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Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Predictions

Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Predictions
One thing is a given in this series — it'll be close either way. That's why we broke down the matchups position-by-position to pick our NBA Finals winner.

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After a year-long wait and a forgettable postseason, we finally get Cleveland-Golden State round three. Both these teams cruised to the NBA Finals, racking up double-digit average win margins and one combined loss through the playoffs. Now, we get perhaps the most star-studded finals clash in history. 


Anyway you slice it, this will be a razor-close series. On one hand, you have a team that’s won the most games in a three-year span. On the other hand, you have the best basketball player in the world. This series is best judged by breaking it down, matchup by matchup.

Point guard 

At first glance, Steph Curry has the clear upper hand against Kyrie Irving. But Curry has a history of trouble against the Cavaliers. He shot just 44.3 percent — including 38.5 from three-point range — in first finals matchup two years ago, followed by 40.3 percent from the field last year. By his standard, those are pedestrian numbers. Perhaps the moment is too big for him, but we can’t say the same for Kyrie Irving, who has two game winners against the Dubs to his name.

Advantage: Cleveland 

Shooting guard

There’s no arguing here, Klay Thompson blows J.R. Smith out of the water on both ends of the floor, especially defense. With that said, Klay has been far from sharp this postseason. He’s perhaps the lone Warrior player that isn’t peaking right now. Throughout the postseason, he’s averaging a modest 14.4 points on 38.3 percent shooting from the floor. If he catches fire, which by now seems overdue, he’s an X-factor this series.

Advantage: Golden State

Small forward

It doesn’t get any bigger than this one, as the NBA’s top two players collide. Still, LeBron has the edge — as he does with every other player. You can pull up all the analytics you want, but there’s just measuring the value of having James on the court. The Cavaliers always have a chance with him, even when down 3-1. Plus, he has a long history of toppling Durant. In career head-to-head matchups, James-led teams are 18-5 against Durant’s squads. 

Advantage: Cleveland

Power forward

For all of the Dubs star power, the engine of the team remains Draymond Green. Between his very vocal leadership to his second-to-none defensive prowess, Golden State feeds off his tenacity. Let’s not forget Green was the only Warrior player that showed up to play in Game 7. Love is clearly a notch below Green in this matchup, but he’s playing well as of late. He’s hitting on 47.5 percent from downtown this postseason, which surely will go down with a premier defender in Green now guarding him.

Advantage: Golden State 



Whether it’s Zaza Pachulia or JaVale McGee getting the minutes here, neither compares to Tristan Thompson. The Warriors don’t have a lot of weaknesses, but if we’re diggin hard, they’ve been prone to beatings on the offensive glass. That makes Thompson’s role even more crucial. He’s a force down low, averaging the sixth most offensive boards in the league during the regular season at 3.7 per game. Somehow, that number has improved to 4.3 during the playoffs. Like Klay for Golden State, Thompson is the X-factor for Cleveland. 

Advantage: Cleveland

Head Coach

Steve Kerr’s status remains in the air for this series, but interim head coach Mike Brown would love nothing more than sticking it to the team that’s fired him twice. Regardless, Tyron Lue gets the advantage here for the mere fact of drawing up that game-winning three from Irving in last year’s Game 7. 

Advantage: Cleveland

So there you have it, with the 4-2 advantage, we’re going with the Cavaliers to repeat as champions. In the end, we really don’t want to bet against an all-time great like LeBron.

Pick: Cleveland (+230)

