2022 MLB Division Futures: Can San Diego Padres Hold Off L.A. Dodgers in NL West?

Updated June 30, 2022
Updated June 30, 2022By Dan Favale
Padres can fend off Dodgers in NL West.
Will the Padres be able to take down the Dodgers in the NL West?

Fewer than 100 games now remain for every team in Major League Baseball, an unofficial milestone that represents a great time to revisit 2022 MLB division futures.

The National League is, at this moment, home to perhaps the most intriguing division race, inside the NL West, where the San Diego Padres have for now overtaken the heavily favored Los Angeles Dodgers. We figure it’s a great idea to begin there before journeying on to the NL East and NL Central.

To start us off, here are the latest odds to win the NL West. Our baseball betting lines are coming from BetOnline, but you’re free to check out odds at any one of the best 2022 MLB betting sites we’ve reviewed:

Division WinnerBovada
Los Angeles Dodgers-230
San Diego Padres+250
San Francisco Giants+1000
Arizona Diamondbacks+80000
Colorado Rockies+100000

Always ensure you’re double-checking these 2022 MLB futures before settling on any picks. Division winners won’t be crowned until the end of the season, and these odds for MLB are accurate entering Friday, June 17.

With so much baseball left to play, we definitely recommend shopping around prior to selecting a home for your MLB betting. And fortunately, we’ve compiled reviews of the best betting sites available in the United States, as well as a list of sportsbooks with the best mobile betting apps. Depending on where and how you place your wagers, the information we’ve collected can help you find the perfect home for all your 2022 MLB futures betting.

Will the Padres Win the NL West Instead of the Dodgers?

Oddsmakers still don’t appear ready to take the San Diego Padres (+250) all that seriously. They may only have a half-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers (-230), but to have them at a 2.5-to-1 underdog drastically undervalues what they’ve done this season.

While their roster screams “Offensive powerhouse!,” the Padres have actually established a pitching-first identity. San Diego ranks fifth in ERA and only two teams are holding opponents to a lower batting average on the year.

Perhaps oddsmakers are down on them because of the wrist injury superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. just suffered. The Padres have underachieved, for the most part, behind the plate. And if Tatis misses time, they could be in big trouble. It also doesn’t help that for as good as San Diego’s pitching has been, the Dodgers continue to have the best starting rotation in baseball.

Still, Los Angeles has not looked anything like a powerhouse in recent weeks. Their hitting has been more consistent than that of San Diego. And looking up and down the batting order, we believe the Padres have more room for immediate growth. Pair this with the potential payout of an underdog, and we’re smitten with San Diego’s value in the 2022 MLB Division futures department.

SBS Prediction: San Diego Padres (+250)

San Diego PadresTo win the NL West Division
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Can Anyone Catch the Mets in the NL East?

Here’s a look at the latest betting odds to win the 2022 NL East Division:

Division WinnerBovada
New York Mets-175
Atlanta Braves+170
Philadelphia Phillies+1700
Miami Marlins+15000
Washington Nationals+250000

Handicapping the NL East is a lot easier than doing the same for the NL West. The New York Mets (-220) have maintained a stronghold on first place for the entire year, and we simply cannot get over the performance of their bats. No team in Major League Baseball has a higher on-base percentage at this writing.

Of course, this isn’t a no-brainer decision. After struggling to open the year, the reigning World Series champion Atlanta Braves (+240) are back to their old ways. Entering Friday, June 17, the Braves have won 14 straight and now rank first in on-base-plus-slugging-percentage for the year. They deserve to be taken seriously.

Then again, we don’t trust Atlanta’s pitching staff, which has struggled to dispatch batters when they have runners in scoring position. This isn’t to say they’re a terrible bet. If you have the stomach for high-risk investments, go ahead and consider the Braves. But our money is going toward the Mets.

SBS Prediction: New York Mets (-220)

New York MetsTo Win 2022 NL East Division
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Are the Brewers Overvalued to Win NL Central Division?

Here’s a look at the latest betting odds to win the 2022 NL Central Division:

Division WinnerBetOnline
Milwaukee Brewers-165
St. Louis Cardinals+130
Chicago Cubs+25000
Cincinnati Reds+25000
Pittsburgh Pirates+40000

Among all 2022 MLB division futures, the NL Central began the year as one of the league’s biggest mysteries. The Milwaukee Brewers (-145) have since emerged as the odds-on favorite, but we’re not quite sure they deserve to have this much of a lead. Their pitching staff has been fine, at both the starting and bullpen levels. Milwaukee ranks inside the top 10 of the most important pitching metrics.

The other side of the plate is a different story. The Brewers are very boom-or-bust, and they’ve recently showcased the bust element of their makeup. Milwaukee has now slipped all the way to 22nd in on-base percentage, which is the lowest ranking among any of the 12 teams that place first or second across all divisions.

It helps the Brewers that there is only one alternative in the 2022 MLB division futures department: The St. Louis Cardinals (+1100). They have been very hot and cold. Lately, though, they’ve been just hot—to the point that they’ve actually overtaken first place for the time being. Oddsmakers don’t seem to have faith in them. Frankly, we don’t, either. But we have even less faith in the Brewers’ offense.

SBS Prediction: St. Louis Cardinals (+1100)

St. Louis CardinalsTo Win 2022 NL Central Division
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