Amex Betting Sites

  • Easy to transfer money
  • Highest limits offered
  • Wide variety of card options

Betting Sites Accepting Amex

American Express is a company that is ever growing in popularity as a method of deposit with online sportsbooks. Among the sportsbooks that accept American Express include Bovada, 5Dimes, SportsInteraction, JustBet, BetOnline and Legends. [+]

One of the key factors working in the favor of American Express as an option to fund your online sportsbook account is the high limits that Amex cards carry. Consdering that some sports betting sites will offer up to 50 per cent or mare in matching bonuses to first-time accounts, that means if you were to deposit $10,000 to your sportsbook account it would instantly grow to $15,000. If you are interested in making larger wagers, American Express could be the card for you.

If you are American, you will likely find that you can't deposit directly to an online sportsbook via your American Express card. While this might seem like an inconvience, there is a silver lining to the extra step that will be required by utilizing your American Express card to fund your account through an intermediary payment site such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. It will offer you an additional layer of security and in these days where identity theft is a real concern, that can be a comforting notion.



      American Express is viewed as the credit card of the rich and famous, the card carried by the suits and the beautiful people of the world, the glitteratti, if you will but the reality of the matter is that American Express is in fact a very convenient, trustworthy and reliable method for depositing funds into a bettor's sportsbook account. [+]

      It's accepted in more places than many payment methods and more and more sportsbooks are turning to American Express as a deposit method.

      As a payment option, American Express is about as sturdy as the Rock of Gibraltar. The company was founded in 1850 and American Express is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones industrial average. Amex credit cards account for almost 24 per cent of the total dollar value of credit card transactions in the United States.

      American Express is also known for its reputation, so it won't deal with any sort of fly by night company. You can be sure that if the online sportsbook you are considering for a deposit accepts American Express, then it is a legitimate entity, a major player and a reliable company that is highly thought of and almost certainly rigorously vetted within the industry. And because they will be major players, the added bonus is that they will likely carry the widest variety of sports that they offer up for wagering purposes.

      Don't leave home without it? How about don't bet online on sports without it?



      How To Pay With Amex

      One thing you can be certain of is if your sportsbook accepts American Express as a payment option, then it is a trustworthy, reliable operation and your money will be safe and sound. Historically, American Express is a company that will only deal with solid companies and is very selective about who it will do business with. They won't have anything to do with a company that's even considered the slight bit unscrupulous. An American Express logo on an online sportsbook's web site is a stamp of approval that this is an organization you can trust to deal with you fairly and maintain your money in a safe and sound environment.

      One drawback with American Express is that some online sportsbooks will require that you deposit to your account via a third pary. You should also be way of the potential for extra fees that might accompany a deposit or withdrawal, so you might want to shop around before selecting that third party to be involved in your transaction. Look at the different bonus options being offered by the various sportsbooks, because it's just possible that the bonus offering might enable you to offset any fees you are required to pay for using your American Express card.