MyCitadel Betting Sites

MyCitadel Betting Sites
  • Can help you avoid fees
  • Consolidation of financial information
  • Deposits usually improved instantly

Betting Sites Accepting MyCitadel

Gambling sites like Unibet and Party Bets have all previously accepted MyCitadel for deposits. Some other sportsbooks that fall under this umbrella can be found below. [+]

At any given point, this list may be scant, if not completely empty. Information on which sites accept MyCitadel today is difficult to find, and there appear to be more sportsbooks that don't than those that do.

This poses a problem for avid MyCitadel users, as it inherently limits your betting options. But just because a site isn't listed here doesn't mean it won't accommodate your e-wallet. 

If you're already working with a sportsbooks, or if you're thinking about registering with a different one, you can always check out their site to see if MyCitadel is a payment option. If there isn't any information on the webpage, you can also contact customer service, preferably by phone or online chat, to find out if they'll work with you.

Along those same lines, there could be sites listed above that don't actually accept MyCitadel. The tool is updated frequently, but payment procedures at sportsbooks change in perpetuity. So even if you see that a site is accepting MyCitadel, be sure to double check that intel with the sportsbook itself before making an account or attempting a deposit.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Have you heard of the e-wallet MyCitadel? Chances are you haven't. Though it's a legitimate resource for making sportsbooks deposits, it's a seldom-used tool. Its lack of popularity can be chalked up to a dwindling number of bookmakers who accept MyCitadel. [+]

There are a ton of other payment methods these days, so the need to accommodate certain forms, like MyCitadel, isn't all that great.

It doesn't help that United States users aren't able to use this e-wallet, either. That isolates a chunk of the sports gambling industry, and betting sites are wont to endorse the most flexible, and open, payment methods possible.

Still, if eligible to use it, MyCitadel can be a good means of sportsbook deposits. You are able to treat it like you would a PayPal account. You put money into your MyCitadel, and that cash can be transferred to as many sportsbooks that will accept it.

This, in theory, makes it a savvy option for those who gamble at multiple websites. Rather than providing bank account or credit/debit card information to a variety of companies, and instead of laboring through the MoneyGram, money order or check processes, you deal with just MyCitadel.

Consolidating your financial information is never a bad thing. You would seem to be at lower risk of hackers and phishers if you're trusting just MyCitadel as opposed to, say, a half-dozen bookmakers.

You don't sacrifice any time by going this route, either. MyCitadel transactions are completed almost instantaneously, just like a credit card, debit card or direct bank withdrawal. You just need to make sure the funds are first in your e-wallet, but that's not a particularly time-consuming process itself. Your MyCitadel account is typically hooked up to a card or bank account, so your transactions with them should be approved immediately as well.

Any fees you incur during your deposits won't come from MyCitadel's end, which is another benefit of using them. Some sites say that certain sportsbooks charge a fee to process these transactions from their side, but a specific list of those bookmakers isn't available—which means it's probably barren and of limited concern to any bettors interested in using MyCitadel.

How To Pay With MyCitadel

Paying with MyCitadel is easy enough. The most time-consuming aspect of the process comes when you first sign up for an e-wallet account.

MyCitadel will need pertinent personal information—name, email, address, etc.—to complete your registration, so be prepared to provide it. For recurring deposits, it's recommended that you hook up your account to your personal bank or perhaps a credit card. You may even be able to register your PayPal with MyCitadel, though the protocol for that isn't entirely clear.

If you are planning to make a one-off deposit, then there's no need to worry about saving an account-funding method for later use. But repeat customers will find that linking their MyCitadel to, let's say, their checking account makes for faster sportsbook deposits. They won't have to punch in extensive information for every transaction, and the approval turnaround at MyCitadel will be exponentially quicker.

When you first sign up, though, it may take some time for MyCitadel to confirm your payment information. If you're using a checking account, part of that wait will fall on the bank, as there needs to be mutual approval from both ends.

But that should be the extent of your waiting. Once your account is fully set up, you should be able to make deposits into and transfers from MyCitadel in seconds. 

To make a transfer to a sportsbook, just visit their deposit page and find the MyCitadel option. You should then be prompted to sign into your MyCitadel account, at which point you will be able to review and confirm the transaction. After that, you are done. The funds will be available in your sportsbook purse right away. If they aren't, you'll need to contact your bookmaker.

As a bonus suggestion, get in the habit of withdrawing your money from sportsbooks electronically, either through MyCitadel or your own personal account. And if you are having winnings sent to MyCitadel, it's highly suggested you transfer money to yourself through your bank. Asking MyCitadel to cut your a check will buoy the wait time, in addition to leaving you subject to potential withdrawal fees.

Canadian customers will want to get their MyCitadel transactions in while they can. Per multiple other websites, the company is expected to cease serving users based in Canada as of March 2007. Make sure all your money is withdrawn before then so you can avoid any headaches.

In the meantime, it's a good idea to explore other deposit and withdrawal options, just so you aren't still solely dependent on MyCitadel when its defunct to your respective territory.