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Best MLB Championship Prop Bets for 2018

Best MLB Championship Prop Bets for 2018
With Major League Baseball's opening day slated for Thursday, March 29, it's finally time for sports bettors to shift their attention to America's pastime. Here's a look at the championship prop bets available before the 162-game grind of the regular season begins.

2018 World Series Odds

MLB Futures Odds 2018 at Bovada

Beginning with the end in mind is a strategy that can net serious profits for the sports bettor with enough foresight and patience to make a longterm investment. Bovada currently lists odds on all 30 MLB teams from the favored LA Dodgers at +500 to the longest shot Miami Marlines at +50,000. 

Other Notable Teams

  • New York Yankees +550
  • Houston Astros +550
  • Chicago Cubs +750
  • Washington Nationals +800
  • Cleveland Indians +850
  • Boston Red Sox +1200
  • San Francisco Giants +2000 
  • St. Louis Cardinals +2000
  • Arizona Diamonbacks +2500
  • Los Angeles Angels +2800
  • New York Mets +2800

Wagering Outlook 

Among the shorter-priced teams,  the Dodgers (+500) and Nationals (+800) are long overdue to cash in on their potential. Both National League squads have entered the last several seasons as media darlings while failing to live up to those lofty expectations in the postseason. While both organizations look poised to make another playoff run in 2018, bettors have a right to be skeptical about taking either team to win the World Series. 

I can’t find many reasons to knock the reigning champion Astros (+550), but keep in mind that there hasn’t been a team to repeat as World Series champions since the Yankees won three consecutive titles from 1998-2000. Speaking of the Yankees, it’s hard not to be bullish about their offseason acquisition of slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton, who hit 59 homers last season, joins an outfield that already includes Aaron Judge who went long 52 times last season as a rookie. The pair will be MLB’s first duo of 50+ HR hitters since Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris played for the Yanks in 1962. 

The Yankees also have a dominant bullpen that allowed them to play Houston down to the wire in last year’s American League Championship Series. With first-year manager Aaron Boone leading the Yankees this year, the franchise could be energized by the new blood. I’ll lean towards the Yankees to win the World Series in 2018. The Yanks are heavily-favored to win the AL East at -150, so the only value that exists if you like the boys in pinstripes is to take them to win the whole thing. 

League & Division Championship Odds

Prop betting odds by league and division usually require a bettor to find a spot where the favorites are vulnerable. I’ve already sort of nixed the chances of the Dodgers and Nationals, so considering that they are the top two choices to win the National League at +250 and +350 respectively, I believe there’s value in picking the NL Champ in 2018. 

The New York Mets (+1200) are an intriguing possibility despite posting a 70-92 record last year. When healthy, the Mets have a solid lineup that includes sluggers Todd Fraizer and Yoenis Cespedes to go with a starting rotation that has two of the games most dominant arms in Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard. I also see value in taking the Mets to win the NL East at +400.  

In the NL Central, it would be no surprise to see the Cardinals (+350) knock off the Cubs. Call it superstition, but I’m still sort of waiting for the Cubs to revert to their form of yesteryear and certainly cannot endorse them at -225 odds to win the division. 

In my mind, the best teams in baseball certainly reside in the American League. In the National League, things could get interesting as the Dodgers, Nationals and Cubs all have vulnerabilities. Any way you slice it, the baseball season is upon us and that’s reason enough to get excited.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Thursday 29 March
Chicago Cubs 12:40 Miami Marlins
St. Louis Cardinals 13:10 New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates 13:10 Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins 15:05 Baltimore Orioles
Houston Astros 15:35 Texas Rangers
New York Yankees 15:37 Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox 16:00 Tampa Bay Rays
Los Angeles Angels 16:05 Oakland Athletics
Nationals 16:10 Cincinnati Reds
Phillies 16:10 Atlanta Braves
Milwaukee Brewers 16:10 San Diego Padres
Chicago White Sox 16:15 Kansas City Royals
Giants 19:08 Los Angeles Dodgers
Colorado Rockies 22:10 Diamondbacks
Cleveland Indians 22:10 Seattle Mariners
Friday 30 March
New York Yankees 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Chicago Cubs 19:10 Miami Marlins
Boston Red Sox 19:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Phillies 19:35 Atlanta Braves
Houston Astros 20:05 Texas Rangers
Colorado Rockies 21:40 Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Angels 22:05 Oakland Athletics
Giants 22:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers 22:10 San Diego Padres
Saturday 31 March
St. Louis Cardinals 13:10 New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates 13:10 Detroit Tigers
Nationals 14:10 Cincinnati Reds
Houston Astros 16:05 Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels 16:05 Oakland Athletics
New York Yankees 16:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Cleveland Indians 16:10 Seattle Mariners
Boston Red Sox 18:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Minnesota Twins 19:05 Baltimore Orioles
Chicago Cubs 19:10 Miami Marlins
Phillies 19:10 Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox 19:15 Kansas City Royals
Colorado Rockies 20:10 Diamondbacks
Milwaukee Brewers 20:40 San Diego Padres
Giants 21:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Sunday 01 April
Minnesota Twins 13:05 Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees 13:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox 13:10 Tampa Bay Rays
St. Louis Cardinals 13:10 New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates 13:10 Detroit Tigers
Chicago Cubs 13:10 Miami Marlins
Chicago White Sox 14:15 Kansas City Royals
Houston Astros 15:05 Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels 16:05 Oakland Athletics
Nationals 16:10 Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians 16:10 Seattle Mariners
Giants 20:37 Los Angeles Dodgers

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