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TopBet Sportsbook Review

BLACKLISTED – On the surface, TopBet appears to be a solid sportsbook with a diverse array of betting options and bonuses. But not everything is as it seems with TopBet.

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Why is TopBet blacklisted?

We strongly recommend players stay away from TopBet. It has a long — and we mean long — history of mistreating its players. And given how many reputable sportsbooks do exist, why even risk it with TopBet?

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Why is TopBet Blacklisted?

Do a quick Google search of “TopBet scam” and you’ll be met with nearly 700,000 results. Worse, that number seems to grow by the day. Former players have turned out in droves to warn others about their bad experiences whilst gambling on TopBet. 

It’s incredibly easy to go down a Google rabbit hole with all the alleged misdoings of TopBet over the years. We certainly did, and it’s extensive. For your benefit, we rounded up a few problems that seemed to be the most reoccurring with the much-maligned sportsbook.

Stiffing Players On Payouts

Without question, the biggest gripe against TopBet from former players is not being paid out. At all. Many have requested cash outs — hard-earned money they’ve rightfully won — and not received a penny of it back from TopBet. These aren’t small amounts of cash either. We saw complaints near the range of $20,000. 

Honestly, there’s just no excuse for this. Trust is ultimately what leads a player to depositing money into a site in the first place. Not getting it back, plus any extra winnings, is the ultimate trust-breaker and TopBet is believed to be guilty of it. 

Slow Payout Times

This piggybacks off the last complaint against TopBet. Some players have gotten winnings back — just not in a timely manner whatsoever. Payouts that were supposed to take a week became weeks, if not months, is a common sentiment online. 

Look, it’s no secret that bettors aren’t the most patient bunch. Waiting months upon months to pay players back is a sure-fire way to alienate them — and deservingly so. It’s especially infuriating given how quick turnaround times are with many other competitors.  

Retracting On Bonuses

TopBet has also been known to “pull the rug out from under” players when it comes to sign-up or reload bonuses. In other words, they advertise one promo — typically one that’s too good to be true — but then retract it all together or just soften it up. 

If true, that’s a classic con man trick. Lure them in with a sweet deal then fail to deliver on it. Just remember, no matter how much free money is being dangled in front of you, none of it matters if you can’t count on the bookie to pay you back in a timely fashion.  

Shady History Goes Way Back

It would be one thing for the negativity surrounding TopBet to be concentrated on a few short years of its existence. At least then you could blame shady management for the issues. However, that’s not the case here.

TopBet has been a name in the online betting industry since the early 2000s. Since then and up until now, the Internet is dotted with complaints about them. History is history and it’ll be tough for TopBet to ever overcome years worth of alleged wrongdoings.  

Try these brands instead

Best sports betting sites

Instead of pushing your luck with TopBet, why not stick to a sportsbook that’s proven its trustworthiness over the years? We have three prime candidates that fit that bill. 


Bovada’s prices aren’t bad, but they’re not great either. They always seem a few points off from Las Vegas counterparts.


If the sportsbook is your thing, first-time players are eligible for a quick $250 reward upon registering.

Bovada and online sports betting are synonymous with each other in America. It wouldn’t be that way if players didn’t trust the bookie with their hard-earned money.

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The odds at BetOnline are most in-line with the industry — not better nor worse, just average.


There’s a lot to choose from but new players will have their initial deposit matched in free play by 50 percent — up to $1000.

BetOnline definitely caters to the American sports fan with a wagering menu that covers all the top US-based pro and college leagues.

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For some of GTBets most-popular sports (e.g. football and basketball), lines could benefit from being sharper.


There’s a promo for everyone at GTBets whether you’re new, a returnee, or casino-specific player.

The VIP/loyalty program at GTBets is a sweet deal, especially for bettors that play consistently. Over time, the perks of the program really add up.

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You Can Do Better Than TopBet

The only scenario we could ever imagine for why a bettor would want to play at TopBet is if sportsbook options were extremely limited. However, this is online betting we’re talking about and that couldn’t be further from the case.

Play it safe and opt for a reputable sportsbook over TopBet. Until TopBet can prove themselves as trustworthy — even that day ever comes — stay away.

TopBet Sportsbook Review

Avoid this brand at all costs

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