By Mehmet Lisaniler

SBG Global Sportsbook Review

BLACKLISTED – Since its inception in the late ‘90s, SBG has made a name for itself in the online betting industry — but for all the wrong reasons. The betting site has a long-lasting reputation for scamming its players.

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Why is BetUS blacklisted?

If you deposit money into SBG, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye for good. Not necessarily because you’ll lose it while playing, but more because SBG has a long history of mishandling cashouts. 

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Why is TopBet Blacklisted?

Bettors that have been duped by SBG over the years are not hard to find. Not only because the number is high, but because the group hasn’t remained silent about SBG’s misdoings. Social networks and message boards are run amok with deceived players trying to warn others. They’ve mostly succeeded, but in case you need any more evidence, we’ve organized the most-commonly brought up issues that SBG has been associated with.

Hit And Miss With Payouts

The Internet is rife with claims that SBG has either stiffed them completely on a cash out or took their sweet time in completing the transaction. Either way, both are a bettor’s absolute worst nightmare.

This problem seems to come up more often than not with player’s carrying high account balances. Once withdrawals are requested in the four-digit range, SBG payouts become hit or miss. We don’t hear the same with winnings in the hundreds. Regardless, this should be a non-issue no matter the amount requested.

Changing Odds After The Fact

Once you place a bet, the odds are locked at what you set it at — whether it goes up or down. Well, that’s how it should be. However, SBG has been accused of not honoring originally-placed lines. 

No, don’t get your hopes up, either. When SBG pulls this “fast one”, it’s mostly at your disadvantage. For example, say you bet the Dolphins to win the Super Bowl at staggering +1000 odds before the season began. Then, Miami started the year a surprising 6-0. It’s been alleged that SBG would update your bet to say +300. Essentially, they’re covering themselves in the event the bet does indeed hit. That’s shady to say the least. 

More Than One Website To Scam

It’s not uncommon for a parent company to own more than one betting site. Between each platform, the playing experience is virtually identical, even so much as the bonuses available. 

The only real difference from site to site is the “skin” or in other words, the appearance of the sportsbook. As an example, a different logo and/or color shading gives the illusion it’s a different entity to the untrained eye. 

SBG has had sister sites of its own — PlayersTime, BetRoyal, and Big Juicy Odds. Different website names, same ‘ol scamming ways. Each of these sportsbooks have been met with cries about fraudulent behavior from former players. 

So word of advice: if there’s a site that’s too similar as SBG (e.g. same bonuses, mirror-like site interfaces), just avoid them altogether. It’s probably just another SBG portal meant to trick you.  

Try these brands instead

Best sports betting sites

The horror stories with SBG don’t end there. While we could go on and on, we’d like to pivot instead. If not SBG, then who? Is there an online sportsbook that you can trust? Of course. Matter of fact, we have three personal favorites that have proven themselves to be honest and reliable over the years. 


Available lines are competitive with the rest of the industry. Moreover, the markets are diverse enough to satisfy most bettors.


Welcome bonuses are light on Xbet. Both the sportsbook and casino deals max out at $300 in free play. A promo like that is more geared for players that truly want to “test drive” Xbet.

There’s a “new kid in the block” type energy about Xbet. In more ways than one, it tries to differentiate itself from counterparts — and mostly succeeds in doing so.

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For some of GTBets most-popular sports (e.g. football and basketball), lines could benefit from being a tad sharper.


There’s a promo for everyone at GTBets whether you’re new, a returnee, or casino-specific player. That level of variety is really beneficial.

The VIP/loyalty program at GTBets is a sweet deal, especially for bettors that play consistently. Over time, the perks of the program really add up.

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Give SBG A Hard Pass

“Once a scammer, always a scammer” — that mantra fits perfectly with SBG. Its stories of fraud are prevalent during all years of its existence, not just a certain time period. That leads us to believe SBG’s days of deceit are far from over. Do us a solid and avoid SBG at all costs. 

Plus, it’s not like there’s not better options out there on the market. There certainly is and it’s a far lengthier list than the group above. Matter of fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a book worse than SBG . 

SBG Global Sportsbook Review

Avoid this brand at all costs

Editor’s rating

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