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Best NFL Prop Bets Week 2

Best NFL Prop Bets Week 2
Two of the most legendary NFL quarterbacks of this generation go head to head Sunday, as Tom Brady and the SB champion New England Patriots tangle with Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, so naturally, there are prop bets as to how these two future Hall of Famers will fare against each other.

Brees vs. Brady – Who Wins?

The sub plot to Sunday’s game at New Orleans between the hometown Saints and the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots will be determining which of the two all-world quarterbacks at the helm of these respective teams – Tom Brady of the Patriots and Drew Brees of the Saints – will carry the day. But you don’t have to sit there and wonder about it.

No, thanks to these NFL prop gets from, you can wager on the outcome of this showdown of future enshrinees in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Who Will Have More Passing Yards: Brady (-130) or Brees (-110)?


Brees has led the NFL in passing yardage in each of the past three season and five times since 2011. There’s a couple of reasons for this – he’s really good, and the Saints’ running game is not.

On the other hand, the Saints were the NFL’s worst defense against the pass last season and in Week One, made Minnesota Vikings QB Sam Bradford look like Fran Tarkenton.

Still, the Patriots figure to win this one easily, so Brady won’t be required to air it out as frequently as Brees. So we’ll take Brees in this wager.

Pick: Brees (-110) Bovada

Who Will Have More TD Passes: Brady (-150) or Brees (+110)?

While Brees figures to put up the numbers, it’s Brady who will put up the points. Brady knows how to find the open man in the end zone. He’s led the NFL in TD passes four times, most recently in 2015. Brees has also been the leader four times, but not since 2012.

Pick: Brady (-150) Bovada

Running For Daylight

Three rookies opened their NFL careers with 100-yard rushing days in Week One, and that led Bovada to offer a prop bet on which of the three will gain the most yards over the course of the season. Kansas City’s Kareem Hunt, who went off for 148 yards against the Patriots, is the chalk at +200. Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook, who ran for 127 yards against the Saints, and Jacksonville’s Leonard Fournette, who gained 100 yards versus Houston, are both pegged at +250.

You can also play the field of any other rookie runner at odds of +250.

Pick: Fournette (+250) Bovada

New York Jets’ Pursuit Of Futility


You lose one game to the Buffalo Bills and all of a sudden, everyone has you on death watch. There were bold predictions by some football pundits that the Jets could equal the ineptitude of the 2008 Detroit Lions and go 0-16. With one down and 15 to go, is already offering a prop bet on when, if at all, the Jets will finally taste victory in 2017.

If you believe that the Jets will do the improbable and upend the Raiders this Sunday in Oakland, that wager would be worth a return of +500. Those are the highest odds you will get until Week Six, when they are plus +3300 to win at home against the Patriots. 

Personally, we’re leaning toward a Week Nine rematch with the Bills at MetLife Stadium, which would return a cool +1200. But if you think the Jets can run the table without tasting victory, that wager gives odds of +1000.

Pick: Week Nine (+1200) Bovada

Pats Running The Table

There was also talk at the start of the season of the Patriots going 16-0, but the Kansas City Chiefs quickly put a halt to that notion. Still, BetOnline is confident that there are still many believers that the Patriots will be difficult to beat again.

They are offering +1200 odds that the Patriots go 18-1 and win Super Bowl 52 without again tasting defeat this season. If you think there’s at least one more loss left in New England’s season, you’ll get odds of -2500 for that wager.

Pick: No (-2500) Bovada
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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 18 September
FT Detroit Lions 24 - 10 New York Giants +150 -169 Odds
Thursday 21 September
FT Los Angeles Rams 41 - 39 San Francisco 49ers -147 +128 Odds
Sunday 24 September
Baltimore Ravens 09:30 Jaguars -189 +165 Odds
New York Giants 13:00 Philadelphia Eagles +225 -263 Odds
Miami Dolphins 13:00 New York Jets -263 +225 Odds
Houston Texans 13:00 Patriots +725 -1000 Odds
Buccaneers 13:00 Minnesota Vikings Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers 13:00 Chicago Bears -313 +265 Odds
New Orleans Saints 13:00 Carolina Panthers +210 -250 Odds
Denver Broncos 13:00 Buffalo Bills -161 +140 Odds
Atlanta Falcons 13:00 Detroit Lions -154 +135 Odds
Cleveland Browns 13:00 Indianapolis Colts -128 +108 Odds
Seattle Seahawks 16:05 Tennessee Titans +120 -141 Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 16:25 San Diego Chargers -169 +150 Odds
Cincinnati Bengals 16:25 Green Bay Packers +320 -385 Odds
Oakland Raiders 20:30 Washington Redskins -161 +140 Odds

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