Fueled by his passion, he chose to pursue a career in sports journalism, where he covered a diverse range of sporting events, from high school games to professional leagues, over several years. Today, Eric has redirected his love for sports into the world of betting. When not sharing his expertise on betting through this platform, he can be found placing bets at the sportsbook with a drink in hand. Eric's extensive knowledge of sports (especially football and fighting) and years of experience make him a trusted and reliable source for betting tips and advice.


University of Nevada, Reno and University of Central Florida

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Conn Smyth Betting Picks

Bet These Two Players To Win Conn Smythe Award

May 18, 2023Blog

Most bettors have their eyes on the teams left standing in the NHL playoffs — Carolina, Dallas, Fl...

NHL Conference Picks

Make These 3 NHL Game 1 Picks For 2023 Conference Finals

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We’ve scoured through the top betting sites for NHL, specifically at the Game 1 options. After som...

NHL Western Conference Betting Picks

Must-Make Bets For 2023 NHL Western Conference Finals

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Dallas or Vegas — who’s the bet to make in the 2023 NHL Western Conference Finals? The matchup i...

NHL Eastern Conference Finals Bets

Carolina Is Better Bet To Make In 2023 NHL Eastern Conference Finals

May 15, 2023Blog

The Eastern Conference Finals in the NHL pits one team that came out of nowhere (Florida) and anothe...

NHL Betting Picks Game 5

Bet These Three Teams To Win NHL Second-Round Game 5’s

May 11, 2023Blog

We’re inching closer and closer to the Conference Finals. A few teams could officially clinch or c...

NHL Game 4 Betting Picks

Make These Second-Round NHL Playoffs Bets For Game 4

May 9, 2023Blog

No one’s ever said picking NHL playoff games was easy. That’s why you might need a hand for the ...

Nhl Playoff Picks Second Round

Bet These Teams To Win 2023 NHL Playoff Second-Round Series 

May 1, 2023Blog

If you needed any more evidence that the NHL had the wildest postseason of all, you got it in the fi...

Nhl Game 2 Betting Picks

NHL Playoff Game 2 Betting Picks You Need To Make Right Away

April 20, 2023Blog

The Stanley Cup playoffs are off to a roaring start already (upsets galore). Game 2’s of the first...

Nhl Playoff Picks 2023

3 Best Picks For 2023 NHL Playoffs First Round 

April 17, 2023Blog

The Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us with Game 1’s starting on April 17. Don’t put a dollar on t...

Best NHL Bets March 23

Don’t Miss These NHL Betting Picks On March 23

March 23, 2023Blog

Thursday nights are usually packed to the brim with NHL games to bet on, and that’s no different o...

Nhl Betting Picks March 16

3 Free NHL Bets To Make On Thursday, March 16

March 16, 2023Blog

It’s a busy night in the NHL Thursday night. Count them, 11 different games to bet on — each wit...

Nhl Betting Picks March 9

Three Best NHL Bets To Make Thursday, March 9

March 9, 2023Blog

Want to make some extra cash before the weekend? Welp, you have a good opportunity on Thursday’...