offensive juice to win this three-team slog.

Truthfully, we’re starting to feel a similar way about the Chicago White Sox (+125) in the 2022 MLB futures department. They began the season as the odds-on favorites to win the AL Central, and they only trail the Minnesota Twins (+120) by three games at this writing, but their pitching rotation has verged on a disaster. Chicago’s arms are 21st in ERA and allowing opponents to hit nearly .250 from behind the plate.

Now feels like a great time to pounce on the Twins while they’re laying better than even money. Though they’ve had some of their own issues on the pitching staff, they’re nowhere near as serious as those plaguing Chicago. We also can’t help but respect their offensive progression.

Only a handful of teams are more well-rounded behind the plate. The Twins are fifth in on-base percentage and place inside the top 10 of both slugging percentage and overall batting average. It won’t be long before they start paying out worse than even money, so don’t delay any investments in them.

SBS Prediction: Minnesota Twins (+120)

Minnesota TwinsTo win the AL Central Division:
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Astros are No Longer Messing Around in the AL West

Here are the latest betting odds to win the 2022 AL West Division:

Division WinnerBetOnline
Houston Astros-2000
Los Angeles Angels+2400
Seattle Mariners+3200
Texas Rangers+7500
Oakland Athletics+250000

Looking at the current standings, it doesn’t feel like there was any ever doubt the Houston Astros (-1100) would run away with their own 2022 MLB futures victory in the AL West. And yet, Houston began the season so slowly and unconvincingly, some wondered whether the door would open for the Los Angeles Angels (+1500) or Seattle Mariners (+2000).

That ship has mostly sailed. Both the Angels and Mariners have come back to solid ground after scintillatingly hot starts, and the Astros are back to their winning ways.

Concerns about Houston’s offense are fair. They remain very reliant on power; they sometimes feel home run-or-bust. But the Astros’ pitching staff has been absolutely elite, posting the league’s third-best ERA and holding opponents to a sub-.220 batting average. To top it all off, their lead over the second-place Texas Rangers (+5000) has now ballooned to a whopping nine games.

SBS Prediction: Houston Astros (-1100)

Houston AstrosTo Win the AL West Division
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