iKoruna Betting Sites

iKoruna Betting Sites
  • Seamless funds transfers
  • Safe & secure
  • Designed for all Types of Business Models

Betting Sites Accepting iKoruna

The key feature of iKoruna is its ability to seamlessly transfer money to any accounts with instant remittance. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the table below as it lays out the different gaming websites that accept this payment type.


No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Based in Prague, iKoruna is a global financial institution that specializes as an electronic money issuer and payment service provider. Operating out of the Czech Republic, the company has, since 2011, preformed transactions according to the license of the National Bank of the Czech Republic. [+]

The company issues its own currency -- oddly enough, also called "iKoruna"-- and works as a payment gateway and a payment method for various types of businesses. The system allows for all types of payment, from debit and credit cards (like VISA or MasterCard) to virtual currency (Webmoney), and can process these transactions through their online banking functions. You can register for a iKoruna account online at www.i-koruna.com

As a safe and trusted solution for merchants, iKoruna is an e-commerce gateway that allows you to combine all of your existing payment systems into one easy-to-use solution. Your account is monitored consistently for security purposes. Your iKoruna merchant account lets your accept payments (and make wagers) from all over the world in many currencies. 

How To Pay With iKoruna

The main pay points for the iKoruna system comes from its eWallet function. You can pay with iKoruna through a number of devices or outlets. There is an offline payment processing function where you can make payments at retail stores or iKoruna-affiliated kiosks.

You can also pay through your smartphone or desktop computer. A key feature of iKoruna is the immediate nature of its transactions. With your eWallet account, you can send funds to any designated individual or group, even if they don't have an iKoruna eWallet or eCard account. 

iKoruna also keeps track of services for merchants as well. The system is designed for business models of any industry, no matter the size of the organization. Additionally, you can use iKoruna all over the world, so use your best judgment when you are sending out information, ensuring the internet access is secure. 

As with other eWallet services, the best way to keep a good track of your funds in your iKoruna account is to check it on a regular basis. Once you make a wager with the partner websites above, you should see a nearly-instant reduction from your account.