Series outcome: Six Games

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Competitions Away Score Home Money Line
October 2017 (12)
Wed 4 Atlanta Hawks 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 6 Indiana Pacers 19:30 Cavaliers
Sun 8 Cavaliers 19:00 Wizards
Tue 10 Chicago Bulls 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 13 Cavaliers 19:00 Orlando Magic
Tue 17 Boston Celtics 20:00 Cavaliers
Fri 20 Cavaliers 19:00 Milwaukee Bucks
Sat 21 Orlando Magic 20:00 Cavaliers
Tue 24 Chicago Bulls 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 25 Cavaliers 19:30 Brooklyn Nets
Sat 28 Cavaliers 19:00 Pelicans
Sun 29 New York Knicks 19:00 Cavaliers
November 2017 (15)
Wed 1 Indiana Pacers 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 3 Cavaliers 19:00 Wizards
Sun 5 Atlanta Hawks 15:00 Cavaliers
Tue 7 Milwaukee Bucks 19:00 Cavaliers
Thu 9 Cavaliers 20:00 Houston Rockets
Sat 11 Cavaliers 20:30 Dallas Mavericks
Mon 13 Cavaliers 19:30 New York Knicks
Wed 15 Cavaliers 20:00 Hornets
Fri 17 L.A. Clippers 19:30 Cavaliers
Mon 20 Cavaliers 19:00 Detroit Pistons
Wed 22 Brooklyn Nets 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 24 Hornets 20:00 Cavaliers
Mon 27 Cavaliers 19:00 Sixers
Tue 28 Miami Heat 19:00 Cavaliers
Thu 30 Cavaliers 19:30 Atlanta Hawks
December 2017 (14)
Sat 2 Grizzlies 19:30 Cavaliers
Mon 4 Cavaliers 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Wed 6 Sacramento Kings 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 8 Cavaliers 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Sat 9 Sixers 20:00 Cavaliers
Tue 12 Atlanta Hawks 19:00 Cavaliers
Thu 14 L.A. Lakers 20:00 Cavaliers
Sat 16 Utah Jazz 19:30 Cavaliers
Sun 17 Cavaliers 18:00 Wizards
Tue 19 Cavaliers 20:00 Milwaukee Bucks
Thu 21 Chicago Bulls 19:00 Cavaliers
Mon 25 Cavaliers 15:00 Warriors
Wed 27 Cavaliers 22:00 Sacramento Kings
Sat 30 Cavaliers 20:00 Utah Jazz
January 2018 (14)
Tue 2 Blazers 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 3 Cavaliers 20:00 Boston Celtics
Sat 6 Cavaliers 19:00 Orlando Magic
Mon 8 Cavaliers 20:00 Wolves
Thu 11 Cavaliers 20:00 Toronto Raptors
Fri 12 Cavaliers 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Mon 15 Warriors 20:00 Cavaliers
Thu 18 Orlando Magic 19:00 Cavaliers
Sat 20 Thunder 15:30 Cavaliers
Tue 23 Cavaliers 20:00 Spurs
Fri 26 Indiana Pacers 19:30 Cavaliers
Sun 28 Detroit Pistons 18:00 Cavaliers
Tue 30 Cavaliers 20:00 Detroit Pistons
Wed 31 Miami Heat 19:30 Cavaliers
February 2018 (10)
Sat 3 Houston Rockets 20:30 Cavaliers
Tue 6 Cavaliers 19:00 Orlando Magic
Wed 7 Wolves 20:00 Cavaliers
Fri 9 Cavaliers 19:30 Atlanta Hawks
Sun 11 Cavaliers 15:30 Boston Celtics
Tue 13 Cavaliers 20:00 Thunder
Thu 22 Wizards 20:00 Cavaliers
Fri 23 Cavaliers 20:00 Grizzlies
Sun 25 Spurs 15:30 Cavaliers
Tue 27 Brooklyn Nets 19:00 Cavaliers
March 2018 (16)
Thu 1 Sixers 20:00 Cavaliers
Sat 3 Denver Nuggets 19:30 Cavaliers
Mon 5 Detroit Pistons 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 7 Cavaliers 22:30 Denver Nuggets
Fri 9 Cavaliers 22:30 L.A. Clippers
Sun 11 Cavaliers 21:00 L.A. Lakers
Tue 13 Cavaliers 22:00 Phoenix Suns
Thu 15 Cavaliers 22:00 Blazers
Sat 17 Cavaliers 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Mon 19 Milwaukee Bucks 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 21 Toronto Raptors 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 23 Phoenix Suns 19:30 Cavaliers
Sun 25 Cavaliers 13:00 Brooklyn Nets
Tue 27 Cavaliers 20:00 Miami Heat
Wed 28 Cavaliers 19:00 Hornets
Fri 30 Pelicans 20:00 Cavaliers
April 2018 (6)
Sun 1 Dallas Mavericks 18:00 Cavaliers
Tue 3 Toronto Raptors 19:00 Cavaliers
Thu 5 Wizards 20:00 Cavaliers
Fri 6 Cavaliers 19:00 Sixers
Mon 9 Cavaliers 19:30 New York Knicks
Wed 11 New York Knicks 20:00 Cavaliers

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