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Best Picks for NFL’s Week #2

Best Picks for NFL’s Week #2
With week 1 in the books, NFL football bettors should be that much older and wiser. We may not have the big picture yet, but the first go-round revealed enough clues to make us dangerous in week 2. Here's to finding the best value-based plays on the docket and profiting from them handsomely.

So what exactly were the key takeways from the first week of NFL action in 2018? 

Here were the prevailing themes:

  • Minnesota is legit
  • Aaron Rodgers can still play at a really high level
  • The Jags are once again a defensive monster
  • The Saints and Steelers are overrated teams with aging QB’s
  • Fear the Ravens! 

How to capitalize in week 2

Without opinions, we really shouldn’t be betting our money in the first place. If my basic and non-scientific takeaways are accurate, a few of them could tranlsate into week 2 bets – or at least make for interesting fodder. I frankly prefer the former, so let’s turn the convesation to the real task at hand. 

As a whole, the week 2 lines range from silly to conservative. I’ll start with what I think is the best play on the board. New England will visit Jacksonville Sunday in a mid-afternoon game (4:15 PM kick). This game interests me on multiple different levels and the public always gravitates towards betting New England games with great gusto. 

New England @ Jacksonville (PK; O/U: 45)

No need to bury the lead here. The total is too high and that’s why I’ll be playing the UNDER as my bet of the week. Jacksonville is flat-out nasty defensively, but will still struggle to score points as long as Blake Bortles remains at the controls. This game will be as nip and tuck as the pick em’ spread indicates, and I don’t look for New England to move the ball very easily. Plain and simple, 45 seems a ridiculously high number. No real opinion on the outcome, but I have a strong opinion on the complexion. 

Minnesota @ Green Bay (-2; O/U: 47) 

My next-strongest play in Week 2 is in this classic rivalry of NFC North rivals. Two good squads squaring off here to be sure, but I’m on the Minnesota-for-Super Bowl bangwagon and the Vikes looked great in Week 1. Green Bay looked solid too and I’ve already noted the performance of Aaron Rodgers, but I just can’t resist getting points in this spot with the team I think is the best in the league. 

I’ll go with Minnesota + 2. 

In my final solid opinion of week 2, I’ll take a solid stand on the Baltimore Ravens in a pick em’ at Cincy. Again, we have to side with the visiting team, but I believe the Ravens are the clear-cut better team here and that the Bengals are getting way too much credit for beating the Colts in Week 1. 

Take Baltimore PK

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